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Klarstein’s BBQ Accessories for a relaxed barbecue evening

Do you enjoy relaxed barbeque evenings with your friends and family? True BBQ masters consider it a real ritual, if not an art, for which a more complete equipment is required. For this reason, it is more and more common to find professional grills that, in addition to the greater solidity of construction and care for materials, come with a wide range of BBQ accessories, to cook meat and other food without any distractions and always obtain the best result.

On Klarstein you can find a wide range of grills that come with high-quality BBQ accessories for an excellent barbeque experience. With one of our BBQ sets you could turn into a real pitmaster and impress your guests with even better results, using the power of fire to create recipes that go way beyond the usual barbecued meat. BBQ accessories are not simply a decorative element to keep close to your grill: they greatly facilitate the whole grilling process and will allow you to obtain the desired result without effort or stress.

High quality materials are the most important factor when choosing the right BBQ accessories, as they are exposed to a lot of strain. This does not only apply to the heat when grilling food. The various weather influences also take their toll on the grill. When buying BBQ accessories from Klarstein, whether you are looking for a BBQ cover, BBQ rotisserie, BBQ tools & utensils or a grill grate, you benefit from our high quality products.

BBQ Cover

Your grill can stand outside all year round. You do not necessarily have to build a shelter. However, it is good to protect the BBQ grill from the various weather conditions by using a BBQ cover, as moisture can be particularly damaging to the material if it is exposed to it for long periods of time. With a BBQ cover your grill will be sufficiently protected from rain and precipitating moisture, as the material of the cover is waterproof. When covering your barbeque, make sure that it is clean and dry for optimal protection over a longer time period.

BBQ Rotisserie

Do you love spit-roasted chicken, pork and gyros, and you don't want to give up the crunchiness of meat cooked to the right point? The alternative to turning the meat all the time manually is using a BBQ rotisserie; its motor can be positioned on any type of grill, ensuring two rotations per minute. With a BBQ rotisserie you can grill even the best meat in a slow, delicate way, and the meat does not roast in its own juice which is particularly healthy. Once you've tried it, you'll simply wonder how you managed to do without it for so long.

BBQ Tools & Utensils

One of the most important gas BBQ accessories are the BBQ tools and utensils. They consist of tongs and a turner with which you can simply rotate the meat. The BBQ tools and utensils should be robust and suitable for outdoor use. An ergonomically shaped handle is also important. In addition, the BBQ tools should be made of wood or a high-quality metal and should be rust-proof.

Stainless Steel BBQ

The grill grate is exposed to particularly high demands, therefore if it’s old and dirty you should replace it when needed. On Klarstein you can buy stainless steel BBQs in different versions. Compared to a cast-iron model, the stainless steel grill gate has the advantage that it is particularly easy to clean. You can brush it or rinse it under warm water with soap. Furthermore, it is not necessary to burn in the stainless steel BBQ before using it for the first time.

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