Klarstein guide to wine coolers

Time for fine wines

Find out about wine storage

The perfect taste is not just about the type and origin of a wine. Storage and drinking temperature must be also right for the wine to mature properly and unfold its full aroma. A wine fridge is the optimal solution for the professional and stylish storage of fine wines.

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Which wine fridge is the right one?

A wine fridge can do more than just cool. Depending on the size and price range, it can protect your favourite wines from shocks, light exposure or the wrong humidity. To find out which functions it actually depends on and what you should pay attention to when buying, take a look at our guide.

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Klarstein’s little viticulture

Red wine, white wine or rosé - these varieties are probably the most distinct from each other. But what is the difference between semi-sparkling wine and sparkling wine, and is a Prosecco actually sparkling wine? We shed some light on these questions!

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Top tips for wine connoisseurs

Whether a wine can develop its full flavour depends on several factors. In our small overview for wine connoisseurs, you will find tips on which wine fits best to which food, the right drinking temperature and which glass is suitable for which wine.

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