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Everything for your comforting mode

A cosy home and comfortable surroundings are the foundations you need to be able to relax. With increasing temperatures we often seek a comfortable indoor climate and want to avoid excessive humidity. On cold days, we like it warm and cosy. Klarstein help you to achieve your individual comforting mode while using their innovative products. Rest, recharge your batteries, switch off and dedicate yourself to your hobbies in the comfort of your own personal haven.

Keep cool with Klarstein

Imagine how particularly hot summer days went in the past: Delicate drops of sweat formed on your forehead, your T-shirt was soaked through particularly quickly at the armpits and back and relaxation became a foreign word even in the comfort of your home. That is now a thing of the past! You can now optimally prepare yourself and your room climate for this kind of situation: Our Klarstein climate repertoire systematically blows, cools and conditions air to your feel-good temperature so that you can continue to move aroud your home in your individual comforting mode.

Klarstein Air Conditioners

There's nothing like a good indoor climate: cool, but not too cold, so you can relax doing some light exercise or watching a film and recover from the warm weather outside. So give the heat the cold shoulder: By setting your desired temperature using the integrated timer function.So you can look forward to a well-tempered apartment on your way home, where you can indulge in your comforting mode with a cool head in the truest sense of the word. ​

Klarstein Air Cooler

We would like to the present: the Ferrari of all air conditioners – the Klarstein Air Cooler With an integrated fan and parallel function of cooling, humidification and purification of your room air, you are climatically well prepared in every situation. Design your living environment intuitively and according to your personal needs, so that you can devote yourself fully to your favourite activities at home and relax again.

Klarstein fans

Could a targeted draft be exactly what you are looking for when heat starts to slowly build up in your living room and you notice the sweat dripping down your forehead? Our Klarstein fans, which can also be affixed to ceilings, come either as an elegant column, a robust tower or even a classic standing fan and will ensure pleasantly windy moments on your couch. So: Do you need a fresh breeze?

Good air for a good mood with Klarstein

Many factors depend on the quality of your indoor air. The cleanliness and humidity levels of air form the basis for long-term healthy living. Clean air ensures well-being, concentration, relaxation and makes people want to stay in their favourite rooms for longer. With our Klarstein air fresheners, you can give your indoor climate the finishing touches it needs to last.

Klarstein Air Purifier

Breathe in, breathe out, and relax! All this is much more pleasant with cleaner air. Especially great for allergy sufferers: dust, pet hair as well as odours and mites can be efficiently filtered out and prevented. The more fresh air your organism gets, the better it can function and develop a sense of well-being. ​

Klarstein Air Dehumidifiers

Common knowledge: Excessive humidity can strain our cardiovascular system and put us under stress: We start to sweat, our clothes get clammy, everything begins to stick and we feel uncomfortable. Klarstein Air Dehumidifiers The systematic removal of excess moisture from the indoor air rebalances the surrounding climate while reducing condensation and mould. So you'll find your perfect relaxation gadget for your indoor bathroom or bedroom.

Klarstein Air Humidifier

This case of indoor climate also exists: dry heating air in living rooms and bedrooms can dry out our mucous membranes and make breathing difficult, especially for asthmatics. The good news: Klarstein can help here too! Our humidifiers add the extra moisture to the air that it needs to relax the respiratory tract and bring the feel-good factor back into your own four walls with fresh air.

Make yourself at home with Klarstein

To all the frostbite, cuddly monsters and warmth fans among us: From now on, we'll be underpinning our warm thoughts with clever Klarstein gadgets that instantly put you into comforting mode - and also blend harmoniously into your home oasis - because after all, the eye also snuggles!

Klarstein Heated Blankets

Try cosiness! Whether it's for your bed, the couch or your iconic wingback chair in front of the TV, our soft Klarstein electric blankets will have you wrapped in cosy warmth at the touch of a button, making you feel safe, secure and warmed. Let your tired limbs slowly relax. Sit back, close your eyes or listen to your surroundings in an almost meditative state. The most important thing is: you feel comfortable.

Klarstein Infrared Heaters

Heating based on the concept of sunlight: Our Klarstein infrared heaters warm you and your objects in the direct vicinity via infrared radiation instead of heating the air itself and raising dust. No heat is lost, you won't dry out the air as much and the only thing that remains is a comfortably warm room temperature, which can be adapted to suit you and your needs. ​

Klarstein Fireplaces

A home fireplace with dancing flames is as much a part of your cosiness as butter is to bread? Here your comforting mode is also just a wall socket away. With our electrically operated Klarstein fireplaces, you can create a rustic cabin atmosphere thanks to deceptively real fire simulation, brightness regulation and integrated heating power - warm feet and a stylish look included. ​

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