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Plaster is peeling off walls, mould appears on the ceiling, and wood on furniture is rotting? These are all signs of excessive moisture in your home, but dehumidifiers can help you solve the problem.

Dehumidifiers are handy devices as they extract moisture from the air, making it drier and less unpleasant. Desiccant dehumidifiers are often used for hygienic reasons, as high humidity can cause mould and fungus to form, not to mention specific health reasons, as very humid environments usually cause several discomforts in the human body, causing joint and muscle pain. Dehumidifiers generally have dual use: in winter, they can remove humidity from rooms, making them more pleasant to live in, while in summer they have a beneficial action against excessive heat. This is also the reason why modern air conditioners can also operate as dehumidifiers, as removing the excessive moisture from the air can be perceived immediately and provide more comfort when temperatures are high.

In a nutshell, by lowering the air’s humidity, the perceived heat is reduced, providing a pleasant feeling of relief compared to high temperatures. In choosing the best dehumidifier for your needs, the specific type of dehumidifier plays a key role, as there are many different models on the market. At Klarstein you can find different dehumidifiers for sale, perfect for your everyday needs and suitable for different uses, such as car dehumidifiers and for all situations where you need to get rid of that annoying mould, quickly and effectively. Continue reading to know more about the most important aspects to consider to make the perfect purchase choice and long-lasting investment, and buy your dehumidifier conveniently online, taking advantage of our offers

Main types of dehumidifier

To understand how to choose the right dehumidifier for your home, you must first understand what types of this appliance you can currently find on the market. The reason for this is that, depending on the type of dehumidifier chosen, its performance and usefulness may vary depending on the size of a room. In this sense, there are essentially two types: electric dehumidifiers and natural dehumidifiers. Let’s have a more detailed look at them, to understand their specificities.

Natural dehumidifiers

Natural dehumidifiers are disposable and last around two to three months. They comprise a bag or container containing a clay-type material or her elements such as salts and minerals. These materials work because they can attract water particles found in the air, retaining them to dehumidify the environments where they are used. They are very cheap, but they only last a few weeks and above all have a much lower performance level than electric dehumidifiers. The flow rate is also reduced, and usually, these solutions are not effective if the room is larger than 12 square metres.

Electric dehumidifiers

Electric dehumidifiers are the only real reliable solution for dehumidifying an average-sized house or room. This is because they are much better performing than natural models, as they cover a larger area in square metres and can potentially last forever. Paradoxically, we are talking about an investment that pays for itself in the medium or long term, cheaper than natural solutions. The advantages of these choices are numerous and can be summarised in the list below:

  • They are able to cover quite large areas
  • They have several extra features depending on the model chosen
  • They are very fast at absorbing moisture in your home
  • They last a long time and, unless they break down, do not need to be replaced

The ideal size and design for a good dehumidifier

When choosing a dehumidifier, you should not underestimate factors such as size and design and opt for a comfortable model that is easy to carry around or one that has a style that goes well with the decor of our home. The first aspect that you must consider is the overall dimensions of the appliance: measure its height and width to check whether there is enough space to accommodate it, without forgetting its weight, to ensure that you can move it with some ease.

The aesthetic aspect also has an impact on the choice of a dehumidifier, given that it will be placed in the living room or in an office, where it will be on display for long periods. For this reason, the style should not be underestimated so that it corresponds as closely as possible to your taste. The small dehumidifiers in the Klarstein product gallery are characterised by their compact and modern design. They take up little space and fit discreetly into the rooms of your home. Thanks to their quietness, you will hardly notice them when they are in operation, but you will immediately notice air quality improvement.

Main functions of a dehumidifier

Choosing the best dehumidifier for your needs also means studying all the functions that belong to a specific model. Of course, there are many potential functions in such an appliance, and their usefulness always depends on your individual needs. In the following list, you can see the features commonly found in a mid-range model.

  • Laundry drying
    Combined action of the dehumidifier and a jet of hot air, designed to speed up he drying of laundry and clothes’ drying.
  • Ionisation
    The ioniser is a component that scatters negatively charged ions into the air and forces water particles to stick to the walls. It is useful as it makes the air in the house cleaner.
  • Air purification
    Dehumidifiers can usually also operate as purifiers, which means that they remove bacteria, allergens like dust and microorganisms such as fungi from the air. In any case, depending on the size of the room you need to sanitise, you may well opt for a dedicated air purifier, which is specifically designed for this purpose.
  • Advanced features
    Some dehumidifiers have other advanced and technological features, such as a control panel lock, automatic switch-off and the possibility to customise the dehumidifier’s speed. Some of the dehumidifiers you can find in our product gallery can be controlled remotely through the Klarstein app: this gives you unprecedented flexibility in the use of your device, as you will be able to adjust its main settings and program its operating times from anywhere, using your smartphone and home wi-fi connection
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