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Double hot plate

Double hot plate

A hob is essential in the kitchen. This does not necessarily have to be a hob with four cooking zones. For a single kitchen or if there is limited space, you can also buy a double hot plate. The special design is also important: Should the double hob be suitable for installation or mobile? There are also double hot plates with induction. We carry different models that will perfectly fit your requirements.

The double hot plate with ceramic hob

Modern hobs that are common today have a ceramic hob. This refers to a surface made of glass ceramic. The functionality of the double hot plate can be electric or operated as induction. Glass ceramic has numerous advantages: The surface is flat, pots cannot tip over and can be easily moved if necessary. Glass ceramic is also easy to care for. The classic ceramic hob is equipped with electrical elements and heating elements under the glass. The cooking zones become hot and heat is given off to pots and pans.

The double hot plate with induction

An induction hob has coils under the glass ceramic that generate alternating magnetic fields. The surface of the hob does not get hot, but the contents of pots are heated very quickly. The heat can be regulated particularly well. In addition, the energy consumption of an induction hob is lower than that of an electric ceramic hob.

What can you use a double hot plate for?

A double hob is suitable for complete meal preparation. Cooking, frying, steaming and stewing are easy. The hot plate with two fields only requires a small amount of space when it is recessed into the worktop. Mobile, transportable double hot plates occupy a special position. Incidentally, these versions are not only available with glass ceramic, electrically operated or with induction, but also with two ceramic hot plates. Such double hot plates are ideal for camping holidays or in your garden shed.

With a double hot plate with induction or a double hot plate that is electric, operation works either via touch screen or rotary knobs. Convenient models are often also equipped with a timer and a slider on the display. In some versions, you can also connect both cooking zones to form one entire cooking zone.

Which double hot plate is best suited to your needs?

In general, it is sufficient to buy a double hot plate if you do not constantly cook for several people. Choose an induction version where the heat is generated particularly quickly. If speed, rapid heat regulation and lower energy requirements are not that important to you, you are also well advised to go with an electric double hob. The mobile version is always suitable if you are looking for a double hot plate with a ceramic hob that you can use anywhere: for example, when moving, if the kitchen is not yet fully equipped, on holiday with a tent or caravan, or even outdoors if you enjoy cooking outside in the summer.


What is the wattage of a double hob?

On a double hot plate, the smaller plate has a wattage of between 750 and 1,600 watts. The larger cooking zone has an output of between 1,200 and 2,000 watts.

Which hot plate can save electricity?

A double hob with induction has the lowest power consumption. The energy requirement is around 20 percent less than that of a radiantly heated hob and 40 percent less than the consumption of a hob with cast iron plates.

How do you care for and clean double hot plates?

The glass ceramic hob is easy to keep clean. However, it is important that nothing burns in. If something boils over, please wipe it off immediately. You should not use scratching sponges or aggressive cleaning agents because the glass surface is sensitive to scratches. A mild detergent, a soft cloth and warm water are sufficient for cleaning.

How do you remove stubborn residue?

Burnt-in residues can be removed with a glass scraper. The hob may still be slightly warm. It is best to place the glass scraper flat so that no scratches are caused. There are gentle and efficient special cleaning agents for particularly stubborn dirt.
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