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Raclette: from Raclette Sets to BBQ miracles

A cozy evening with friends, a romantic meal for two: all year round, but especially in fall and winter, raclette is the perfect dish. For raclette nights some little preparation is needed. All you have to buy is the raclette, cheese, and ingredients. After that, each guest chooses what he or she likes. You can refill the small pans of the raclette grill and the hot stone or the griddle as often as you like. And it does not always have to be savory, either. Besides the original raclette with only cheese and bread, variations with fruit, meat, and vegetables are possible as well.

Your lifestyle and eating habits are key when looking for the best raclette grill or raclette set. Is the small grill with only two pans ideal for you or do you dream of a kitchen appliance, which you can use not only to prepare this traditional cheese dish but also for grilling and baking? Just as important when you are looking to purchase a raclette is to ask yourself whether you want to prepare the traditional Swiss dish alone, as a couple, or with as many friends as possible.

Traditions and what to put on your Raclette Grill

The cheese dish is especially popular during the Christmas holidays and on New Year's Eve. This suits the raclette or indoor electric grill perfectly. The fact that it takes little preparation and doesn't come with long cooking times has certainly contributed to its popularity. Even if it gets hectic on these days, there is still time to buy a raclette grill, some meat, chop the vegetables, and fill matching bowls with gherkins, mixed pickles, and sauces. In addition, the Swiss dish makes for an excellent meal when you have guests. It leaves enough space for conversations and a sociable, relaxed get-together. Everyone takes as much as they want of what they enjoy. At a raclette Christmas, the cooks can relax and wait for the handing out of presents. The New Year's Eve raclette traditionally runs until just before midnight. Ingredients are continuously added until at twelve o'clock on the dot the new year is welcomed. However, you do not have to restrict your use of the cheese grill to just the holidays. It's handy when unexpected guests arrive, and you can always keep the most important ingredients at home in your pantry.

Vegan, vegetarian, or meat? Here, you are free to indulge in your own preferences. Original raclette cheese might a classic basic ingredient, but one or the other vegan cheese might just as well result in the delicate melting typical of raclette. Alongside their special cheese, vegetarians might choose chopped or small vegetables such as cherry tomatoes, peppers or zucchini for grilling or gratinating. Sausages suitable for raclette grills and electric indoor grills work equally well on hot stone or griddle as cuts of beef, pork, and poultry, which are ideal for pan-frying. Whether you rely on home-made sauces or quickly grab something from the supermarket is also entirely up to you. The dish is best served with a selection of breads or potatoes.

Cleaning the Raclette after use made easy

As with raclette eating, the whole process is quick and easy. Removable plates are roughly cleaned and rinsed. Often, the cheese pans that come with a raclette grill are even dishwasher-proof. It is important to carefully remove grease that has run down the sides so that there are no unpleasant odors at your next cheese night. Special cleaning products are unnecessary. Usually, a soft sponge and water to rinse are sufficient. If you want to make cleaning even easier, grease pans and griddle lightly before use. To turn the food, use tongs that can not leave scratches on the surface of the material. For the pans, there are special scrapers available, which are often already included in the set or can be bought separately. Those will allow you to push your creations from the grill pan onto your plate without damaging the coated surface.

Benefits when buying a Raclette on Klarstein

On Klarstein you can choose between different types of raclettes and electric indoor grills that come in a variety of designs and can be used for raclette fondue or BBQ nights. In the traditional cheese grill, a piece of cheese is used, which melts and turns out particularly creamy. The ingredients are set on a small griddle located above the cheese. Known and popular for the cheese dish is the raclette grill. Now the little pans come into play. A non-stick coating ensures that they are easy to clean. Specially coated griddles also make this work easier. Whether you choose raclette plates in stone or metal is up to you: metal gets hotter and the crust gets crunchier; a stone plate, on the other hand, stores the heat for longer and thus ensures gentle sizzling and cooking. Visually, stone is definitely impressive.

If you would prefer more features in one device, for example, to save space in the kitchen, you will also find different options on Klarstein depending on your needs. With two elements that can be heated separately, you can switch on the Vario grill as needed. If there are only two of you, one half is enough. If you have friends coming over, this device ramps up the action. Some table-size designs facilitate raclette and fondue preparation, so you can decide spontaneously which dish you prefer. Maybe a multi-use is interesting for you, too. Simply swap out the plates and you can use the griddle, the mould for hash browns and pancakes, or the stone plate for steaks and vegetables. You can even order the raclette or electric indoor grill in combination with a pizza oven. Let's get the party started!

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