Kitchen Utensils

6-piece set bamboo breakfast board with stand 22 x 0.9 x 16 cm (WxHxD)  easy to clean
6-piece set bamboo breakfast boards with stand Cutting board Bamboo
£ 38.99
XXL cheese board with cutlery drawer 34 x 4.5 x 34 cm (WxHxD) cheese cutlery easy care
XXL cheese board with cutlery drawer Cutting board Bamboo
£ 47.99
3-piece set bamboo breakfast board round 25 x 1.6 (ØxH)  easy care
3-piece set bamboo breakfast boards round Cutting board Bamboo
£ 33.99
Alpha-Royal Japanese Serie 8
Alpha-Royal Japanese Series 8" Chef's Knife knife Black
£ 111.99
Comfort Pro Series 7
Comfort Pro Series 7" Santoku Knife 0 31.8 cm knife
£ 35.99
Comfort Pro Series 12
Comfort Pro Series 12" Slicing Knife 0 43.8 cm knife
£ 34.99
Stacking jar with bamboo lid Storage jar | airtight | stackable design | with silicone ring | environmentally friendly | food-safe | plastic-free | recyclable | sustainable | capacity: 580 ml | dimensions: 8.5 x 15.5 cm (ØxH)
Stacking glass with bamboo lid 580 ml storage jars Bamboo
£ 12.99
Comfort Pro series knife set | 10 pieces: 8 knives +  sharpening steel + knife block | Thyssenkrupp stainless steel | 56 HRC | ergonomic handles  made of ABS | knife block made of rubber wood
Comfort Pro Series Knife Set 0 23.2 cm Knife block, Knife set
£ 208.99
Comfort Pro Series 6
Comfort Pro Series 6" Chef's Knife 0 28.5 cm knife
£ 29.98
Comfort Pro Series 7
Comfort Pro Series 7" Nakiri Knife 0 31.1 cm knife
£ 29.98
Blumfeldt BinSafe bin box | 2 bins | weatherproof | plantable
BinSafe bin box 2 bins Garbage can box Rust
£ 699.99
Alpha-Royal Japanese Serie 8
Alpha Royal Japanese Series 8" Bread Knife knife Black
£ 36.98
Alpha-Royal Japanese Serie 10
Alpha-Royal Japanese Series 10" Carving Set knife Black
£ 74.99
Dough rolling pin set of 2 100 % bamboo 30/40 x 3,3 cm (LxØ) smooth surface  bamboo
Rolling pins rolling pin Bamboo
£ 23.99
Batvik bamboo cutting board 38 x 1.5 x 27 cm (WxHxD) knife-friendly juice groove
Batvik bamboo cutting board Cutting board Bamboo
£ 27.99
Batvik bamboo cutting board 40 x 1.5 x 29 cm (WxHxD) knife-friendly juice groove
Batvik bamboo cutting board Cutting board Bamboo
£ 25.99
Children's tableware with bamboo plate and spoon 250 ml incl. suction cup 18  x 18 cm
Children's tableware Children's dishes Yellow
£ 38.99
Executive-Plus <b>Series</b> 8
Executive-Plus Serie 8" Celebrity Chef's knife 0 34.6 cm knife
£ 65.99

They are often underestimated: the small, often inconspicuous kitchen utensils with which otherwise complex steps are suddenly very easy to master. Yet these are indispensable kitchen helpers and household helpers that you need almost every day.

Discover Klarstein’s latest Kitchen Utensils

Every good kitchen should have high-quality kitchen appliances and practical kitchen accessories. Fortunately, we have both on offer. At Klarstein we like to make your day-to-day life easier. That is why we offer you simple, functional and modern kitchen utensils.

From kitchen trolleys in which you can store your cooking utensils, sustainable wooden chopping boards to cut your food, wooden dish racks to dry your dishes, reusable glass jars that contribute to long-lasting usage, to our newest oven dishes and measuring spoons for the best baking experience. Discover our sustainable products that are part of the kitchenware that Klarstein has to offer.

Kitchen Trolleys as complementary kitchen furniture

Klarstein Louisiana kitchen trolley

The kitchen trolley is the perfect complementary furniture for kitchens, dining rooms or any area of the house. Not only does it stand out for its aesthetics, but it also offers different levels for distribution, such as keeping your food stored in order.

The Klarstein Louisiana kitchen trolley can be classified as follows: The lower part is perfect for storing dishes and always having them available. The upper part can be used for a bowl to store fruits and vegetables. Then there is the bottle rack, which can hold up to 5 bottles, and on top of that the drawer for cutlery and other kitchen utensils.

In addition to storage, this auxiliary furniture has a worktop, ideal for cutting food in any area of the house or simply as a support surface for any other activity. The kitchen trolleys are waterproof and have a hanger for hand towels. You can also move them around the house thanks to its 4 rubber wheels.

Wooden Chopping Boards for sustainable cooking

Klarstein Batvik chopping board set

At Klarstein you will find robust and aesthetic wooden chopping boards. We have chosen bamboo because it is an organic and recyclable material, as well as being extremely gentle on knife blades.

The wooden chopping board is a tool widely used by both amateur and professional chefs. They are also used for serving food because they are an absolute eye-catcher and go with any interior. Find the best bamboo cutting boards at Klarstein, perfect for a sustainable and plastic-free home. Further inspiration on what to use our kitchen helpers for can be found on our Snack Bar Buying Guide.

Dish Racks that keep your cooking utensils clean

Klarstein folding dish rack

Cleaning dishes can sometimes be tedious. Therefore, our dish racks save you the work of drying. While you are still sitting quietly at the dining table with your family, the dishes dry all by themselves. With a wooden draining rack, it is not necessary that the dishes be cleared away immediately as it is very robust and long-lasting.

A dish rack has the advantage that it can be placed on any sink. It does not take up much space when it is not needed and is always quick to hand. The plates and cups have a secure hold in a drainer rack. A respective device is available for this purpose. Another advantage of dish racks is that wooden models have a great look. They do not always have to be put aside straight away.

Don't lose sight of anything with Klarstein’s Glass Jars

Klarstein glass jar with bamboo lid

In recent years, classic glass jars have become a trend again. We all seek to be practical in the kitchen and we know that we can save a lot of time by seeing the food we store at a glance. Furthermore, food stays fresh longer if it is stored properly.

The glass jars are easy to stack and easy to store. This also helps you to create order within your kitchen utensils. At Klarstein we offer glass jars and glass storage jars with a practical bamboo lid, ideal for storing pasta, muesli, coffee, nuts and much more. Thanks to the silicone ring, everything is hermetically sealed and retains its aroma for a long time. In addition, the glass jars are also practical and can be safely stacked and easily washed in the dishwasher.

Oven Dishes & Rolling Pins for the best baking experience

Klarstein oven dishes

Klarstein offers high-quality oven dishes that are useful in many ways. Foremost, they are beneficial for preparing delicious casserole creations and for baking, but the practical glass oven dishes can also be used for mixing salads or serving appetisers. What's more, oven dishes are easy to clean, and they are heat-resistant up to a temperature of 250 °C.

Rolling pin

Rolling Pins - whether for noodles, biscuits, or pizza; no kitchen should be without one. The practical kitchen utensils are available with different handles depending on their purpose and the material is usually wood. Classically, a rolling pin is guided by two side handles. These models are very practical when the dough is rolled out directly on the tray, for example for a pizza or the cake base.

For cleaning purposes:

  • Wooden rolling pins must never be cleaned in the dishwasher, as the wood will swell.
  • Simply clean the rolling pin under running water with a little washing-up liquid.
  • For light soiling, it is also sufficient to wipe the rolling pin with a damp cloth.
  • You can also rub the rolling pin with a little cooking oil.

On Klarstein you can find a wide range of sustainable kitchen utensils. Don’t miss out on our offers and be inspired by the innovative design, built with high-quality materials, and long-term value for your money. Furthermore, all our Klarstein products come with a two-year warranty and free return of orders within the first 60 days.

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