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Klarstein’s Humidifiers: breathe well with style

In winter, heating the rooms can make the air uncomfortably dry. And in summer, air conditioning can cause the humidity to drop. A comfortable humidity level is between 40% - 60%. If the levels fall below this, it can become unpleasant. Humidifiers help restore the correct humidity level in your home, as breathing 'dry' air is not good for your health. It can cause a dry throat, a stuffy nose, a cough and dehydrated skin. Therefore, it is necessary to re-establish the ideal level of humidity.

The range of humidifiers and air humidifiers for sale you will find in the Klarstein shop are characterised by silence, efficiency, and a pleasant design, with various options to blend in with your home. Find out how these devices work and what to look at before buying a humidifier on Klarstein.

What does a Humidifier do?

There are three types of humidifiers, depending on how they work:

  • Evaporative Humidifier: A tray with water in it is placed next to or above the radiators. Evaporation then takes place naturally. The amount of moisture released is limited and not adjustable.

  • Hot Steam Humidifier: Water is heated to boiling point and then released into the air. They are quite noisy and prone to limescale build-up, so they need to be cleaned periodically.

  • Ultrasonic Humidifier: Ultrasound 'hits' the water, creating vibrations that turn it into a mist of cold steam. These humidifiers are quieter than hot steam humidifiers, allow better regulation of the steam flow, and use less energy.

A humidifier with cold steam is based on natural evaporation and has an absorbent filter that is impregnated with water; dry air is blown over this and then diffused into the air. To note, this system pours impurities into the environment. In the case of the hot steam humidifier, the water is brought to a boil, so the steam is healthy, free of bacteria.

The quietest devices are ultrasonic humidifiers. They are very suitable for children's rooms. High-frequency sound waves generate vibrations in a metal membrane that separates water into droplets; these are released into the air through a ventilation system. To note, this device produces limescale, which requires constant cleaning. The ultraviolet humidifier destroys microbes using UV light. This model is available with either hot or cold steam. To note, after a few months the lamp has to be replaced.

Consumption of Air Humidifiers

Klarstein Toledo ultrasonc humidifier

Air Humidifiers do not consume a lot of power. The number of watts is indicated on the packaging or on the appliance, ranging from a minimum of 20 Watts to a maximum of 700 Watts. The difference lies in the type of humidifier: hot steam humidifiers have a heating element that heats up and therefore sucks more power than ultrasonic appliances. However, what is affecting consumption are the various accessories such as the display, timer and standby.

After carrying out a simulation: we have assumed intensive use, eight hours a day for three months, and the cost for the energy of an appliance of 100 Watts is on average about 4 GBP per month. The packaging also states how much steam the humidifier provides, e.g. the degree of atomisation. This is indicated in ml/h (hour) or g/h. Appliances on the market vary widely: they can provide a degree of steam ranging from 10 to almost 500 g/h. We recommend choosing a model with 100-200 g/h, which is suitable for an average room.

Benefits when buying a Humidifier on Klarstein

To achieve the best result is never forgetting to ventilate rooms, opening the windows at least ten minutes every day. It is just as important to keep the temperature in each room at an appropriate level. For example, in the bedroom, the temperature should be between 16-18°C, in the living room between 18-20°C.

If you want to benefit from the advantages of a humidifier, you should pay attention to a few factors when buying it:

  • Safety: The device should have an (automatic) switch-off function to make it safe to use.

  • Cleaning: Even if distilled water is used and it is a high-quality and modern device, a streaky coating will settle relatively quickly. Limescale, pollen and germs can also spread in the water. Regular and thorough cleaning is crucial for safe and healthy use.

  • Use: Air that is too dry can be harmful, but so can air that is too humid. Therefore, either a humidifier should be chosen that automatically switches off when the appropriate humidity is reached, or a hygrometer should be used to measure the humidity.

On Klarstein you can choose from a range of humidifiers and air humidifiers. All our products are built with high-quality materials and long-term value for your money, including a two-year warranty and free return of orders within the first 60 days.

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