Skyscraper Ice Smart 4-in-1 Air Cooler & Fan WiFi 210m³/h Remote Control
Skyscraper Ice Smart 4-in-1 Air Cooler & Fan 210 m³/h Air cooler Grey 30 watt
£ 171.99
Maxfresh Fan Air Cooler Humidifier 4-in-1 Function Oscillation 6L Water Tank 55W Timer Function
Maxfresh Fan Air Cooler Humidifier White Air cooler 65 watt 444 m³/h
£ 99.99
Skytower 360 ° Smart, Air Cooler, 60W, 450 m³ / h, 6 Litres, Mobile
Skytower 360 ° Smart Air Cooler 450 m³/h Air cooler White 60 watt
£ 196.99
Cooler Rush, Fan, Air Cooler, 5.5L, 45W, Remote Control, 5 x Ice Pack
Cooler Rush Fan Air Cooler 132 m³/h Air cooler Black 45 watt
£ 104.99
Caribbean Blue Air Cooler Humidifier Fan 400m³ / h Black
CarribeanBlue Air Cooler 400 m³/h Air cooler Black 75 watt
£ 109.99
IceWind Plus 4-in-1 Air Cooler 330 m³/h Oscillation Remote Control
IceWind Plus 4-in-1 Air Cooler 330 m³/h Air cooler Black 65 watt
£ 150.99
Klarstein Window Sealing Set, Window Kit Zipper, Velcro Tape, white
Window Sealing Set Window seal for mobile air conditioners White
£ 20.99
CTR-1 Air Cooler 4-in-1 Fan Mobile 65 W Remote Control Red
CTR-1 Air Cooler 360 m³/h Air cooler Red 65 watt
£ 99.99
Skyscraper Frost Air Cooler 45 W 7 litres 2 mobile cooling batteries
Skyscraper Frost Air Cooler 132 m³/h Air cooler Grey 45 watt
£ 142.79
IceWind 4-in-1 Air Cooler | Fan / Humidifier / Air Purifier | Air Flow Rate: 222 m³/h | 36.5 watts | NatureWind Function with 3 Speeds | Oscillation | Water Tank: 9 Litres | Ioniser | 12-Hour Timer | Remote Control
IceWind 4-in-1 Air Cooler 222 m³/h Air cooler White 75 watt
£ 159.99
Klarstein Ceiling Fan Bolero, 2-in-1, Remote Control, ahorn Certified
Bolero Ceiling Fan Maple Ceiling fan
£ 129.99
Klarstein Ceiling Fan Figo, 2-in-1, 3 Modes, 55 W, black
Figo Ceiling Fan 52" Ceiling fan Black
£ 119.99
Caribbean Blue Air Cooler Humidifier Fan 400m³ / h White
CarribeanBlue Air Cooler 400 m³/h Air cooler White 75 watt
£ 109.99
Iceberg Pure, Air Cooler, Air Throughput: 283 m³ / h, 65 W, Tank: 5 Litres
Iceberg Pure Air Cooler Air Throughput: 283 m³ / h 65 W Tank: 5 Litres 283 m³/h Air cooler White 65 watt
£ 94.99
Klarstein Air Cooler Rotator, 4-in-1, 7L, 3 Modes, Remote Control, black
Rotator Air Cooler 396 m³/h Air cooler Black 110 watt
£ 184.99
Klarstein Ceiling Fan Figo, 2-in-1, 3 Modes, Remote Control, titan
Figo Ceiling Fan Titanium Ceiling fan
£ 119.99
Skyscraper Ice Smart 4-in-1 Air Cooler & Fan WiFi 210m³/h Remote Control
Skyscraper Ice Smart 4-in-1 Air Cooler & Fan 330 m³/h Air cooler Black / Rosegold Metallic 30 watt
£ 160.99
IceWind Plus Smart 4-in-1 Air Cooler Fan Humidifier Air Purifier App Control
IceWind Plus Smart 4-in-1 Air Cooler 330 m³/h Air cooler White 65 watt
£ 262.99

Klarstein's Coolers: pleasant freshness on hot days

Coolers are generally referred to as devices that help to change the room climate. Therefore, cooling devices can be set to the desired temperature and cool the room pleasantly. It is important to always set them to only two or three degrees colder than the outside temperature. Another advantage is the integrated programmes for temperature regulation, which not only provide cooling, but can also be used as fans and make it possible to dehumidify the air.

A decisive quality feature is the energy efficiency of the respective cooler. Benefit and cost factors must be in reasonable proportion to each other. Therefore, cooling devices are recommended for extremely warm rooms or areas where you have to concentrate for long periods of time. Cooler rooms such as the bedroom are also extremely pleasant when dealing with allergies. Furthermore, a cooler can contribute significantly to relaxation in everyday life. On Klarstein you can choose from a wide range of affordable and high-quality cooling devices that come in various designs, whether you are looking for a fan, air conditioning unit or air cooler.

A comfortable climate and good air circulation with the right Fan

Fans can vary in their functionality, whether you like to consider buying a ceiling fan, stand fan, tower fan or desk fan. Although the general operating principle of the devices is always the same, there are some differences and features that should be taken into account when using them. Basic features include design, performance, and location. While fans like tower fans or floor fans are portable and can therefore being used relatively freely, other devices can hardly or not at all be used in different rooms.

These include ceiling fans or devices for wall installation. Fans are also permanently installed in bathrooms, kitchens and outdoors. These fans usually have a pipe connection through which the fresh air supply or the air exchange with the outside area takes place. Ensuring adequate air circulation is the general function of all fans. In addition, some devices have other functions, such as the exchange of humid and dry air or the minimisation of unpleasant odour particles, as well as heating functionality to support your indoor heaters during winter season. But either way, fans increase personal comfort and help to distribute fresh air in your home.

Advantages when using a modern Air Conditioning Unit

The performance of air conditioners and air conditioning units has been continuously improved over the years. Today, it is possible to bring rooms to the desired temperatures even faster and to achieve regulation economically and in an environmentally friendly manner thanks to lower energy consumption. Accordingly, the operation of modern air conditioning units is affordable in terms of the cost-benefit ratio. In addition, many current air conditioners can regulate air humidity. This not only makes the indoor climate even more pleasant but also frees the air from unnecessarily high humidity, which can have a very positive effect on the prevention of mould, among other things.

In addition, air with lower humidity is perceived as cooler air. Furthermore, the programming of temperature and time preselection is possible with various air conditioner models. This allows, for example, to regulate your home to a cool temperature just in time for the end of the working day. Most air conditioning units can also be controlled by remote control which provides some extra comfort. Turn your home into a real place of well-being - even on hot or muggy days.

Things to consider when buying an Air Cooler

Air coolers, that serve to improve the indoor climate, are available in many different designs and sizes. Small, cube-shaped models are also known as mini air conditioners and can easily fit on a desk. Portable air coolers with wheels are suited for use in different rooms and provide several people with cool fresh air.

There are also differences in other features: the fan speed of high-quality air coolers can be adjusted in several steps. A practical feature is a remote control that allows controlling the air conditioning functions from your desk or sofa in addition to the control panel on the unit. Comfort is provided by a timer function that automatically switches off the air cooler after work or before bedtime. A night mode is practical for quiet operation during the night.

Air coolers with air filter function reduce unpleasant pollen and allergens in the room air. An additional air purifier or air cleaner is not needed. In addition, a built-in ioniser can minimise odours and bacteria in the room air. Devices with a fragrance option distribute a scented oil in the room during operation, which can improve concentration or have a relaxing effect.

When buying an air cooler, air conditioner or fan on Klarstein, don't miss out our offers and let yourself be inspired by the innovative design of our devices, built with high-quality materials, and offering long-term value for your money. All our Klarstein products come with a two-year warranty and free return of orders within the first 60 days. To get more detailed information, check out our Air Conditioner Buying Guide!

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