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Blenders & Juicers

Find the right Blender for smoothies & juices

Smoothie blenders have become a must not only for healthy food enthusiasts. Anyone willing to prepare healthy food quickly and try new gourmet recipes can’t do without them. With a blender, it’s possible to speed up the preparation of many foods and make a wide range of recipes, including super-fresh smoothies and other delicious dishes. Whether you're a health nut, a sportsman or just a simple cooking enthusiast, there’s plenty of dishes which need a good smoothie blender to be prepared, and It's important to choose a product with good features meeting your needs right away. Before buying your kitchen blender, it is best to consider a few things. For example, do you know the most important functions to consider when choosing your blender or food processor? Do you know the difference between blenders and other appliances such as stand mixers, smoothie makers or juicers?

Buying the best blender additionally to other kitchen appliances on Klarstein, you will not only be able to enjoy a functional and high-performance kitchen appliance, but you will also be able to dramatically improve your quality of life and achieve a healthier, greener lifestyle with one of our modern juicer or milkshake maker. How many times have you wanted to lose weight, perhaps trying specific diets recommended by friends and family, so that you alternate between solid and liquid foods, such as smoothies? Well, if your goal is to get back to a desirable shape, you need a tool allowing you to prepare delicious drinks in two minutes at the most. Blenders and food processors are designed to blend the best of your seasonal fruit or vegetables in no time at all.

It’s also important to stress the practicality and easy maintenance of this appliance; a blender or food processor takes up very little space and is also ideal for kitchens that are difficult to keep tidy. Its components are also easy to rinse under running water or in the dishwasher, so your appliance is always ready to help you prepare your next delicious drinks! Having an ally to facilitate a healthy and balanced diet must often take into account the frenzy and the fast and dynamic routine that everyday life imposes on our lives: being able to count on a quick and easy-to-manage appliance, therefore, allows you to optimise your time, being able to enjoy a moment of relaxation between one commitment and another, between a workout in the gym and a work call.

The main types of Blenders & Juicers you can choose

Glass Jug Blenders

Jug blenders and juicers consist of a base that contains the motor and an upper container where the food you put in is blended. The concept of a food processor is quite simple, as it is a container for blending food. Generally, one of the first features that you look at in this category of appliances is the motor’s power. The best smoothie blender, juicer or milkshake maker has different power levels: low, medium and high. Another characteristic is the capacity, i.e. how much food it can hold.

A whole range of additional functions may also be available, for example for certain types of preparation such as creams and smoothies. Consider that even some professional chefs want nothing more than a blender or juicer of this type. This type of blender is the top choice of many because they are the most versatile. For example, a blender with a container can prepare sauces and handle liquids without difficulty. A jug blender allows you to easily prepare a glass of smoothie for each member of your family, make your favourite soup with fresh ingredients and even crush lots of ice for your Margaritas! If you have 'general' needs and are looking for a versatile and powerful appliance, you may want to consider this type of blender.

Mini Blender: the practical solution for small households

Over time, other blender types were created due to users’ different needs, including the so-called personal blenders, mini blenders or sport blenders. They may look like mini blenders, and indeed they are, but don't be misled by their size: they are very comfortable and versatile. Mini blenders are for people who don't have time to waste and need an appliance that makes it easy to prepare personal doses of their favourite drink. For example, if you like protein shakes and smoothies, this blender type is the most suitable.

A blender requires minimal maintenance and cleaning, and most have a single speed, which is sufficient. The only drawback is that their size does not allow for more than one person, as the amount of food blended is limited to personal use. So if you have a large family, it is better to use a larger blender. When it comes to price, they are much cheaper than their larger relatives. On the other hand, they are not made to be multipurpose and therefore you will receive a limited number of accessories. If you are considering buying a blender for personal use and don’t have space in your kitchen for other models, you might consider this type of blender. At Klarstein, you have a wide range of juicers, smoothie blenders or milkshake makers to choose from, with very distinctive designs and colours.

Type Pros Cons
Glass Jug Blenders
  • Easy to clean as parts are dishwasher-safe
  • Different functions and intelligent speeds
  • Can handle different foods, including dried fruit and soft vegetables
  • They take up some space
  • Some models are expensive: it is difficult to justify the price if you don't use it often
  • Cheap models can be noisy
Mini Blenders
  • Easy to store, due to its small size
  • Lower purchase price
  • Maximum convenience for preparing shakes for personal use
  • Their use is limited to products that are not too difficult to mix
  • Not suitable for more than one person
  • Not suitable for particularly hard foods

Benefits when buying a Blender or Food Processor on Klarstein

  • Noise: most blenders, jucers and food processors have a noise level around 65 dB, meaning that they are louder than a normal conversation between two individuals. So, be careful if you have to use it in the morning without disturbing others. It is also true that the operation generally takes no more than 15 seconds, depending on the fruit or vegetable you need to process.

  • Speed: it is more practical to choose a blender model that has a range of speed levels because it will affect nutrient retention and taste quality. If you like to go fast, you need a model that has a turbo speed level. It will produce the final product within 10 seconds. Less noise, more efficiency.

  • Cleaning: let's not hide the fact that it's best to stay away from models that require a lot of manual work to clean them. They might save you some money, but they'll cause you more than a little nervousness. Better to consider models made of stainless steel and machine-washable parts. With a damp cloth, it will be easy to remove stains from the outer shell.

  • Motor: if you're not interested in a model that uses more than 300 watts, you should consider a hand blender. These are handy if your primary use is to puree soft ingredients like tomatoes and avocados. A motor that uses up to 750 watts is the perfect choice to prepare fruit smoothies like pears and apples. It will quickly chop hard fruits without having to chop anything in advance. On top of that, if you're willing to consider units that use more than 850 watts, it means you want the ingredients to be chopped up extra fine. Something like pure liquid! If you want a fast machine, this is the one for you. Consider at this point, though, whether a juicer or food processor wouldn't be more suitable for your needs.

On Klarsten our juicers, blenders, food processors and milkshake makers are incredibly safe to operate: thanks to their integrated safety function, they can only be put into operation when closed. Their BPA-free plastic casing is an essential accessory for the whole family’s vitamin-rich and healthy diet. For example, the Herakles 3G blender offers everything the smoothie lover desires. Food or ice cubes are minced, and delicious smoothies are ready in an instant. A 2-litre jug can fill several glasses. Equally important is the integrated heat protection, in case the blender has to process harder foods for a prolonged time. Their ease of use makes Klarstein's juicers, smoothie blenders and food processors particularly appealing. You can set the speed and mixing program via touch panels and intuitive controls. A discreet LED light illuminates the fitting and emphasises the modern design of the Klarstein kitchen blender. It makes daily mixing twice as fun!

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