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Espresso Machines

Klarstein’s Espresso Machines: everything for your barista experience

A really good espresso, cappuccino or flat white is one of the most special moments in our everyday lives. With the purchase of an espresso machine, you can treat yourself to your favourite drink at home at any time and have an enormous influence on the end result. Furthermore, an espresso machine or espresso coffee machine includes some great features such as high-class stainless steel portafilters and coffee grinders that contribute to the result when making a fresh espresso at your restaurant, office or home. The frequency of use also plays a role, whether you want to prepare milk drinks or not. On Klarstein you can buy high-quality espresso machines that meet your personal requirements.

How does an Espresso Machine work?

Those who already own an espresso machine or know it from family and friends are familiar with the differences between coffee machines, full-automatic machines and half-automatic machines or portafilters. For most others, the way it works is unknown territory. What you need to know: Unlike full-automatic coffee machines with integrated milk frother, which are very easy to operate and brew coffee crema as well as espresso and variations with milk froth in no time, espresso machines require active cooperation. Only in balanced interaction between you, the machine and the espresso grinder is a real ready-to-drink Italian-style espresso created. This is done by extraction with hot water from finely ground espresso beans in precisely dosed quantities, matched to the size of the espresso cups

The coffee grounds are pressed into a special sieve for this purpose. This tamping requires some practice and intuition, as the contact pressure should exactly match the degree of grinding. The initial pressure with which the hot water is pressed through the coffee grounds within about 25 seconds is approx. 9 bar (plus/minus 0.5 bar to 1.0 bar). At the same time, the espresso is drained through the outlet spout on the portafilter. With the bottomless portafilter, the coffee immediately flows into the cup. The portafilter of the espresso machine is attached to and detached from the brew group by a quick-release bayonet lock.

A half-automatic espresso machine includes a brewing unit consisting of a brewing head, heat exchanger, portafilter and sieve. A built-in electric diaphragm pump or volume-controlled pump provides the pressure. The housing and the manual brewing group or brewing unit are made of solid metal; the material of the pipes and feeds varies. For domestic machines, hoses made of high-quality plastic are often used. There are different systems, referred to as single-circuit or dual-circuit. Since single-circuit machines only have one water path, the water must either be heated up (steam temperature) or cooled down (brewing temperature). This switching leads to longer waiting times. Two-circuit machines with one circuit for steam and another for brewing water enable faster espresso preparation. Brewing water and milk foam can be produced at the same time.

How to make the perfect espresso with an Espresso Coffee Machine?

Making an espresso with a portafilter can be a lot of fun and gives you the opportunity to try things out. There are a few things to consider, such as grind, proportion and correct operation.

  • Recommendation for a double espresso: choose a fine grind and grind 16 to 18 g of espresso fresh into the portafilter. The rule of thumb is: if the grind is too coarse, your espresso will tend to be sour. If the grind is too fine, your espresso will be too bitter.

  • Sweep over the edge of the portafilter for a straight surface. Now apply even pressure to the portafilter with the tamper. It's not so much the force that counts, but that you tamp straight and evenly.

  • Before you insert the portafilter, the brewing head should be rinsed. Clamp the portafilter and let the espresso run through approx. 30 seconds, so that about 40 ml of espresso ends up in your cup. If it goes through too quickly or too slowly, you should adjust the grind.

Benefits when buying an Espresso Machine on Klarstein

On Klarstein you can choose between espresso machines that are curved or angular shapes, shiny stainless steel design or come in retro looks. It is important that the performance of the appliance meets your requirements in the best possible way. The most expensive one doesn't even have to be the ideal solution for you. If you only occasionally want to prepare a perfect espresso for yourself and all the other family members prefer to drink coffee, but in the classic black, you certainly don't need a machine with a milk frother in the high-priced segment.

On the other hand, if you like to drink espresso and cappuccinos on a regular basis, then our Arabica Comport Espresso Machine would be the right choice for you as it includes a milk tank where you can regulate the milk foam production individually at any time. Additionally, you should also consider degree of roasting, bean quality, extraction time, pre-infusion, water quality.

When buying an espresso machine on Klarstein some of the benefits include a wide range of high-quality products that come with modern design and different features that depend on your personal needs. All our espresso coffee machines include a two-year warranty and free return of orders within the first 60 days.

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