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Buying pots and pans

Pots and pans are undoubtedly some of the most important pieces of equipment in a kitchen. So that your favourite dishes always turn out perfectly, you should make sure that you choose good quality cookware. Otherwise, for example, a cooking pot may deform after a short period of time or that the heat in a frying pan may not be evenly distributed. It is also important to choose the right pot or pan for different types of preparation and food.

These different pots and pans belong in every kitchen

A coated pan offers you the great advantage that practically nothing will burn and it is very easy to clean later. You also need to use a lot less fat, which contributes to a lower-calorie and more conscious diet. Since you don't need a large frying pan for a single fried egg, for example, it can make sense to equip your household with a complete set of pans in different sizes. Steak pans, on the other hand - as the name suggests - are mainly used for juicy steaks, as well as for other grilled food such as fish and vegetables. They are usually made of cast iron, have the typical corrugated bottom and are often equipped with a drain channel for excess fat. If you want to buy pots, you can also opt for a complete cooking pot set. This contains not only different sizes, but also different types of cooking pots. The casserole, for example, usually has a long handle or grips and is particularly suitable for roasting and braising. A saucepan set also includes classic saucepans with lids, which you can use to cook pasta, potatoes, rice and soups, among other things.

Felt and pot coasters for your cookware

No matter which cookware you choose, the top and bottom should always be protected from scratches. However, this can be difficult when storing in the kitchen cupboard, because equipment usually has to be stacked for reasons of space. Luckily, damage is easy to prevent. All you need is some good pot or felt coasters. You can put these between your cookware so that they serve as a kind of buffer. You can also use them to protect your table or work surface. The special highlight: You can easily cut the felt coasters to any size!

Casseroles, frying pans and more: They will give you many years of joy

Cooking, roasting, braising and steaming is at least twice as much fun with good cookware, whether individually or as a complete set. Practical: the matching coasters are already included in many a pot or pan set. This way you can get started right after you purchase! High-quality cooking pots and frying pans are also very welcome as a house-warming or wedding gift!


What size should my saucepans be?

For an average household, sizes of 24 to 28 centimetres are sufficient. If you want to regularly entertain several guests, your saucepans should be up to 36 centimetres in size.

How do I care for a coated pan?

Simply use hot water, a detergent that is not too aggressive and a soft dishcloth. Absolutely avoid rough sponges.

What are frying pans and saucepans made of?

Proven materials are primarily cast iron and stainless steel, but sometimes also copper, aluminium and enamel are used.
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