Radiant & Panel Heaters

Flexible heat from portable Infrared Panel Heaters & Radiant Heaters

Portable heating solutions are increasingly in demand in the most diverse areas of life. Above all, the outdoor segment and the wellness segment are at the top of the list. A radiant heater or a panel heater promise cosy warmth and can be ordered from KLARSTEIN in a variety of choices. The following overview sums up what is important when it comes to buying a radiant heater or an infrared panel heater.

Reasons why it’s worth buying a Panel Heater

A heating radiator sends the generated energy very precisely to the exact point that should be supplied with heat. The surrounding air is not heated, which significantly intensifies the heating experience. As a result, outdoor areas can also be heated excellently, which can be a real treat in the evening hours of the day in cool temperatures. For indoor areas, infrared is also a suitable solution for an electric panel heater when it comes to keeping the building fabric in a dry condition. In this way, the formation of mold can be effectively prevented. An infrared panel heater is quickly and easily installed and is therefore also suitable as a quick solution if other heat sources are temporarily unavailable. Anyone can do the installation themselves without having to commission a specialist company first. The radiant heat panels are installed in no time at all. Depending on the selected model, control via app is also possible. For this purpose, a WiFi connection to another device is required. This means that radiators have also arrived in the age of Smart Home.

Buy Panel Heaters for different solutions

Depending on the area of application, the compact heating solutions are available as short-wave, medium-wave and long-wave heaters. Short-wave devices have the highest intensity and are being used in rooms that require a high level of heat output. This is the case, for example, in bathrooms and sauna areas. An infrared panel heater for the bathroom is therefore an excellent solution for heating up the temperature quickly, even in the short term. Other areas of usage are baby changing tables and rooms with a thermal character. Long-wave infrared panels are predestined for indoor areas and are particularly efficient if they have to heat rooms over longer periods of time. Buying a medium-wave panel heater is an option for both indoor and outdoor usage.

Infrared Panel Heater for the bathroom and other areas of application

The reasons for purchasing an infrared panel, electric panel or glass panel heater are very diverse. Except for a few uses, they are ideal as an additional heat source. Therefore, they can be used especially in newly built properties. These usually have excellent insulation, so less heat is needed than is the case of an old building. In addition, an infrared panel heater can not only being used in a bathroom, but also in a children's room and can be adapted to the child's needs. Since a heating panel has a very compact design and presents itself as a small-format heating solution, it can also be included in a Tiny House. Furthermore, KLARSTEIN models are also an excellent choice for camping. In terms of the quality & design, our heating radiators leave nothing to be desired. From portable spotlights to classic panels to wall-mounted towel rails, we have a first-class selection available for you.

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