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Chimney Cooker Hoods

Chimney Cooker Hoods - strong functionality and design

The chimney cooker hoods, glass cooker hoods, stoves cooker hoods and wall-mounted cooker hoods extract steam and unpleasant smells safely and directly where they arise: above the hob or cooker top. There are three basic techniques regarding the chimney cooker hood. In general, the wall mounted cooker hood cleans the air by extracting the fumes and grease steams produced during cooking, roasting and frying.

As a result, the steam passes through a grease filter, which absorbs the dirt and grease particles contained within the fumes from the ambient air. It is therefore important that you choose a high-quality chimney cooker hood with a powerful filter. At Klarstein, you can choose between a chimney cooker hood, glass cooker hood, stove cooker hood and wall-mounted cooker hood that work with extracted air technology, circulated air technology or even hybrid technology in a variety of different designs and sizes, e.g. chimney cooker hoods 60cm or chimney cooker hoods 90cm.

How to choose the right Chimney Cooker Hood or Wall Mounted Cooker Hood

A classic chimney cooker hood with extracted air completely vacuums the cooking and frying fumes and transfers them directly to the outside via an air extraction duct. In order to guarantee this, it is elementary to implement the chimney cooker hood or stove cooker hood on an exterior wall. If this is ensured, you will benefit from the following advantage: you do not need to install any additional filter for the returning air. The situation is somewhat different if you choose a recirculating wall mounted cooker hood.

Furthermore, air circulating chimney cooker hoods return the sucked-in air back into the room whilst cooking and frying food. This will be done by the activated charcoal filter only after a thorough cleaning. When buying such a glass cooker hood or stove cooker hood, ensure that filter must be replaced regularly or at least cleaned in regular intervals.

Benefits when buying a Chimney Cooker Hood at Klarstein

Take your time and browse through Klarstein's wide range of chimney cooker hoods and stoves cooker hoods. There you will find, among other products, the Laurel 60 Cooker Extractor Hood which is characterised by its hinged black safety glass front and washable aluminium grease filter, as well as activated carbon filter for recirculation mode.

The Montblanc Cooker Extractor Hood Recirculation Set does also impress with its solid quality. The chimney cooker hood is distinguished by its elegant design, maximum exhaust air output up to 610 m³/h and switchable LED cooking surface lighting that will certainly impress you and your guests straight away.

Which chimney cooker hood or glass cooker hood makes your heart beat faster? Let yourself be inspired by the large selection of Klarstein’s products and benefit from the numerous advantages that you get with a high-quality chimney cooker hood from well-established manufacturers. When buying at Klarstein, some of the benefits include a two-year warranty and free return of orders within the first 60 days.

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