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Welcome to the Klarstein online shop!

We like it to be high-quality, beautiful and practical. Klarstein products are long-lasting, offer stylish designs and prefer innovative technology. This is how our shop brings even more variety, charm and style to your home.

The Klarstein concept is vibrant, colourful and full of life, much like a source of inspiration. We want to transform beautiful things into something wonderful: whether cooking with the family or enjoying a cosy evening with friends and good wine. From Klarstein’s home appliances & kitchen appliances, to indoor heaters & indoor coolers, as well as wine coolers, beer dispensers, and BBQ grills: With Klarstein, your house becomes a comforting home and the feeling of well-being comes right along with it.

Klarstein is not only about product shopping, but also about tips, buying guides, entertainment and food recipes. We are there to help you with expert advice, ideas and exclusive technology - to make you feel good in your home.

  • You don't see foam on a beer, but a crown? Imagine holding your home-brewed beer in your hand - too good to drink. In Klarstein's beer world, you'll find recipes, brewing instructions and information about our beer dispensers and home beer sets.
  • You don't just drink wine, but also evaluate the taste? Wine lovers and passionate sommeliers will benefit from a helpful guide that pours a cuvée of useful knowledge: about wine glasses, different wine types and their drinking temperature. We also explain what's important when buying a Klarstein wine cooler.
  • You don't just enjoy baking at Christmas, but on a regular basis? Then we welcome you to our bakery equipment that includes stand mixers, blenders, and kitchen accessories. Find out more about how healthy baking can be and learn everything you need to know about Klarstein's kitchen world that comes with high-quality cooker hoods and a cooker hood buying guide on how to choose the right one that best suits your needs.
  • Your home is not just a set of walls, but the centre of your life? To always stay relaxed, a perfect indoor climate is essential. We'll help you find the best heater and air conditioning system that fits your home perfectly. So you can keep cool in summer and warm in winter.

This is just a selection of the exciting topics that you can discover in the Klarstein world.

Shopping should also be an experience on the Internet! As if you were strolling from one shelf to the next, taking the products in your hands, reviewing them, having a conversation about them, experiencing them in a relevant setting - from bestseller recommendations to product-related highlights and seasonal topics.

Find out, for instance, how Klarstein makes autumn shine in even more vibrant colours and how it really blossoms in spring. Together we design and optimise our everyday life with more comfort, elegance, and functionality.

In addition to many tips, tricks, and hints, we will of course also introduce you to the matching Klarstein products and their special features on our shop but also in our Klarstein App. In addition to new products at attractive prices, we also offer special discounts and special deals - from Black Friday to the Christmas season. Be part of the Klarstein family and visit us regularly. Subscribe to our newsletter and make sure you don't miss any promotions or news.

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