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Be cool in every way, with Klarstein fridges

Small, compact and with an astounding performance: at Klarstein you'll find a wide range of small and medium-sized refrigerators, designed to meet the needs of everyday life, to always ensure the ideal temperature for your drinks and food at an extremely affordable price. Are you looking for a home fridge or a small extra freezer to increase your storage space when you're buying supplies, or to store leftovers with absolute safety? Do you like to organise parties and want to be sure that you can always offer your guests a beer or other drinks at the perfect temperature? Or maybe you simply need a small extra fridge, with or without a freezer, and would like a product that, in addition to its low consumption, integrates perfectly with the decor of your kitchen or room?

Visit our product galleries and find the model that's right for you. Perfect for the home, office, camping or any other situation where you need a practical and reliable solution, with our refrigerators and fridge freezers you can store your food and drinks safely, and add a touch of style with their innovative design.

Home fridges: single and double door refrigerators

Klarstein Audrey Mini Retro refrigerator

Our double door cabinets feature a refrigerator compartment separated from the freezer compartment, both of which are of reasonable size. In our single-door fridges, the freezer compartment is at the top and is not divided except by a shelf. The refrigerator compartment remains predominant and has dedicated shelves and drawers, including multifunctional ones. Our most advanced models have, in fact, not only fruit and vegetable drawers, but also a cold area for meat and fish. Some models have separate motors and therefore the possibility of using only one part of the refrigerator, with good energy savings.

  • Main differences

    Single and double-door refrigerator both perform the same function, although they differ in terms of size and design. Both appliances allow the storage of various foodstuffs and drinks, producing and maintaining a sufficiently low temperature. However, while our compact single-door refrigerators can generally host just a small-sized freezer compartment, when available, our double-door models are the perfect choice if you need more storage room, thanks to their larger, separate freezer compartment at the top. When buying, it is therefore important to know and evaluate the characteristics of the two appliances, to choose the model that best suits your needs.

  • Klarstein Single supply refrigerator
  • How does a single-door refrigerator work?

    Single door refrigerators are equipped with one motor capable of managing both compartments, so as to produce two separate temperatures that are not dependent on each other. Specifically, the freezer compartment is available as a hinged door. .

  • How does a double-door refrigerator work?

    In this case, the refrigerator has two separate compartments: bottom refrigerator and top freezer, often complete with a grill for storing frozen foods on two levels. The motor powers both compartments and the temperature can be regulated through an external or internal thermostat. Depending on the technology, the unit may use a single thermostat, capable of managing the temperature in both chambers in a differentiated manner, or two separate thermostats to regulate the temperatures of the chambers independently.

Small in size, big in performance: our compact, noiseless refrigerators

Klarstein Audrey Mini Retro refrigerator

The reasons for buying a small fridge can be many. For example, in your workplace, it might be convenient to have a small office fridge to store water, a few drinks and maybe even lunch. If you have a large house and you get caught in that annoying heat in the middle of the night, it could be useful to have a compact fridge next to your bed, so that you don't have to get up and walk through the whole house. On the other hand, if you are an out-of-town student and you share your home with others, having a compact-fridge with freezer could make the difference between peaceful and turbulent cohabitation, or it could even become indispensable to have a portable electric fridge when travelling by camper van.

On almost all campsites, sockets are provided on the sites allocated to motorhomes so that people can plug in various electrical appliances, and this will undoubtedly include a small fridge. But that's not all, this little cooler is a handy appliance for many other situations, and if you're wondering whether you need one too, the answer is probably yes. Let's take a look at some of the features that should not be underestimated when planning to buy your small fridge:

Essential features to consider when choosing your fridge
design: the compact fridge must be aesthetically pleasing, otherwise, you won't even stop to see if it has all the other functions you're looking for, that's why it's the first characteristic to take into consideration. Square, rounded, glossy or matte: the combinations of colours and shapes are numerous, you just have to look for the one you like best. noise level:If you're thinking of a small fridge for your bedroom, you don't want it to make noise and disturb your sleep, so it has to be virtually noise-free. The good news is that all our refrigerators are designed to be extremely quiet.
adjustable shelves:depending on what you need to store, it can be very useful to be able to alter the position of the shelves, so that something a little bulkier can fit in without any particular problems, playing tetris with adjustable shelves will be easier. capacity: the internal volume of compact fridges is considerably reduced when compared to their 'grown-up' cousins, but even among minis there are differences. Obviously, the larger the capacity of the fridge, the bigger it will be, so watch the size
energy class: unless your electricity bill goes to another address, a good energy rating is a very important feature of any appliance and will save you money on energy costs. freezer compartment: not all portable fridges come with a freezer, because it may not be necessary; this depends on how you are going to use it, if you are a student perhaps, the presence of a freezer can become essential.

Small freezers: extra room for your frozen food

Klarstein Garfield freezer cube

Compact freezers are the ideal appliance when you lack space in your fridge freezer or simply need extra room to store frozen food. It has a small size that can be used to maximum effect, which is why it is sometimes one of the most popular options for many people. And not only that, because small freezers take up much less space than traditional models, they are also ideal for making use of empty corners of the house. Compact fridge freezers have the same potential as their 'big brothers', but they take up less space, and you can place them almost anywhere. There are also portable versions, which are also designed to be taken with you at all time; some models are equipped with a cigarette lighter power plug so that you can use them in your car when travelling.

This makes them ideal options for people living in small flats - an increasingly common occurrence in the UK. But they are also a good option for people who live alone and do not need large accumulations of frozen food. Also, the range of models on offer is generally characterised by high energy efficiency, which helps to save money on your electricity bill.

Drinks fridges: perfect cheers on any occasion

Klarstein Audrey fridge and freezer red

Drinks fridges are not as common in homes as other appliances such as the oven or microwave. Simply because the ordinary fridge mainly performs its function. However, drinks fridges and minibars are a useful addition: these are small, compact refrigerators, available in different variants, can be installed wherever you are most comfortable. They are a convenient appliance in party rooms, on the terrace or in the garden - that is, where the journey between the cool drinks and the kitchen would be too long. They are also handy if there is not enough space for bottles in the classic fridge for a party or event. The models you can find on Klarstein are characterised by their extremely compact dimensions, perfect as under counter fridge, or as a small free-standing fridge.

If the compact fridge is in an open kitchen, we recommend choosing the model with the lowest noise level. It would also be helpful if the device is not placed directly next to the oven or exposed to direct sunlight. Otherwise, the compressor that provides the cooling capacity may be activated frequently. Furthermore, the devices must be well protected if they are used during parties and especially if they are installed on the floor.

Some models offer the possibility to set different temperature zones, divided by grids. Drinks with cold-sensitive ingredients, such as cocktails with fruit, are best stored in the warmer areas. Beer, on the other hand, can be stored in the coldest part. If the drinks fridge has glass opening doors, there should also be internal lighting. Red and blue boxes are usually chosen to give a decorative touch. For models without glass doors, lighting is not important, a simple LED is sufficient, as in conventional refrigerators.

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