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Buy water filters and water filter systems at Klarstein

When looking for a water filter, you can choose between products with a variety of filter processes. Some systems combine multiple processes to provide improved water purity. In addition, extensive sets of water fittings often impress with their uncomplicated installation and user-friendly handling. As you choose the right water filter systems for your household's individual needs, Klarstein rarely leaves anything to be desired with its versatile products.

Buy a variety of water filters with possible combinations in systems

You will find different types of water filters that treat drinking water or tap water using different processes. These include, in particular, sediment filters and carbon filters, which are also known as activated carbon filters. In addition, reverse osmosis for water filters with special filter processes is in demand in numerous cases. By choosing a versatile water filter system, you can often use several types of filters in combination.

Another distinguishing feature of water filters is the water yield that can theoretically be achieved per day. Meanwhile, the filter rate shows you approximately what proportion of the water quantity remains after the filtering process. Many sets include a matching water tap, which you can order as individual accessories just like replacement filters. You connect model types without a tank directly to the water and wastewater pipes in the house.

Improve water purity with a water filter system for the home

If the water filter system for your home first uses a sediment filter, you can easily remove large contaminants in particular. Modern systems use an activated carbon filter to remove numerous pollutants, while the filtering process used leaves many minerals in the water. With reverse osmosis, a water filter can also remove lime and nitrate. A mixture of different types of filters in one system gives you the chance to remove a variety of suspended particles, microbes and other contaminants from liquids. Combined water filters for tap water often lead to a significant increase in water purity.

You can usually easily connect matching water taps from a set with the other components of a water filter system. Exceptionally user-friendly models inform you about the water quality as well as the expected filter lifespan with an LED display on the tap. You will also find water filter systems that use simple mechanisms to quickly change the filter within a few seconds after you order a replacement filter.

Order suitable water filters for individual household needs

When you are looking for a system with the right water filtration methods for your household, individual needs are crucial. If you use a water filter for drinking water, in many cases a combination of sediment and activated carbon filters is sufficient. Anyone who needs water that is as lime-free as possible and wants above-average purity often benefits from a product variant with reverse osmosis. Water filter systems with multiple filter types enable you to be prepared for different situations.

You can save important space in a narrow sink cabinet with models that allow direct connection to the water pipes without a tank. As soon as you buy a water filter with a tap in a set, the load capacity and corrosion resistance are important decision criteria. Water taps made from high-quality materials prevent filtered water from becoming contaminated again.


When is a new replacement filter for the water filter system necessary?

Whether you should only buy a replacement water filter for filter systems after the maximum service life specified by the manufacturer depends on the frequency of use. Special models alert you to the current filter status with an integrated warning system.

How does reverse osmosis work with a water filter?

Through reverse osmosis, a water filter is able to separate individual molecules from each other using a membrane. When a filter model relies on the physical principle of reverse osmosis and only allows water molecules to pass through, you can achieve an exceptional level of purity.

Why are complete water filter and tap sets beneficial?

When you order water filters for tap water with a complete system, an included tap and other components are coordinated in detail. This means you avoid problems with unsuitable individual parts and can rely on the fact that all components meet the requirements for above-average water purity.
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