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Klarstein kitchen bins: intelligent solutions for your waste

Kitchen bins are a discreet, indispensable and irreplaceable kitchen appliance A real must-have that today is gaining its role as a protagonist in every kitchen, showing off a contemporary and refined aesthetic and offering ecological solutions that are suited to your space requirements. When talking about an apparently simple object as a kitchen bin, remember: even the smallest detail can make all the difference, and ease of use goes hand in hand with design. That’s why the choice is not always simple.

Why is this? Usually, the reason is that kitchen bins are objects that we want to hide. Yet, they are an essential element of the kitchen, an office or open spaces. Of course, when choosing where to place the kitchen bin, you should consider certain elements such as the furnishing of the room, the functionality and above all the availability of space. Modern dustbins also aim to blend in with the home furnishings, offering aesthetically pleasing and sophisticated solutions. Shapes, colours and finishes enhance the dustbins’ design, transforming them into design elements to enrich both a classic kitchen and an airy living room with an open kitchen.

At Klarstein, you'll find a wide range of kitchen bins, from single models to double kitchen bins, ideal for sorting rubbish, and even smart models with an automatic opening to optimise the time you spend in front of the cooker. Don’t miss our offers and get yourself with a Klarstein kitchen bin to solve your waste problem once and for all, with practical, functional, odour-free solutions.

Main types of kitchen bins

Let's start with a perfect solution for smaller rooms and for those who hate seeing kitchen bins in their homes: pull-out, under sink bins, are ideal in terms of practicality, hygiene and design. Usually, a sliding trolley holding two, three or even four recycling buckets, is placed under the sink or inside the kitchen cabinet and often comes out automatically when you open the doors or drawers.

There are also different models, such as desktop waste bins, with a base made up of trays with movable dividers, allowing the containers to be rearranged as desired; in some cases, free spaces are left available and can be used to store detergents, bags, sponges and cleaning products.

Double kitchen bins or even 3-compartment waste bins are a practical and economical solution, especially if you do not have the possibility of using a built-in waste bin, to dispose of plastic, paper and glass easily and conveniently. These kitchen bins always have a lid, and some models are quite large, with a total capacity of 75-80 litres or even more. Other models come with a handy pedal and allow you to dispose of waste without even touching the lid. They are usually grey, with lids or details in yellow, blue and green, depending on the type of waste you are handling.

For those who prefer concealed solutions, which are perfect for integration where space is at a premium, there is a practical built-in waste bin that can be fixed to the base or door of a piece of furniture. Concealed bins are designed to fit 30 or 45 cm doors. Functional and hygienic, removable waste bin makes it easy to remove the waste bag.

For a discreet and classic design, you can also choose under-sink waste bins. The advantages of this type of kitchen bin are many, including that the kitchen bin is always within easy reach and can be discreetly hidden under the sink, thus saving space in your kitchen.

To minimise the space required in the home, you can also opt for bins specifically designed for outdoors. Outdoor dustbins are made of resistant plastic, ideal for resisting aggression from atmospheric agents. Coloured or in a classic version, they allow you to manage your rubbish easily. Also, outdoor bins are easy to clean and require little maintenance.

Kitchen bin: which one to choose?

In recent years, the need to take active steps to contribute to the well-being and protection of the environment has finally become a reality. Kitchen recycling bins for separate waste collection are a primary, essential tool to avoid precisely that pollution damages our present and the future of our children. We offer many different solutions to help you choose the most practical and suitable waste collection bin for your needs.

To avoid taking up too much space in your kitchen using more than one bin, we offer bins with several compartments. This way, you can manage your rubbish and sort it with a single bin. Available with two or three buckets, our kitchen waste bins can be left visible or stored in a cabinet. The removable buckets allow you to clean thoroughly, ensuring that your domestic environment is always hygienic.

Before buying a dustbin, it is a good idea to spend a few minutes thinking about a few considerations. For example, how much space you have to store the dustbin, what kind of capacity you need and whether there are solutions to avoid cluttering up the room where the dustbin is placed. From minimalist solutions to models with a larger capacity, kitchen bins are perfectly suited to every type of environment and need. Let's take a quick look at the different types of waste bins available and their characteristics:

  • 5 to 25-litre bins: small and discreet, they are the preferred solution in environments with little space available or where a manageable container is needed to dispose of less bulky rubbish. Available in various sizes such as the smallest 10-litre variant up to the 25-litre kitchen with Ø 40 cm

  • 26 to 45-litre dustbins: in domestic environments with a larger family unit, or workplaces, the size and capacity of a dustbin must necessarily be adequate. In this case, bins of up to 45 litres are the most suitable alternative and are also available with several integrated waste bins

  • 45 to 60-litre kitchen bins: ideal for outdoor use, larger bins are perfect for an outdoor location. Durable and easy to clean, they are indispensable for storing large amounts of rubbish such as raked leaves in the garden.

Smart waste management, with our sensor kitchen bins

Hands are the main vehicle for germs, and when you handle waste, even simple household waste, the risk of infection increases. To avoid coming into contact with bacteria, you can use one of our sensor kitchen bins, equipped with a presence detection mechanism. They are the latest generation of dustbins for various uses, all equipped with a device that opens the lid when you approach.

This is not only more hygienic than a standard pedal bin but also more convenient because a simple hand gesture is all you need to open and close the lid. They are the ideal solution in the kitchen because they avoid getting your hands dirty while also touching food.

Although resembling a classic model in form, automatic dustbins evolve the concept of waste management, using touch-free technologies such as those that allow the lids to be opened automatically with just the sound of your voice or through motion sensors. A smart dustbin functionality can be varied: some can recognise waste according to material and are a valuable aid in waste separation. In other cases, the smart bin uses an LCD to set up a whole series of data relating to its use, waste collection scheduling and much more.

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