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Charcoal Grills, Smokers & Pizza Ovens

Discover Klarstein’s Charcoal Grills, BBQ Smokers & Pizza Ovens

What would a summer be without a barbeque, a party without pizza and sausages without smoke flavour? With our high-quality charcoal grills, BBQ smokers and pizza ovens, you can prepare the most delicious dishes at any time. On top of that, there's a cosy atmosphere and the opportunity to enjoy some quality time with friends and family. Convinced self-caterers and occasional cooks alike can be certain to find the right appliance in our wide range of grills to cook even more often in the future.

Depending on how much time you want to invest in barbeque preparation, the heat source of the respective grill will influence your options, whether you are looking for a charcoal grill, BBQ smoker or BBQ pizza oven. Small grills with a diameter of about 35 centimetres are suitable for up to four people. For six to eight people, you need a grill diameter of 40 to 50 centimetres, and with a diameter of 54 centimetres, you can feed up to ten people.

On Klarstein you can choose from different grill models depending on your needs. If your barbeque session involves firing up the embers as much as the delicious food, a charcoal grill will be the right choice for you. If smoking meat is one of your supreme disciplines and you know the delicious aroma of a home-smoked ham, then you should opt for a BBQ smoker. Or if you are into home-made pizza, you can use a pizza oven to create fresh and crisp pizzas.

Advantages when buying a Charcoal Grill

What would an open-air kitchen be without a charcoal grill? The only thing our models have in common with the simple, conventional versions is the heating. Grilling with this charcoal barbecue is a clean affair: the grease trap prevents dripping grease from mixing with the charcoal. The ash from the charcoal ends up in a removable ash pan that you can easily empty after cooling down. Following different types of charcoal grills you can buy on Klarstein:

  • Charcoal Grill Kettle:
    This is usually the least intrusive and the most iconic - the one you probably imagine when you think of a charcoal barbecue. The grates have a conical shape so you can build a deep bed of briquettes to retain heat. This type of charcoal grill is perfect for foods that require long cooking - like chicken or roasts - that you don't want to burn before they cook.

  • Barbecue Pellet:
    The grids are wide but shallow. The pellet barbeque requires a lot of briquettes and can cook a ton of food at a time on its large surface. But it tends to burn out sooner, so it's better for traditional barbecues when you're serving up a whole bunch of burgers, hot dogs, and steaks rather than more fancy alfresco dining. However, most pellet grills make it easier to add charcoal if you want to extend the cooking time.

  • Ceramic BBQ or Kamado BBQ:
    You've probably heard of the Big Green Egg? It is the most popular version of a kamado BBQ or a ceramic BBQ. These ones are more expensive, but retain the heat very well, and giving you ultimate control over cooking. They allow you to expand your repertoire to include all types of grill food, including breasts, pork tenderloin tips and turkeys. But they are heavy, use a lot of briquettes, and generally don't have a very large cooking surface. This wouldn’t be the right charcoal grill you would be using for your seasonal sausages or BBQ burgers.

When buying a charcoal grill on Klarstein, removable grates make cleaning easier. Also removable are the drip trays, which collect the liquid and fat that escapes during smoking. Models with an integrated thermometer allow you to monitor the temperature without having to open the door. This saves you from losing temperature and smoke, and the smoking process is not interrupted. Attached ventilation flaps serve to control the smoke density. To ensure not only successful smoking but also safety, you should only use the smoker outdoors.

BBQ Smokers as the royal class among Charcoal Grills

The king of charcoal grills is undoubtedly the BBQ smoker, in which the food is not so much grilled as cooked or smoked. Wood, charcoal or briquettes are used as firing material. A BBQ smoker is usually used for the classic barbecue and for smoking food. Preparation often takes longer than with other charcoal grills, especially at low temperatures. However, BBQ fans are more than compensated by the smoky-tasting meat, which is particularly tender due to the longer preparation time and indirect grilling.

When using the BBQ smoker for the first time, you should prepare the smoker for this, e.g. fire it once without food. This process is important and increases the shelf life of your smoker. Furthermore, one of the most important features of a BBQ smoker compared to other types of grills is the separate combustion and cooking chambers. This design has numerous advantages:

  • Food cannot burn, as there is no direct contact with the flames
  • Preparation is also possible at low temperatures
  • Indirect grilling, cooking and smoking
  • No ignition of fat droplets, which can cause harmful fumes
  • The food does not have to be turned
  • Meat remains particularly tender and juicy

  • How to choose the right Outdoor Pizza Oven?

    Do you know the secret of a delicious pizza? It's not just the dough and toppings that make it a unique food experience. The temperature is just as important. In the standard oven, it is hardly ever reached. Klarstein’s Pizzaiolo Perfect pizza oven, on the other hand, brings the necessary heat at which the base becomes crispy, and the topping remains juicy. On the other hand, our Diavolo pizza palet oven works without electricity, so you can set it up anywhere, and an integrated thermometer shows you when the right temperature has been reached.

    When a pizza oven is heated with wood, it results in the best taste, whether pizza, bread, lasagne, or vegetables... In addition to its naturalness, the right temperature is also important. Pizzas should - depending on the topping - be prepared at very high temperatures, between 350 - 400 °C, while bread is usually prepared at 180 - 220 °C. That means, each dish has its individual cooking temperature and time. When using an outdoor pizza oven, pizzas are usually ready in 2 - 4 minutes, while bread needs about 40 - 50 minutes baking time.

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