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Island Cooker Hoods

Island Cooker Hoods: the eye-catcher in your kitchen

A cooker hood is a standard feature in every kitchen. It is used to extract and filter water steam that gets produced whilst cooking. The grease that rises together with the cooking fume gets also extracted. In this way, you avoid an unsightly, oily coating on cupboards and surfaces over time. Furthermore, by absorbing steam and grease, the island cooker hood reduces the smells that would otherwise linger in the room long after cooking and eating.

Especially when it comes to dishes with long cooking times or roast dishes as well as odour-intensive dishes such as fish, you wouldn't want to cook without your recirculating island cooker hood. An island cooker hood occupies a special spot visually, because as its name ‘island’ suggests, this cooker hood model is usually installed free-standing in the kitchen.

Therefore, an island cooker hood is being used for free-standing cooking islands and together with the cooking block, essentially determines the look of the kitchen. Additionally, it comes in a variety of designs and forms, such as round cooker hoods. You can also choose between different sizes, e.g. island cooker hoods 90cm and island cooker hoods 60cm.

Things to know when installing an Island Cooker Hood

From a technical point of view, one of the classics is the island cooker hood with recirculation. This is a cooker hood in which steam is extracted through the grease filter and the air is then recirculated into the room. With a recirculating island cooker hood from Klarstein, you benefit from powerful air ventilation that you can adjust to several levels. A practical feature of an island cooker hood is that the grease filter can be cleaned easily. This saves money and waste in the long run.

The aluminium grease filter can easily be cleaned in the dishwasher. Many island cooker hood models come with two or three filters in the set. Therefore, you can continue cooking and frying immediately thanks to the replacement filter. As an alternative to a recirculating island cooker hood, you can find models on Klarstein that work with air extraction. In this case, the steam gets led directly into the open air via pipework.

Benefits when buying an Island Cooker Hood from Klarstein

Whether you are looking for round cooker hoods or island cooker hoods for low ceilings as a cube or mounted flat on the ceiling, on Klarstein you can find a modern cooker hood for your cooking island that fits perfectly into the interior of your kitchen. Furthermore, you can also choose between different colour variations, such as black island cooker hoods, white cooker hoods, shiny silver or stainless-steel cooker hoods.

A modern island cooker hood that is mounted on the ceiling in a similar way as a pendant light looks as if it is hanging freely above the kitchen countertop, and therefore is a real eye-catcher. The height of these models can be adjusted as well to suit your kitchen perfectly.

The choice is yours, whether you like an island cooker hood that matches the colour and style of your kitchen countertop or you prefer a cooker hood that highlights the room. Browse through our large range now and turn your kitchen into an individual eye-catcher with one of our high-quality island cooker hoods from Klarstein.

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