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Ice cube machine test & guide

Ice cube machines are a real lifesaver on hot days or for parties. If you are fed up with putting small ice cube trays in your freezer compartment that leak out when you close the door - Klarstein ice cube machines should be your next purchase! Hygienic and quick production of ice cubes or even crushed ice in a device that doesn't take up much space, but saves you a lot of effort and provides your guests, family and friends with ice cubes for their drinks at any time. Sound good? Then compare with us which ice cube maker is suitable for you now.

Ice cube machine: comparison of features and performance​

Which ice cube machine is the best? As is almost always the case, there is no clear answer to this question. But, we will show you what different ice cube machines there are, what functions they have, how much ice they produce, how much energy they use and how big they are. Simply all the information you need to make a good choice. Whether for use at home or even in a bar or restaurant: Here you can find the ideal ice cube maker for every purpose. Ready to learn more?​

Klarstein's ice cube maker​

On-The-Rocks ice cube machine

Product tip

On-The-Rocks ice cube machine

Compact design, simple operation and up to 12 kg of ice cubes per day. The On-The-Rocks ice machine is simple and practical.

  • Practical: Simple operation
  • Simple design: In elegant silver
  • Efficient: 12 kg ice cubes in 2 sizes
To the ice cube machines

Klarstein ice cube machines are easy to use, compact and simply designed. They fit into every home, don't take up too much space and still bring you the maximum benefit. With this ice cube maker, you can watch two sizes of ice cubes being made in just 6-12 minutes.​


  • ​Compact and space-saving
  • Fast production of ice cubes
  • Works quietly


  • No crushed ice​

Ice cube machine small

Icemeister 2​

Product tip

Icemeister 2

Need a small ice cube machine for the kitchen? The Icemeister might be right for you! This device takes up little space, is stylish to look at with a high-quality stainless steel housing and can produce 3 different ice cube sizes.

  • Easy to use: Thanks to the LC display​
  • Stylish: With stainless steel housing
  • Hard-working: For up to 12 kg of ice in 24 hours​
To the ice cube machines​

The Icemeister ice cube machine can prepare 3 different sizes of ice cubes. The whole thing takes place in a short cycle and, thanks to the practical display, you always know what is happening. With its simple design, the ice cube machine fits into every household.


  • Compact design
  • With LC display
  • 3 ice cube sizes possible​


  • No crushed ice

Ice cube machine crushed ice

Eiszeit Crush

Product tip

Eiszeit Crush

An ice cube machine with a crusher? No problem! The Eiszeit Crush brings a professional feeling to your home or bar. Two versions for ice cubes in every shape!

  • Multi-talent: Crushed ice, cold water and ice cubes possible​​
  • Professional: With a practical dispensing system​
  • Always ready for use: Water connection for automatic filling​
To the ice cube machines​

The Eiszeit Crush ice cube machine is a real professional when it comes to "staying cool". Whether cold water, ice cubes in two sizes or crushed ice: Here you can get everything at the touch of a button. Thanks to the LCD display, it is easy to use and always shows you what is going on inside. It creates up to 18 kg of ice in 24 hours and has a practical dispensing system. No shovel or ice cube tray needed!


  • Professional: Direct dispensing of water, ice cubes and crushed ice
  • Efficient: Ice cube machine with water connection
  • Elegant: Cool design that impresses


  • Bigger than other devices​
  • Rather expensive in comparison​

Ice cube machine clear ice cubes

Clearcube Ice Cube Machine​

Product tip

Clearcube Ice Cube Machine

Crystal clear ice at the push of a button! The Clearcube ice cube machine provides clear ice cubes in no time.

  • Professional: Production of clear ice​
  • Up to 13 kg of ice cubes per day
  • Particularly suitable for cocktails
To the ice cube machines

Clear ice is often a mystery to consumers. Slow freezing, covering and many other methods are known for manual preparation. Not with the Clearcube! It makes crystal clear ice cubes. And in a very short time. So bring on the next garden and cocktail party!​​​


  • Fast: Ice cubes in just 6 minutesn
  • Fits in anywhere with ease
  • Up to 12 kg of ice a day


  • No crushed ice

Electric ice crusher

Icebreaker ice crusher​

Product tip

Icebreaker ice crusher

Not an ice cube machine but a powerful ice crusher: You can take ice cubes and pieces and easily process them into crushed ice with this practical device.

  • Compact: Only 17 x 37 x 27 cm (WxHxD)​
  • Crushed ice in seconds
  • Easy to handle
To the ice cube machines

If you don't need an ice cube machine, but rather a kitchen helper to crush your ice - then the Icebreaker ice crusher is just right for you! Thanks to the suction cup feet, it always stays in place while crushing up to 15 kg of ice per hour. Of course, safety is important here: The crusher only gets to work when the collecting tray is correctly engaged and the button is pressed.​​​


  • Fast: Crushed ice in seconds
  • Practical: Quick and easy processing
  • Very good price / performance ratio


  • Does not produce ice cubes on its own

Ice cube machine comparison

Tips for buying an ice cube machine

Now you know a few things about ice cube machines already. What exactly do you need for your drinks? Are bullet-shaped ice cubes sufficient? Do you want to make crushed ice at the same time? Or are crystal clear ice cubes right for you? Think about how much space you have for the machine. It is also crucial to know whether you want a water connection or just a water tank. The shape of the desired ice cubes is also important for your decision.

In the following table, we have summarised all the important factors, prices and much more for you. This way, you can decide which ice cube maker is right for you. One thing is certain: Each of these devices will simplify your everyday life and help out the next time you have guests. That is because having hygienic and flawless ice cubes at the touch of a button is a privilege that we would never want to do without.

Ice cube machine test - differences and similarities

Ice cube maker Ice cube machine small Ice cube machine crushed ice Ice cube machine clear ice cubes Ice crusher
Price / performance​​ 157.99 euro, very good ​​​​220.99 euro, good 379.99 euro, very good ​​​​​​241.99 euro, very good ​​​​74.99 euro, very good
Product dimensions​​​​​​ 24x32.5x35 cm ​​24x32x34 cm 34x45x45.5 cm ​​29x36x37 cm ​​17x37x27 cm
Capacity​​​​​ 600 g ​​800 g 600 g 3.5 litres
Ice cubes Ice cubes in 2 sizes in bullet form Ice cubes in e sizes in bullet form ​​Ice cubes in 2 sizes in bullet form, crushed ice Clear ice in sheet form Crushed ice
Functions Compact with 2.1-litre water tank and transparent lid Display for missing water or full ice cube container 3-in-1 device,  makes 15 - 18 kg of ice cubes every day Low energy consumption with refrigerant R600a 3.5 litres (approx. 1.75 kg) collection tray, up to 15 kg crushed ice per hour
Features Easy operation High-quality stainless steel housing ​​Professional device with practical output Crystal clear ice cubes Ice crusher with powerful motor
Colour selection Silver ​​Silver / dark grey ​​Silver / pastel blue Silver Red / silver

Ice cube machine FAQs

Most ice cube machines produce so-called bullet-shaped ice cubes. The water is cooled and flows around the cooling rods. There, it freezes layer by layer around the stick until an ice cube is formed. The cubes are discharged into a collection container and the process is repeated.

In general, it can be said that ice cubes from ice cube machines usually appear clearer than those made manually. This is because the water freezes from the inside out and not the other way around, as it does with ice cubes in the freezer. Thus, the air inside cannot expand, and the cubes become clearer.

There are special machines that make ice cubes in sheet form (you can break them up yourself afterwards). These actually become crystal clear thanks to the specially regulated process inside the machine. Therefore, this type is also called clear ice. An example of an ice cube machine that dispenses clear ice is our Clearcube.

Before cleaning your ice machine, remember to unplug it. Cleaning instructions are often included in the operating instructions. In principle, it is important to clean all surfaces, wash the removable parts thoroughly and disinfect the machine regularly (approx. every 4 weeks, depending on use). Make sure to use a food-safe agent. You should do a simple cleaning of all parts and the tank with a damp cloth after each use. Because the water is not heated, bacteria can multiply relatively well.

That always depends on how often you use it. It is advisable to follow the instructions in the user manual. As a guideline we recommend: A simple cleaning after each use. A disinfection every 4 weeks and a very thorough cleaning (possibly including decalcification) every six months.

Many! First of all, there is the time factor: An ice cube machine produces the first ice cubes in a maximum of 15-20 minutes, while this takes at least a few hours in the freezer. Ice cube trays also take up space in the freezer. Ice cubes can also absorb smells and flavours from other foods there, which is not very hygienic. This means that the ice cubes from the machine are of better quality. And of course, an ice cube maker can produce more ice cubes. This way, you have greater and constant availability.

Most ice cube machines use between 150 and 200 watts. If you let it run for 8 hours a day, that would mean a daily consumption of 0.48 euros at a kilowatt price of 0.40 euros. Note: If possible, never leave your ice cube machine in standby mode. When not in use, unplug it.

Most ice cube machines make between 9 and 12 ice cubes per cycle. One cycle takes about 10-20 minutes. An ice cube machine usually produces between 10 and 13 kg of ice per day.

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