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Holiday flair in your garden with Klarstein’s Gas BBQs

Gas BBQs are a very popular type of barbeque grill. Although barbeque fans consider that the original charm of barbecuing is lost with a gas BBQ, it does have several advantages up its sleeve which can't be ignored. A gas-powered grill doesn't produce any smoke or soot and therefore has much lower emissions – a fact which will particularly pleases the neighbours. And it doesn't just look great in the backyard but will also cut a fine figure on the balcony.

Furthermore, anyone looking to buy a gas BBQ, outback gas BBQ or gas BBQ grill should also bear in mind that these kinds of grills heat up substantially faster than charcoal grills for instance. A gas BBQ reaches full temperature very quickly and has no limits in terms of its length of use, just as long as you ensure a sufficient supply of gas.

On Klarstein you can choose the right gas BBQ from a range of different models, among which you are sure to find the perfect barbecue counterpart. Additionally, our gas barbecues come with a trolley to roll into the garage after barbecuing, as well as an optional cover if needed.

How to choose the right Gas Barbecue?

With a gas BBQ or gas BBQ grill direct and indirect grilling can be easily combined, so you can bake while a steak is caramelising on another part of the grill. The gas barbecue ignites immediately, therefore it is ready for use straight away and produces no smoke or fumes. Above all, you can easily regulate the temperatures in the gas BBQ and keep it constant, which pleases the food.

Furthermore, you don't have to do without the aroma of smoke or wood. It also works excellently with the gas BBQ without having harmful ash particles on the meat, which means the gas barbecue is healthier. In addition, a gas BBQ is easy to clean and with lots of accessories, such as pans, pizza stones, baskets, barbecue skewers and rotating skewers, you can always expand its possibilities.

Gas BBQs have two things in common: they all run on gas (propane or natural gas) and they are all ready to use in no time at all. On top, a lid thermometer is included as well, which shows when you should place different food on the grill to achieve perfect grilling results. Gas BBQs also differ in terms of the material used and its quality. The material thickness of the lid of your gas barbecue, for example, determines how much heat is lost. The lower the heat loss, the more consistently the gas BBQ keeps the heat.

Important features to consider when buying a Gas BBQ

Gas BBQs are the perfect solution for anyone who wants no ash on their barbecue and a good relationship with the neighbours. With additional side burners or rear burners, many gas barbecues also offer plenty of space for grilled food. Find out more about the important features of gas BBQs:

  • Number and quality of burners:
    Most gas BBQs have at least three burners. Some models also have 6 or more burners which are supplemented by rear burners, side burners or a sizzle zone. When making your choice, also look at the power of the individual burners. The more power a burner has, the hotter it gets and the crispier the crust on your steak. A good grill has robust covers for the burners. These so-called flavour bars ensure that no fat drips into the burner and ignites there with a pilot flame.

  • Barbecue grill:
    The size and the material of the grill grate make a small difference, but this is more of a "question of faith" in everyday gas grilling. It is recommended to use cast iron for steaks, as it holds the heat better.

  • Side burner, rear burner or side cooker:
    800° side burner or side cooker? Compact with only three burners or should there be plenty of space on the grill grate? Do you prefer a hot cast-iron grate or an easy-to-clean stainless steel grate? It depends on the type: Are you a camper or do you like to invite your relatives or neighbours over for a sociable barbeque? Should the new gas BBQ be placed on the balcony or in the garden?

  • Storage space in the grill:
    In addition to the grilling surface, most gas BBQs also include a storage area inside. Here you can remove the food from the direct heat and keep it warm. The warming rack is also suitable for cooking food slowly over indirect heat. You will soon realise: There is no substitute for grilling space, except grilling space!

On Klarstein we offer a wide range of high-quality gas BBQs and outback gas BBQs, that come with infinitely variable heat & double-walled stainless steel hood for direct and indirect grilling, as well as with space-saving hinged side tables. All our products include a two-year warranty and free return of orders within the first 60 days.

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