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Fridges with Freezer

How to find the ideal Fridge Freezer on Klarstein

A fridge freezer is an essential appliance in any household, never turned off and permanently in operation, and we use it every day to store our food. Therefore, when it’s time to choose a new fridge with freezer, one has doubts about buying the perfect model for both the family's needs and the kitchen.

There are lots of fridge freezers on sale on Klarstein, from american fridge freezers and retro fridge freezers to double door and side by side fridges. Furthermore, there are many options in terms of price ranges as well, including cheap, mid-range and top models. One thing is sure: we are talking about the "prince" household appliance for our kitchen. For instance, the A+++ energy class models guarantee low consumption and optimum performance.

On Klarstein you will find a wide range of fridge freezers, american fridge freezers, retro fridge freezers and slim fridge freezers designed to meet the needs of modern life, for use, comfort and consumption. To help you choose the best model, we provide you with some useful information that will help you understand which refrigerator is the best for you.

Before buying a fridge with freezer you dream about, you should have an idea of the available space before looking at designs, capacity, features. So don't forget to measure the height, width and depth and avoid the beginner's mistake: measure the distance once the refrigerator door is opened, considering that many models are reversible, meaning that the door can be mounted to be opened from the other side too.

Main types of Fridges with Freezers available

In general terms, the number of doors and their distribution of a fridge with freezer as this has a deep impact on its capacity and functionality in the future.

  • One-door Fridges: these are the ones that work only as fridges, as they do not include a freezer. They are more economical and allow the whole space to be used for refrigeration, so they are very useful if we are used to renewing fresh or frequently prepared food.

  • Two-door Fridges: the most recognizable and classic model, with a separated freezer in the upper area, integrated into the same unit, normally working with the same circuit. A fridge freezer is economical and available in different sizes, and it’s perfect for those who don’t use the freezer so often, and still do not want to renounce to it in more sporadic use.

  • Combi Fridges: they combine fridge and freezer in larger models, with greater internal capacity and more power. The freezer, normally divided into three or more drawers or shelves, is usually located on the lower level, with the larger refrigeration body on the upper level. Tall fridges are very versatile and allow the thermostat of both units to be regulated separately.

  • Side by side Fridges: also called American fridge freezers, are larger refrigerators. They have two vertical doors for the freezer and the fridge, requiring more space in the kitchen, and are perfect for families with several members who usually cook a lot at home, as they offer much greater capacity.

  • Mini Fridges: much smaller than all the previous ones, they are perfect for a single person or a beach flat. They sometimes include a small freezer on top, behind the same door.

What is the best capacity and size of a Fridge Freezer?

Although we already know the external size of the fridge freezer, it’s equally important to check the internal capacity. The biggest ones do not always offer the same space inside, and you have to check the total volume and also the distribution of the shelves and compartments.

Obviously, the greater the internal capacity, the more space to store food in a fridge with freezer or american fridge freezer. A family of 4 usually needs about 300 litres total capacity if they are used to eating at home regularly. There is also little point in investing in a very large fridge freezer if you are not going to use it, as you would also be overspending on the electricity bill. If you like to cook often and freeze leftovers or portions in advance, choose a model that allows rearranging the internal space

Also consider the interior design in terms of the layout of the organization elements: drawers, bottle holders, shelves... Think carefully if you want to have a lot of space for the fruit and vegetables or if you rather need to store a lot of large bottles in the fridge freezer.

Advantages when buying a Fridge with Freezer on Klarstein

The use you make of a fridge with freezer, american fridge freezer or retro fridge freezer is crucial, as it never turns off. Hence the need to opt for a model that is energy efficient and that also extends the life of the food as much as possible. It will be a good investment both for the environment and for your pocket at the end of the month.

The first thing is to check the energy efficiency through the label that indicates the classification of the refrigerator. Within the higher category, there are 4 possibilities: A, A+, A++ and A+++, the most efficient. The higher the energy efficiency, the less energy the appliance will consume, which is noticeable on the electricity bill and it will have a much longer life span.

The most efficient fridge freezers are also able to maintain a constant cold temperature more easily, thus ensuring the best possible conservation of food. In this way, we look after our health and the quality of our food, avoiding the loss of nutrients or food waste. For this reason, another characteristic to bear in mind is that the fridge with freezer is 'No Frost' which guarantees an efficient distribution of the cold inside, without creating frost or condensation.

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