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Food Dehydrators

Klarstein's Dehydrators - dried raw food simply made at home

Fruit, vegetables, meat or fish - with a dehydrator you can easily make your own dried fruits, vegetables or meat in a healthy, pollutant-free and delicious way. And best of all, from ingredients that have been grown and harvested in your own garden or bought at an organic shop. This concept is convincing, which is why more and more households are buying an automatic food dehydrator or fruit dehydrator. Preserving food has a long tradition, especially dehydrating is the oldest preservation method in cultural history. The automatic dehydrator produces highly valuable dried delicacies of exquisite quality.

How to choose the right Food Dehydrator?

The principle of dehydration is the removal of water from raw food, such as fresh raw fruits, vegetables, meat and fish, by processes such as those of a food dehydrator, in order to make the food last longer. Drying or dehydration is basically done by air and heat. The dehydrator is a modern, powerful kitchen appliance in which the chopped food is placed on grids on several levels and dried with warm circulating air for several hours. The air also flows through the grids so that it passes the food lying on them in the dehydrator. The air can escape through openings on the side of the food dehydrator.

The process of a food dehydrator and fruit dehydrator should extract the moisture from the raw food relatively slowly and at the lowest possible temperature, so that the decomposition process is delayed and the raw food with all its nutrients is protected. Ideally, a residual moisture of 15 percent remains in the raw food after the dehydration process by the dehydrator has been completed.

Due to the slow and gentle dehydration, the important vital substances such as vitamins, dietary fibres and minerals remain contained. The taste of the dehydrated food is also intensified by the drying process in a dehydrator. Micro-organisms, such as harmful bacteria that cause spoilage, lose their basis of life with the loss of water. With the nutrients it contains and its intense flavour, the dried fruit, vegetables and meat, as well as fish produced in a dehydrator in their natural form are very healthy and also highly delicious.

A food dehydrator is available in two systems. One is the 'slide-in system' and the other is the 'stacking system'. The slide-in system includes several grid levels on top of each other in a standard layer. These grid levels can be pushed in and out individually of each other. This means that the shelves can also be removed during the drying process. This is very practical, as different foods have different drying times. Food dehydrators designed with a stacking system, the grid levels are stacked on top of each other and stand compactly on a base station with a heating element. When removing the individual grids during the drying process, the entire drying process will be interrupted. The advantage, however, is that such a dehydrator can be extended in the levels as desired.

What foods can be dried with a Dehydrator?

A wide variety of foods and fruits can be dried in a food dehydrator and transformed from raw food into valuable dried food, including apples, apricots and strawberries. Dried fruit leather or chips make delicious fruity snacks and toppings in mueslis, yoghurts or ice cream. Dried vegetables can also be produced. Beetroot crisps, sweet potato crisps, dried tomatoes, dried mushrooms or powdered celery are very popular end products that can be produced by the dehydrator. Furthermore, herbs, nuts, seeds and grains can also be dried smoothly.

In general, only pure, fresh, undamaged organic food should be used in a food dehydrator. Also if possible, only ripe fruits should be used for the production of dried fruit in a fruit dehydrator, as unripe fruits contains too many bitter substances. Meat must also be fresh and unfrozen to be processed properly.

Benefits when buying a Food Dehydrator on Klarstein

With a dehydrator, you can create delicious, healthy and colourful snacks, natural sweets, valuable spices and dried side dishes from a wide variety of foods. If you’re looking to buy a food dehydrator from Klarstein and create your own magical snack creations, you should pay attention to some details. One of the most important criteria when choosing a suitable food dehydrator is the preferred dehydration system. The size of the dehydrator is also a decisive factor in how well it fits into the kitchen. The temperature should be adjustable in several stages, as individual foods have different requirements. The amount and variety of food used, which is to be processed into dried fruit, dried vegetables and dried meat, is also relevant to the number of levels required in a food dehydrator.

On Klarstein, we offer a wide range of different high-quality automatic dehydrators that come with slide-in and stacking systems. All our products include a two-year warranty and free return of orders within the first 60 days.

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