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Choose the right Draft Beer Machine for your home

The taste of a draught beer or draft beer is different compared to that of canned or bottled beer, and you certainly don't have to be an expert to notice that. Those who really know about beer are even less willing to make compromises and dream of refreshing beer exactly like you get in a pub, savouring all its taste and creaminess.

How to do it then? Beer culture has made great strides in recent years, both in terms of production and consumption, and today it is possible to buy a beer dispenser without having to spend a fortune. Whether you are looking for a beer keg dispenser to keep in the kitchen, or a more professional model like an electric beer dispenser or beer dispenser with cooler to use for your parties and BBQs with friends? No problem! Klarstein offers you different models of beer dispensers, all easy to install with a modern design and different capacities, so you can enjoy your favourite beer whenever you like.

How does a Beer Dispenser work?

The beer dispenser works with beer stored in kegs, e.g. containers that are used to keep the beer under pressure and can have a variable capacity, from 2 to 5 litres for disposable domestic ones up to 50 for steel ones used in pubs. There is also a gas under pressure - usually carbon dioxide or carbon-nitrogen - in the beer dispenser, which has the function of pushing the beer inside, allowing it to be dispensed through the taps.

When using a beer dispenser at home simply insert the keg into the appliance by removing the protections and securing it to the machine. At this point, the appliance must be connected to electricity, and it will start cooling the beer keg until it reaches the right temperature - that can be set only on some models. Once reached, the temperature will be kept constant.

After approx. 20-30 minutes, the beer dispenser should be ready to use, and it will be working until the keg is empty. You will notice it when only foam comes out of the tap. This means it’s time to replace the keg. To tap your beer, simply place the glass under the tap which then descends vertically. The tapping techniques depend on the different styles of beer: English, Belgian or German beer, each has its own precise method. Tap the beer in 2-3 times, waiting for the foam to compact itself naturally. When tapped in this way, the beer will contain a correct amount of gas and the foam will remain exclusively on the surface.

The cooling capacity of the Beer Tap

The quantity of beer and the time it takes to bring it to the temperature suitable for consumption defines the cooling capacity of the beer dispenser. Professional models operate on the principle of instant refrigeration, while beer dispensers or draft beer machines are designed for domestic use can be equipped with an integrated cooling system, based on a compressor that lowers and maintains the temperature of the beer at a constant level, thus allowing the best preservation of its organoleptic qualities.

Compressor cooling systems take a few hours to lower the temperature, so the advice is to keep the kegs in the fridge for some time before opening, to pre-cool them. Since each beer has an optimal tasting temperature - for example between 8 and 10 degrees for a Pilsner, between 10 and 14 degrees for a Belgian Ale - a table-top beer tap normally allows you to select the degrees on your, e.g. beer keg dispenser, electric beer dispenser or draft beer machine.

Storage of a Draft Beer Machine

Properly tapping beer is the main reason for buying a beer dispenser for your home but once opened, kegs have a limited lifetime, as it is pressurised and therefore subject to a gradual loss of carbon dioxide. For that reason, it is important to choose a beer dispenser equipped with an internal compressor, to keep the ideal temperature for consumption and the level of pressurisation which has a crucial impact on the quality of the beer.

The ability to store beer inside the keg is therefore important when buying a beer dispenser or draft beer machine that is expected to be consumed over a long period, and usually, a home beer tap allows you to store an open keg inside for a period of between 7 and 30 days. The best beer dispenser for home brewing has a low energy consumption and power of about 70W. The various products are also distinguished by the size of the keg they can contain. Beer is usually stored in 2, 3 or 5 litre kegs.

Advantages when buying a Beer Dispenser on Klarstein

With one of Klartsein’s beer dispensers or draft beer machines, you can comfortably enjoy an exquisite refreshing draft beer at home in sufficient quantity to avoid having to go out to the pub. Its taste will also be exceptional, as draught beer maintains the same consistency and quality from the first to the last glass, unlike canned or bottled beer.

For the same quantity, beer in kegs is also cheaper than bottles or cans but using a beer tap will not only save you money and make a clever purchase but also free up space in the fridge. Another advantage is the reduced environmental impact since consuming beer from a beer dispenser reduces the consumption of non-recyclable glass bottles and cans. Once finished, you can easily throw the mini keg into the recycling bin or return it to the trader.

Beer Dispenser & Draft Beer Machine FAQs:

How does a tap system without CO2 work?

Mostly CO2 is used as a gas to bring the beer to the tap through pressure. Sometimes a mixed gas of carbon dioxide CO2 and nitrogen N2 is used instead, or even just nitrogen N2.

How does the beer tap system cool?

In order to be able to drink fresh and cool beer, cooling is of course a prerequisite. But how does a beer dispenser actually cool? The principle of cooling in a tap system is basically the same as that of a refrigerator and works according to the compressor method.

What do I need when using a beer dispenser or draft beer machine?

Firstly, you want to drink beer with the beer dispenser. In order to have this beer, you definitely need a beer keg. You can usually take a normal 5-litre beer keg from the supermarket and connect it to the dispenser. Furthermore, the beer dispenser or draft beer machine is also operated with CO2 as a pressure medium. A CO2 bottle is used for this.

How often should I clean my beer tap?

A basic weekly cleaning is recommended. In addition, after daily use, you should also better ensure that there are no more beer residues in pipes, lines or anywhere else outside the keg. Cleaning with hot water or a hot cloth is recommended.

On Klarstein you can find high-quality beer dispensers, draft beer machines and beer keg dispensers from different models and features that suit you most, including a two-year warranty and free return of orders within the first 60 days.

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