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Stand Mixer Test & Guide 2023​

Stand mixers and food mixers are real everyday heroes. They are now available in many different versions. Whether stirring, kneading, beating, cutting, chopping, cooking or steaming: With the right food processor, a lot of work can be done for you. Not sure which one is right for you? Then you've come to the right place with our large guide. We will introduce you to different types of Klarstein food processors, explain their advantages and disadvantages and help you to make the perfect decision for yourself.

Features and function of stand mixers​

In our guide, we would like to introduce you to 4 different types of mixers: stand mixers, food mixers, baking mixers and meat grinders. They all have one thing in common: They do the work for you. From the classic mixing machine, which ensures that dough is stirred and kneaded evenly (particularly for baking), to the multifunctional food processor, which reduces chopping and sometimes even cooking work, to the meat grinder, which is a real powerhouse when it comes to processing fresh meat.​

Klarstein stand mixer

Klarstein stand mixer

Product tip​

Bella Elegance stand mixer​

The Bella Elegance creates a real revolution in your kitchen not only with its look, but also with its practical functions. Stirring, kneading, beating: The Bella Elegance is ready for everything.

  • Compact and powerful: Compact and powerful: Always ready with 1300 wattss and only 3.7 kg
  • Flexible: Make up to 2 kg of dough with 3 attachments and 5.2-litre stainless steel bowl​
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Stand mixers as you imagine them. The classic food processor is often a kneading or mixing machine. Most of the time, they come to you with three attachments: A dough hook, a mixer attachment, and a whisk. Depending on how much you bake, you should pay attention to the capacity of the associated bowl. The wattsage tells you how powerful your food processor's motor is. If you like to knead heavy bread dough and the like, the machine should have at least 1500 wattss.​


  • Effortless kneading and stirring of dough​
  • Easy handling​
  • Elegant accessory in the kitchen​


  • Klarstein baking mixers

Bella Pico 2G Mixer

Bella Pico 2G Mixer

Product tip​

Bella Pico 2G Mixer

The Bella Pico 2G impresses with its compact design and 1300 wattss with 6 levels plus pulse function! Thus, the baking mixer is ready for any type of dough​​

  • Smart: With planetary mixing system for dough that is always perfect​​
  • Durable: Mixing and kneading hooks made of durable die-cast aluminium
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Mixers - often also called kneading machines - are indispensable helpers in the production of dough. Depending on the firmness of the dough, different attachments can achieve a perfect result: The whisk is suitable for whipping, the mixing hook is ideal for light dough, while the kneading hook takes over the kneading of firm bread dough for you. You can often effortlessly process up to 2 kg of dough in our baking mixers while you tidy up the kitchen, prepare more delicacies or simply relax for a minute.


  • Powerful stirring system​
  • 3 different attachments​​
  • Smaller and lighter than other mixers


  • Takes up more space in the kitchen than a hand mixer

Multifunctional food mixer​

Lucia multifunctional food mixer

Product tip​

Lucia multifunctional food mixer​

Blender, mixer and meat grinder in one: With its practical attachments, the Lucia foodmixer does just about anything. A smoothie in the morning, a cake in the afternoon and freshly ground meat in the evening? Everything is possible with just one device.​

  • Always ready: Always ready for use with 2000 wattss and many attachments.​​
  • Versatile: Quickly and easily converted with practical attachments.​​
To the product

As the name suggests, multifunctional food mixers are real all-rounders. This category includes combination devices such as the Lucia, as well as thermal cookers and multi-choppers, which not only relieve you of the tiresome work of cutting fruit and vegetables, but sometimes even cook and steam your food. Depending on how you want to use your food mixer, we certainly have the ideal product for you in our range.​


  • Many functions in one device​​
  • Fast conversion
  • High efficiency


  • Relatively large and heavy in comparison
  • Accessories require appropriate storage space

Meat grinder

Kraftprotz meat grinder​

Product tip

Kraftprotz meat grinder

The name says it all. With the Kraftprotz, processing meat is made easy

  • Strong: Armed with 700 wattss and a winged blade​
  • Varied: Lots of accessories of the best quality​
To the product

If you regularly process fresh meat and would rather make it yourself than buy ready-made meat, then a meat grinder is just the thing for you. With different perforated discs you can make minced meat, sausages and much more at home. The hard work is done for you by a powerful motor in the meat grinder. The devices are made of food-safe materials and therefore pose no risks.​​


  • Powerful
  • Comes with many accessories
  • Versatile: With attachments for minced meat, sausage and much more


  • Takes up quite a lot of space
  • Does not fulfil multiple functions at once

Stand mixer comparison

Tips for buying a stand mixer from Klarstein

Which is the best stand mixer or food mixer? There is no general answer to this question. Thanks to our food processor test, however, we can give you an overview of the various functions and features so that you can find the right device for you. At Klarstein, you can choose between different types of stand mixers, which are characterised by modern designs and good value for money. The types of mixers differ, especially when it comes to cleaning. The price-performance ratio always depends on what you primarily want to use your machine for. Of course, the end result also differs depending on the type of food processor, so you should think carefully in advance about what you primarily want to produce with it in the kitchen. Our devices are kept simple in use. Nevertheless, you should always pay attention to safety and read the instructions for use carefully.

Stand mixer test - discover differences and similarities

Stand Mixer​ Baking Mixer​ Multifunctional Food Mixer​ Meat Grinder
Stirring System​ Planetary stirring system Planetary stirring system Planetary stirring system stainless steel blade
Dimensions ​ 22,4x38x34 (BxHxT)​ 22,5x32,5x38 (BxHxT)​ 23x38x35 (BxHxT) 41x36x20 (BxHxT)
Performance ​ 2000 watts / 2,7 HP 1300 watts / 1,7 HP 2000 watts / 2,7 HP 700 watts (work power) 1800 watts (blocking power)
Weight ​ 6,2 kg 3,7 kg 11 kg 5,3 kg
Number of Speed Levels 6 (and pulse function) 6 (and pulse function) 6 (and pulse function) 2
Capacity 5,2 litres, 5 litres, 5,2 litres, (plus 1.5 litres in the blender jar)​ /

Stand mixer FAQs

One is basically the general term for the other. A stand mixer can be anything from a baking mixer to a food mixer or thermo cooker. Mixers are characterised above all by a planetary mixing system and their ability to produce dough very well.

If you like to knead bread dough and heavy yeast dough, we recommend a stand mixer with at least 1500 watts.

Safety always comes first. Make sure you have a firm stance (most of our food mixers have suction cups), a secure connection and that the mixer is used correctly. This also includes not exceeding the maximum capacity of the stand mixer.

Yes! Our GrandPrix thermal cooker with powerful motor helps you with chopping, cooking, steaming, stirring, kneading and much more. You will find many suitable recipes in our magazine.​

Food mixers are practical helpers for almost everything in the kitchen. They can help you realise recipes faster and easier. Classic mixing and kneading machines are especially helpful when baking. You can find many inspiring baking recipes in our Klarstein Magazine.​

This also depends on the type and performance of your food mixer. Excessive amounts of dough and hard foods such as nuts, frozen meat or similar should have no place in mixers. However, if you have a multifunctional food mixer with a blender or a thermo cooker, these foods could be possible. Always be careful not to overload your machine. Most stand mixers have overheating protection, but if you feel uncertain, turn off and unplug the appliance.

That depends on the quantities you want to cook on a regular basis. Most of our food processors have a bowl with a capacity of 5 litres. You can use it to prepare 2 kg of dough at once.

There is no general answer to that either. There are usually 3 attachments for mixers: Mixing and kneading hooks as well as a whisk. There are many more accessories that can be used with multifunctional food mixer: Blender, meat grinder, pasta machine, biscuit press, steamer attachment and much more.

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