Klarstein watch winders: the best for your automatic watch

Time is money and should be cherished as such. Today, we are always on the lookout for time and how to make the most of it. Although many people today use their phones to check the time, digital will never replace a good old analogue watch, always making a statement when you wear it on your wrist. There are all kinds of watches, and often one leads to another, creating a real addiction, which leads to owning the right watch for every occasion. Just like any self-respecting valuable object, watches need a place to be stored, and this place is the watch winder. Watch winders, just like jewellery boxes, are boxes, often made of leather or fabric, that hold your watch collection, thus avoiding keeping them scattered and therefore in disorder.

But there is another feature that makes the watch winder an essential item if you own an automatic watch. The ability to keep your timepiece charged even when you're not using it, so that it's always ready for use when you decide to wear it, with no need to recharge. Take a look at our gallery of products, and find the watch winder that best suits your style in terms of capacity, design and materials. With so many watch winders for sale in the Klarstein product gallery at a great price, it's safe to say that ‘you don't have to lose any more time’. Take advantage of our offers and secure an item that combines functionality and beauty to keep your automatic watch in optimal working condition.

Why buy a watch winder?

Fifty years ago, we would only have encountered watches that needed to be wound manually to work, the so-called mechanical watches. However, most watches are battery-powered and do not need to be wound until their battery is replaced. But there are also automatic watches which wind themselves using the movement of their owner's arm, making manual winding unnecessary, thanks to a rotor that rotates around a pin, which, by moving thanks to the oscillation of the arm in motion, acts on the spring that winds the mechanism.

Precisely because of this, if an automatic watch is never worn, it stops and to wear it again, the time and date have to be adjusted each time, the latter being a very complicated operation on watches with a perpetual calendar. One fine day, someone thought it would be a good idea to devise a support that would keep the watches wound even when they are not being worn, by simulating the arm’s swinging.

This is how the famous automatic watch winders were born. They are nothing more than boxes, made of various materials, with watch-holding rotors rotated by a motor to keep automatic watches wound. This rotation, which can be clockwise, anti-clockwise or alternating, simulates the arm’s swinging and allows the watches to retain their power and be ready to wear at any time.

A watch winder box is a good investment that helps to maintain the longevity of your watches by keeping them wound, protecting them from dust and the elements in a luxury case and preventing breakdowns. Keeping your watch in motion all the time prevents wear and tear on the crown and axles.

Essential features of a watch winder

A watch winder is designed with a series of housings to place the watches, box-wound-watches that are rotated by a motor to keep them wound. This rotation, which can be clockwise or anti-clockwise (left or right) and alternating (also with programmable rotation), simulates the arm’s swinging and allows the watches to keep their charge even when not worn, ready to be used at any time.

The automatic watch winder box can run on current and battery or both and can also be fitted with holders for small and large diameter watches. These are exquisite objects that can be displayed anywhere: in the living room, in a study and above all, thanks to their noiseless motors, in the bedroom. A device of this type is a good investment to keep your watch efficient, protecting it from dust. You can find models in every price range on the market, even in a luxurious and elegant case, which can be made of different materials (wood, leather) and finishes (with visible glass).

On Klarstein you can find several watch winders, available in different materials and finishes and above all with different price ranges. The first characteristic to look at when buying a watch is, obviously, its capacity: how many timepieces can fit in the watch box? Obviously, in this case, the right choice depends on how many watches you have and how much you want to spend, even if the increase in "slots" does not always correspond to an increase in price.

What determines the final cost is above all the type of case and the materials with which it is made: the most valuable are wood (but even here one must distinguish between poor woods and fine wood) and genuine leather upholstery. Finally, an essential characteristic - common to almost all watch winders - is that the watches are displayed in full viewto facilitate the choice when choosing which timepiece to wear andthe pure visual satisfaction of the owner.

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