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Klarstein’s Tower Fans: high performance and modern design

Summer is one of the most eagerly awaited seasons, but the heat can become unbearable rather quickly; from air conditioners to coolers, these devices allow you to keep the air temperature under control. Many people choose fans for their practicality and affordable costs. And among all the different models on the market, tower fans stand out from the rest. The combination of high efficiency, space-saving design, very quiet operation, and intelligent features make cooling tower fans a smart solution in many ways.

On Klarstein you can find a wide selection of tower fans for sale, featuring cutting-edge design combined with the latest technology and high-quality construction materials. Following, you can get further information, explaining the main aspects to consider when buying a tower fan. Don't let the warm weather take you by surprise and take advantage of our online offers.

How does a Tower Fan work?

These fans stand like towers and their slim body makes them look less bulky than standard pedestal fans. In addition, tower fans are fully enclosed and thus fit better into an office or living room. The cover, which is usually made of plastic, also offers better protection, and effectively prevents small things from getting inside the unit. However, the typical design of the fan prevents it from being adjusted in height in most cases and its moveability is only possible in the oscillating angle. On the other hand, since a tower fan discharges the air over a large area, it produces some good results when it comes to fresh air.

Besides the increased safety, the lower operating noise is another plus point when using a tower fan and makes this type convenient for use in offices and bedrooms. It is advisable to compare the decibel value as tower fans with a value below 60 decibels are optimal. In terms of speed, the higher the value, the higher the probability of an unpleasant whistling sound. Furthermore, the fan blades are enclosed within the unit, giving them better balance, and making them much less fragile.

Features to consider when buying a Tower Fan

Klarstein Twister tower fan

Despite their compact size, these fans produce a consistent airflow with a rotation angle of 90 degrees, swinging on a fixed base. Their tower design is their most recognisable attribute, and their shape allows them to operate in tiny spaces where other ventilation systems cannot. Following some of the main features to consider when buying a tower fan:

  • Fan size
    A tower fan comes with a tall, slim design, which allows it to distribute the airflow over a large area while taking up minimal floor space. On average, most tower fans are between 70 cm and 120 cm high. As a result, they can easily be placed in narrow areas and corners without obstructing the passage.

  • Airflow speed
    A fan’s airflow speed is measured in cubic metres per minute (CMM), representing the volume of air that the fan can circulate per minute. A tower fan generally produces lower airflow velocities than other fans because the blades housed in the vertical unit are smaller.

  • Speed settings
    Most tower fans have at least three speed settings: low, medium and high. However, many of our models offer additional features allowing you to set the intensity of air circulation in the room more precisely.

  • Blade design
    A tower fan usually has small, motorised blades. In a bladeless fan, however, hollow tubes conduct the airflow at high speed through holes or slots in the front of the fan. The advantages of this solution include fewer parts to clean, quieter operation, and a more pleasant and safer design, especially for families with children.

  • Noise emissions
    Mostly, a tower fan produces a low level of emissions in contrast to the fans with larger blades. The noise is usually not loud enough to impede conversation or hinder sleep. On lower settings, the fan generally emits even less noise. If you prefer silence, a tower fan is the right choice for you.

  • Rotation range
    A tower fan rotates from side to side and directs the airflow over a wider area, with an oscillating arc between 90 degrees and 95 degrees. Some fans can rotate 360 degrees, but unless you plan to place the device in the middle of a room, full-circle rotation is probably unnecessary. Some models also allow you to set the width of the oscillating arc.

  • Smart features
    Klarstein Mount Everest tower fan Additional features make a tower fan even more attractive. For example, a remote control allows you to switch the fan on, adjust the speed and control the rotation range from anywhere in the room. For enhanced remote control, you can go for one of our smart tower fans, leveraging IoT capabilities to be remotely controlled by our Klarstein App directly from your smartphone, everywhere at any time. Some models are equipped with air filters that prevent the recirculation of dust, pollen, and animal hair. In addition, some devices feature an ioniser that purifies the air as it circulates through the fan.

Tower Fan FAQs

  • How much power do I need?
    For larger spaces, you will want a fan that offers more air circulation power. Tower fans generally have a larger rotation range, thus distributing air over large areas of the space. If the space you want to cool is small to medium, your decision on the fan might be based on the size of the unit itself.

  • Are tower fans easy to use?
    It is important to determine the functionality of the desired fan. Modern devices offer multiple functions, such as programming, automatic shut-off, remote access, as well as various levels of rotation. In addition to these features, some advanced models offer dual functionality, such as air purification and humidification. When choosing a tower fan, it is crucial to determine the level of efficiency and comfort you are looking for.

  • Are tower fans environmentally friendly?
    A tower fan can be extremely efficient and environmentally friendly, and there are several models that have been created with the extra intention of preserving the environment. The easiest way to reduce your environmental impact would be to choose a multifunctional fan, acting as a fan, humidifier, and air purifier. In addition, we recommend you opt for a fan with programmable functions, such as automatic switch-off. If the device turns off automatically after a desired amount of time, this will save you energy and resources.

  • Do I have to worry about safety measures?
    A tower fan is designed with safety in mind. If you have children or pets that will inevitably be around the fan when used, you don't need to worry. Unlike other fan models, air is blown vertically through the unit, exiting through the small opening at the front of the fan. This unique design offers a high level of safety.

On Klarstein you can choose from a wide range of tower fans, whether you prefer a cooling tower fan or a tower fan with remote for your home or office. Let yourself be inspired by the innovative design of our fans, built with high-quality materials, and offering long-term value for your money. All our products come with a two-year warranty and free return of orders within the first 60 days.

For more information on how to choose the right air conditioner, please take a look at our Air Conditioner Buying Guide.

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