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Wall & Ceiling Infrared Heaters

Electric Wall Heaters and Ceiling Heaters

Infrared heaters provide customers with an attractive alternative to conventional radiators. They are particularly recommended for rooms such as bathrooms: a major plus point is that users benefit from an appealing warmth shortly after switching on. Electric wall heaters and ceiling heaters provide the perfect atmosphere without any delay - no one has to wait for it to heat up the entire room. Further plus points are the low costs and the easy installation. Here at KLARSTEIN, you can find a wide range of models, all of which are characterised by an optimal price-performance ratio.

Immediate warmth: How Wall Mounted Electric Heaters work

The principle of electronically operated infrared heaters differs significantly from common convector heaters. Conventional radiators heat the air in the room, whereas wall heaters or ceiling heaters heat directly in the effective area. With convector heaters, it takes a long time before you can be in a sufficiently warm room. Warm air first rises to the ceiling - it takes a long time before the temperature in the entire room is at the appropriate level. Infrared rays, on the other hand, immediately warm the bodies and objects they encounter. When you switch on the wall mounted electric heater or ceiling heater and stand in front of them, you will immediately notice the warming rays. Moreover, these heaters immediately warm all walls, floors and furniture in the respective area. This proves to be particularly convenient in the bathroom: the inconvenient heating up before going to the bathroom in the morning or the energy-intensive preheating during the entire night are things of the past with innovative infrared heaters.

Advantages of Electric Wall Heaters

If you install infrared heaters on walls or ceilings, you’ll benefit from many further advantages. Unlike convector heaters, for example, infrared heaters are very quiet. This feature also increases the feel-good factor in the bathroom or any other room. In addition, infrared technology does not stir up any dust and does not dry out the air in the room. This reduces the cleaning effort and improves the air quality. People with allergies particularly appreciate the advantages of electric wall heaters and ceiling heaters. In terms of energy efficiency, these innovative heaters are also very compelling. They create the required heat immediately which saves costly preheating.

Wall Heaters & Ceiling Heaters ideal for small rooms

In many houses, bathrooms, guest bathrooms and kitchens are rather small. Installing a conventional heater would further minimise the space available. An infrared heater that can be wall-mounted or ceiling-mounted is a welcome alternative. All models at KLARSTEIN are flat and therefore space-saving. They barely take up any space – so you can make good use of it! If you opt for ceiling-mounted infrared heating, you can even use all existing walls for your furniture etc. without any restrictions.

Buying Buying Electric Wall Heaters: easy installation and low investment costs

In a financial comparison, infrared heating for the wall or ceiling also comes off exceptionally. First, infrared heaters cost less than common radiators. Secondly, the enormous costs for handymen are eliminated. Central heating radiators require time-consuming work such as laying pipes, whereas an infrared ceiling or electric wall heater only needs a power connection. Anyone can easily carry out the installation themselves if there is a power socket near the desired area. The cost-effectiveness of operating an infrared heater on the ceiling or wall are added to this. The Klarstein specialist shop presents the right infrared heaters for all needs! Here, you can find heaters in many formats and special designs such as an electric wall heater with lights.

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