Klarstein dehydrators – for healthy snacks !

Whether as finger food or healthy snack in-between meals - the dehydration of fruit and vegetables is gaining in popularity. The drying process extends the durability of food while maintaining vitamins and mineral nutrients.

Simply put fresh produce in and get healthy, long-keeping, great tasting and nutritionally intact food that is convenient to pack.

Fruit and vegetables are particularly suited to the dehydration process. Thanks to the modern design of dehydrator machines, bigger food items like fish and meat can easily be dehydrated as well. Make your own beef jerky one day, enjoy it on the go the next!

How does it work?

Water is the fundamental ingredient that makes food decay happen. Reducing the water content of food to very low levels through dehydration virtually halts this process. Properly dried and stored, fruit and vegetables can often be kept for months - no preservatives needed. Klarstein dehydrators achieve this through powerful motors that alternately blow warm and dry air, thus accelerating natural dehydration before food decay begins.

Simply lay out the slices on the dehydrator trays and set the temperature that is best suited to the nature of the food. The timer function lets you manage the dehydration process with precision and quickly achieve perfect results, every time!
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