Klarstein cabinet humidors: the optimal storage space for your cigars

In some respects, cigars are similar to fine wine: both are organic products with unique characteristics. Only when appropriately stored they preserve the flavours and aromas that make them so special. Just as a wine cooler allows you to keep the organoleptic characteristics of your finest bottles intact, specific temperature and humidity levels are also essential to keep your cigars fresh and ensure optimal long-term storage. Without an appropriate device, such as a cigar humidor, you won't be able to provide the right level of humidity, affecting the taste and aroma of your tobacco products.

A cigar humidor cabinet is almost every cigar enthusiast's dream, providing the ultimate solution to the age-old problem of running out of space for cigars. Humidor cabinets allow you to store large cigars collections in a safe and constantly humidified environment while also offering space-saving functionality and enhancing almost any décor. This makes it an ideal way to humidify and display cigars in retail or office environments, lounges, clubs, hotels, restaurants and even in your own home.

At Klarstein, you can find a selection of cabinet humidors for sale, available in different sizes and capacities, featuring an elegant design, quality materials such as cedarwood with high hygroscopic capacity and extreme ease of use, thanks to different storage levels with sliding guides ensuring easy access and handling. With their integrated hygrometer and thermostat, our cigar humidifiers provide comfortable temperature and humidity control, preserving the characteristics of your cigars for unparalleled enjoyment. Read on to find out how a humidor works and get more helpful information about these devices, and after visiting our product gallery, conveniently purchase online the model that best meets your needs.

Why is moisture essential for your cigars?

The vast majority of premium cigars are what is known as long-fillers. The insides of these cigars are made from whole tobacco leaves, which are rolled while still moist. They must retain a certain amount of moisture if they are to maintain their original flavour. For accurate storage of long-filler cigars, a relative humidity level of 68-75% is recommended.

In the Caribbean, where humidity levels are consistently high, cigars can be stored outdoors or loose in crates without the need for artificial humidification. Unfortunately, in northern latitudes, humidity levels can sometimes fall below 30%, especially in winter. In light of this humidity difference between the point of origin and the cigars’ potential final destination, they could easily dry out if not stored properly. This may even occur within a few days. Moisture present within the tobacco binds the various aromas and essential oils within the cigars, and exposing cigars persistently to a dry environment may permanently alter their taste.

How does a humidor work?

Humidors are available in different sizes and shapes, from travel humidors and humidor boxes to larger cabinet humidors with higher storing capacity. A humidor is essentially a closed container equipped with a humidification system, which maintains the adequate humidity level so that you can store your cigars almost indefinitely. The humidity level is measured and displayed by a hygrometer.

A humidification system is used to achieve and maintain a constant and relative humidity level of 68 to 75% inside the humidor, ideal for storing cigars. For this to happen, the humidor must be well sealed to prevent moisture from escaping.

The humidification system, specially selected to match the humidor’s volume, should be able to achieve a humidity level that automatically sets itself within the desired range. Short term deviations in humidity levels, up or down, are not cause for concern and will not lead to permanent damage to the cigars. However, allowing cigars to dry out outside the humidor can cause irreparable damage after only a few days. As time passes, the humidity levels inside the cigars adapt to the ambient humidity. The greater the difference between the ambient humidity level and the cigar’s humidity level, the faster the moisture will evaporate from the cigar.

Air circulation plays an important role in creating uniform climatic conditions inside the humidor. Electronic humidification systems activate a small fan at regular intervals, moving the air and ensuring similar humidity levels throughout the humidor. Without using electronic humidifiers, air only circulates when the humidor is open, so sporadic use can result in a greater variation in the humidity level within the humidor. Inevitably, more moisture is present directly through the humidification system's fans. You should pay close attention to cigars placed at a distance from these fans.

Cigar humidor: the main advantages

Tobacco grows best in warm, humid climates, and the cigar curing process also requires constant heat and just the right amount of humidity to allow the leaves to dry slowly without rotting. Not surprisingly, the best cigars are produced in the humid climates of the islands of Cuba and other Caribbean nations. Cigars are born and raised in humidity and should be stored in these climatic conditions to prolong their life and maintain their delicate flavours. So here are, in a nutshell, the main benefits of using a humidor for your cigars:

  • It protects essential oils: The unique flavours and aromas of your cigar collection come from the essential oils and other volatile compounds in the tobacco leaves. These are easily damaged by sunlight, heat or cold. A humidor provides a dark place and a constant temperature to keep your cigars at their best.

  • It promotes the correct burning temperature: when cigars dry out, the leaves burn quickly and hot when you light them. This leads to acrid and unpleasant smoke. However, when cigars are too moist, they burn unevenly and can even be difficult to smoke, thanks to the expanded leaves that make it difficult for air to pass through them.

  • It prevents damage caused by pests: tobacco beetle larvae can survive curing and even aggressive fumigation, remaining dormant inside the cigars until they hatch when humidity and temperatures rise. An infestation can destroy an entire cigar collection, but with the humidor’s help, the humidity will be too low to trigger the pests’ life cycle.

  • It improves flavour as your cigars age: storing fine cigars for a year or more can improve their flavours, which undergo subtle changes as they age. A humidor lined with aromatic Spanish cedarwood protects the cigars for a long period, enhancing them with its flavour for complex and mellow results that will delight all cigar lovers.

Klarstein cabinet humidors: larger capacity and efficient humidication

Several attributes make humidor cabinets different from most typical box humidors and the ideal choice for passionate cigar enthusiasts with large cigar collections. First of all, thanks to their larger capacity, humidor cabinets can accommodate many more cigars, as well as allowing you to set aside more cigars for extended ageing while still having plenty of room for your daily smokes.

With larger sizes come more options to allow you to store and display your cigars. Klarstein humidor cabinets have shelves or trays for individual cigars’ storage, besides storage areas for entire boxes and a LED light for optimal presentation. This enhanced versatility allows you to adjust the humidor cabinet to suit your collection.

As humidor cabinets offer more space to humidify, they need more efficient humidification systems to provide cigars with the ideal environment. Our humidor cabinets are optimised for electronic humidity control to provide the best in active humidification and uniform air circulation, which is particularly important. Ventilation slots on the back and front are also standard features, working together with the humidifier fans to ensure perfectly humidified air to every cigar in your collection.

Whether you're looking to simply add storage space or create an area with a large humidor for all to see, in our product gallery, you can find many options: from smaller desktop models giving you room for more cigars without taking up valuable space to larger floor-standing humidors offering more capacity and enhancing the décor of a room. Don’t miss our offers and buy your humidor conveniently online today, to preserve the taste of your cigars at its best!

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