Kitchen knives

Alpha-Royal Japanese Serie 6
Alpha Royal Japanese Series 6" Boning Knife knife Black
£ 90.99
Alpha-Royal Japanese Serie 8
Alpha-Royal Japanese Series 8" Chef's Knife knife Black
£ 97.99
Comfort Pro Series 7
Comfort Pro Series 7" Santoku Knife 0 31.8 cm knife
£ 39.99
Comfort Pro Series 12
Comfort Pro Series 12" Slicing Knife 0 43.8 cm knife
£ 36.99
Comfort Pro series knife set | 10 pieces: 8 knives +  sharpening steel + knife block | Thyssenkrupp stainless steel | 56 HRC | ergonomic handles  made of ABS | knife block made of rubber wood
Comfort Pro Series Knife Set 0 23.2 cm Knife block, Knife set
£ 208.99
Comfort Pro Series 6
Comfort Pro Series 6" Chef's Knife 0 28.5 cm knife
£ 29.98
Comfort Pro Series 7
Comfort Pro Series 7" Nakiri Knife 0 31.1 cm knife
£ 31.99
Alpha-Royal Japanese Serie 8
Alpha Royal Japanese Series 8" Bread Knife knife Black
£ 36.98
Alpha-Royal Japanese Serie 10
Alpha-Royal Japanese Series 10" Carving Set knife Black
£ 68.98
Executive-Plus <b>Series</b> 8
Executive-Plus Serie 8" Celebrity Chef's knife 0 34.6 cm knife
£ 65.99
Executive-Plus <b>Series</b> 8
Executive-Plus Series 8" Chefkoch Chef's Knife 0 34.6 cm knife
£ 67.99
Comfort Pro Series 9
Comfort Pro Series 9" Kiritsuke knife 0 36.4 cm knife
£ 14.99
Comfort Pro Series 6
Comfort Pro Series 6" Boning Knife 0 27.5 cm knife
£ 16.99
Comfort Pro Series 6
Comfort Pro Series 6" Utility Knife 0 27.3 cm knife
£ 22.99
Executive-Plus <b>Series</b> 7
Executive-Plus Series 7" Santoku Knife 0 31.4 cm knife
£ 60.99
Comfort Pro Series 10
Comfort Pro Series 10" Bread Knife 0 39.4 cm knife
£ 23.99
Comfort Pro Series 5
Comfort Pro Series 5" Utility Knife 0 24.1 cm knife
£ 17.98
Alpha-Royal Japanese Serie 6
Alpha-Royal Japanese Series 6" Chef's Knife knife Black
£ 37.98

Kitchen knives: A versatile selection for different uses

Whether Japanese knives or entire knife sets: Without these cutting devices, many dishes and meals could only be prepared with great difficulty. Therefore, these products should not be missing in any household. While smaller paring knives are suitable for removing shells, large cutting knives are best for cutting fish and meat. Are you looking for a new Japanese kitchen knife or would you like to buy a knife block? In our shop, you'll find a diverse selection of these high-quality and practical blades.

Our range of knives in the Klarstein shop

At Klarstein, we are very interested in providing you with a diverse selection. In addition to individual products in a Japanese design, we also offer complete knife sets in our range. A set is an ideal option for equipping your household with the most important knife sizes. These include bread knives, cutting knives or all-purpose knives. Many of these blocks from Klarstein consist of up to seven different knives with precision blades made of rust-proof, hardened stainless steel. The insertion slots in the knife block allow you to store different types of knives safely. Some blocks are also equipped with other practical kitchen utensils, such as kitchen scissors or chopping boards of different sizes. Japanese kitchen knives as a set round off our range. These range from small paring knives to large professional blades.

Good kitchen knives and their special features

Our selection of knives is not necessarily suitable for the dishwasher. After cleaning under running water with detergent, it is important to dry the cutting blades thoroughly. Please note the respective care instructions for the different sets. Only then do they go back into the knife block. Some of our sets protect the Japanese kitchen knives with plexiglass for hygienic reasons. The individual types of knives are suitable for different purposes. The Japanese knife sets include, among other things, a Santoku knife. This is used in Japan to reduce the size of food, such as fish, meat or vegetables. A chef's knife is also suitable for a wide variety of chopping tasks thanks to its strong blade. A paring knife, as the name suggests, is intended for peeling vegetables and fruits. A bread knife is usually equipped with a blade with grooves. This is particularly used for slicing bread products.

Buy the right knife now

Are you looking for a specific product or a whole knife set? Buy a Klarstein knife set now: This is how you can benefit from the advantages of our high-quality blades. Because with us, you can get a large selection of kitchen knives. Do you cook a lot? Is it important to you to have the right knife at hand for every dish? Then a knife block is probably the best choice for you. Is it enough for you to be equipped with the most important types of knives? Then it makes sense to use a small knife set.


What makes Japanese kitchen knives from Klarstein stand out?

Cutting knives, but also our Japanese knives, are characterised by high precision and the use of high-quality materials. They have an edge sharpness of 12 to 15 degrees. In addition, the blades of the exclusive precision knives are made from 67 layers of Japanese Damascus steel.

What types are in a knife block?

Japanese knives come in different sizes and shapes. These include chef's knives for vegetables, meat and fish, as well as bread knives for slicing bread or other foods. In our product descriptions, you will receive detailed information about the various possible applications.

How do I recognise a good cutting knife?

You can recognise a good kitchen knife by the fact that the blade has no discolouration and is scratch-free. They also fit comfortably in the hand. Our products are also characterised by the high-quality blade steel used in production.

How are the knives cleaned?

The following applies to some of our kitchen knives: Wipe them carefully with a wet cloth after use.
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