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Klarstein’s Ovens: from Pizza Oven to Electric Oven

Thanks to their versatility and greater energy efficiency, ovens, pizza ovens, electric ovens and mini ovens are now present in most kitchens, and they are gradually replacing traditional gas ovens. Their advanced features allow for fine-tuning, generating internal heat, enabling to prepare a wide range of recipes. No matter what features you are looking for, just like fridges and washing machines, ovens and pizza ovens belong to the large home appliances segment.

The central aspect to consider when buying an electric oven or electric pizza oven is not only the use you intend to make of them but also the right design. Especially when opting for a built in oven at Klarstein, you'll find a wide selection of ovens for sale, designed for maximum performance and ease of use.

How to choose the right Oven?

Whether you are looking for a microwave oven, built in oven or electric pizza oven, modern electric ovens generally allow you to use four different cooking modes: static oven, fan oven, grill (also with recirculation) and steam oven. The most advanced combi ovens include pre-set programmes, such as multi-level cooking and baking function, which independently manage the cycle of use of the different heating elements:

  • Static oven: heat is generated by two elements, located on the base and on the top of the oven, which heat up when electricity passes through them. The heat is spread by radiation, which is particularly suitable for preparing roasts, bread and pizza.

  • Ventilated oven: to ensure more uniform cooking, in addition to the heating elements, fan ovens generate a flow of air that transmits heat by convection, giving food a crispier outside and softer inside, ideal for preparing leavened cakes, fish, vegetables and lasagne. A fan-assisted oven is equipped with an additional circular heating element which heats the air inside, allowing the different levels to be used with maximum efficiency.

  • Grill oven: the coil at the top becomes incandescent, reaching the high temperatures required for perfect browning or gratin baking. It is essential to position the food at the right distance from the grill to avoid burning it. You can also activate the fan of the oven to facilitate the recirculation of the heat generated by the coil throughout the compartment, combining the principles of radiation and convection.

  • Steam oven: this function is present in some high-end models equipped with a water tank. However, the function of steam - introduced in small quantities into the oven - is not to cook food, but simply to provide a certain amount of humidity during cooking, to keep food juicier and prevent it from drying out.

  • Pizza oven: tubular heating elements that are easy to operate, allow temperature control whilst heating. Depending on the model, there is only a short or no preheating time at all to ensure extra quick food preparation. Electric pizza ovens are optionally supplied with a practical baking tray, so the food does not stick.

Useful features of an Electric Oven and Microwave Oven

Do you spend a lot of time in the kitchen or like to try out new cooking recipes? Then it's a good idea to get yourself an oven with additional functions. Fast preheating is a handy feature when preparing recipes like cakes, requiring starting the baking process when the internal temperature of the electric oven or microwave oven is already at its maximum. Thanks to the fast pre-heating function, your oven, built in oven or mini oven can reach the optimal temperature in just a few seconds.

With programmed cooking, you can also set your oven’s operation times several hours in advance and check the different stages on the digital display. Automatic cooking, allows the microwave oven or electric oven to set the appropriate cooking parameters, including temperature, time, heating elements to be used and mode. With the multi-level option, you can cook two dishes at the same time, placing them on two different trays of the internal compartment. If you wish to create a personalised sequence of the various cooking phases, we recommend choosing an oven equipped with a memory function. The control panel and door lock functions of the electric oven or microwave oven are handy to avoid accidentally opening or changing the cooking programmes, especially when there are children in the house.


Advantages when buying a Built-in Oven on Klarstein

On offer are ovens that can be combined with a hob of your choice, also known as built in ovens. This option is recommended if you already have a hob. Alternatively, you can opt for an oven set. The sets contain either a hob or a combination of hob and cooker hoods. When equipping the kitchen with new electrical appliances, the oven set is a cheaper option and can be flexibly integrated into any fitted kitchen.

When buying a built in oven for your kitchen unit, the advantage is that you can integrate the oven at eye level. You no longer must bend down to remove the food. Klarstein’s built in ovens are based on the American model in their design and the way they are integrated into the kitchen. They are considered as development of the classic oven, where the cooking surface and oven have a single control panel. The design of the kitchen appears more dynamic and modern with the separate integration of the built-in oven and hob. Furthermore, built-in ovens have standardised dimensions. This means that you can integrate them into any tall kitchen unit, regardless of your kitchen model. However, the arrangement of the kitchen unit doors above and below the oven must be consistent.

Do you want to buy an oven that includes a modern design and high functionality? Klarstein offers a nice selection of ovens, pizza ovens, microwave ovens, electric ovens, mini ovens and built in ovens that you can also buy as a set. Furthermore, all our products come with a two-year warranty and free return of orders within the first 60 days.

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