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Everything for your tidiness

Tidiness is half the battle A tidy and clean home not only gives you a sense of peace, but also a proverbial clear view of your next projects, wishes and goals. Which objects and memories are particularly important to you? What do you want to keep tucked away or out of sight? Fight carpet stains, piles of dishes, mountains of laundry and masses of rubbish with our efficient Klarstein tidying-up devices - with a guarantee of victory included. So: Fancy being in order mode? We are ready!

Say goodbye with Klarstein

Washing, drying, ironing...Fully in order mode, we dedicate ourselves first and foremost to what's on the floor: Piles of laundry! Pre-sorting is the motto here in order to get off to a sensible start. White laundry can be brightened up again in the machine with environmentally friendly lemon powder, black clothes should retain their deep tone as far as possible, boiled laundry should remain hygienically fresh and coloured textiles should retain their colour - that's why we separate them from each other. Do not forget the degree! Afterwards, they are dried and ironed for all they're worth. What is considered a chore by many people is really fun here with clever and efficient Klarstein appliances, because you can quickly see what you have already done. Let's go!

Klarstein Washing Machines and Dryers

Classic washers and dryers for large flats, slim models for singles and campers, or effort-saving shirt dryers for bachelors and busy people will take down your pile of laundry in no time. Of particular importance at Klarstein: intuitive operation. Put the stuff in, close the flap, press the button, done. We don't want to rob you of your precious time with complicated instructions, but instead give you capacity for the really beautiful things in life, without you having to give up your order mode. With Klarstein, you get all that under one roof.

Klarstein Iron

Who doesn't know: "Iron me, baby! Don't we all often hear this in our inner ear, looking at the tower of shirts, blouses and trousers we are only too happy to pile up. Stop! Thanks to our Klarstein irons, you won't even be embarrassed to want to duck out. Integrated steam variations, a powerful base station and super-smooth gliding ironing plates will get all your outfits wrinkled faster than your favourite Netflix episode is over. Want to bet?

Goodbye floor crumbs with Klarstein

Do you like to jump barefoot out of bed and to the coffee machine in the morning? You love to scurry around the living room on socks? Then you know for sure how comfortable a clean floor feels, after which you don't have to wipe dust and crumbs off your feet when you want to get comfortable on the couch and bed again. Put an end to the wool mice in no time. Our Klarstein vacuum cleaner help you do just that and give your tidiness mode that little bit extra - dry or wet. Are you in?

Klarstein battery-powered vacuum cleaner

Cordless, bagless, but full of power: With our Klarstein cordless hoovers, you not only say goodbye to floor dirt, but also to annoying tangled cables and dusty bag changes. Versatile, handy and flexible, you can chase it around your home, take it with you on holiday and stow it away inconspicuously after cleaning. This makes the clattering vacuuming away of crumbs even more fun.

Klarstein Vacuum Cleaner and Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuuming can be highly motivating - especially when you catch all those dust particles in the bathroom, bread crumbs in the kitchen and chip crumbs in front of the sofa and you hear that satisfying sound of clacking. 1:0 for you and your Klarstein vacuum cleaner! You don't have the time to vacuum manually? No problem at all: our Klarstein robotic vacuum cleaner will fight the crumb battle for you while you're out and about - or just want to put your feet up.

Klarstein Dry and Wet Vacuum Cleaner

You really thrive in your tidiness mode? How about a dry and wet vacuum cleaner? Clean your home like a pro with the integrated suction and wiping function and fight the crumbs under the dining table, the wool mice under the bed and the tile stains in the bathroom. This is how you redefine "spotless" and take your feel-good factor at home to a whole new level - you'll see!

Klarstein says Ciao to kitchen chaos

The laundry is done, the floor is clean again - now all that's missing is a mountain of dishes and a bin liner in the kitchen. Are you sick and tired of washing dishes by hand? Your bin liner is happily stinking away in the open bin? Rescue is at hand: In the last step of your tidiness mode, our automatic household heroes will get you going again. Once your new Klarstein dishwasher has been put away, it cleans quietly and makes your empty sink shine again. Meanwhile, our Klarstein rubbish bin discreetly gobbles up leftovers and dirt and blends seamlessly into your kitchen décor. And your kitchen will quickly become your favourite place again.

Klarstein Dishwashers

In a mini version for your kitchenette or in large format for the whole family: Klarstein dishwashers make you want to cook and bake again, because washing up afterwards is just a push of a button for you. Gone are the days when your favourite three-course meal was followed by a trail of devastation through your kitchen. Instead, sit down with your loved ones for a wine to finish off the evening and relax. Your Klarstein dishwasher will do the rest.

Klarstein waste bins

Rubbish bins are real underdogs! Those with a pedal function are the widespread classics and of course we don't want to deprive you of them. Extremely robust, they accompany entire generations and survive every move. But we have even more up our sleeves: with our sensor-operated bins, you save yourself unnecessary contact with your waste disposal unit. It opens contact-free, exactly when you want it to. Unwanted odours or contact? Not a chance. Extremely robust and with a large capacity, they accompany entire generations and survive every move. Your rubbish is out of sight and your hands stay clean. Win-win!

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