Small Kitchen Appliances

Klarstein Jam Session Jam and Jelly Cooker 1000W 2 Automatic Programs
Jam Session Jam and Jelly Cooker Jam maker Stainless Steel
£ 109.99
Klarstein Pro Wurstfabrik 450 Hot Dog Maker 450W 5L 30-100 ° C Glass Stainless Steel
Wurstfabrik 450 Hot Dog Maker Hot dog maker Silver
£ 115.99
Klarstein Pro Wurstfabrik 550 Hot Dog Maker 550W 5L 30-100 ° C Glass Stainless Steel
Wurstfabrik Pro 550 Hot Dog Maker Hot dog maker Silver
£ 169.99
Klarstein Arabica Toaster 920W LED Display Touch-Control Stainless Steel
Arabica Toaster Toaster Silver Metallic
£ 47.99
Klarstein Pastamania Pasta Machine 260W 7 Attachments 500 g 60 dB LED Purple
Pastamania Pasta Machine Pasta machine Silver Metallic
£ 133.99
Granada Bianca Breakfast Set2000W Kettle | 1000W Toaster | white
Granada Bianca Breakfast Set White Electric kettle
£ 69.99
Aquavita Breakfast Set Cream Electric Kettle Toaster Cream
Aquavita Breakfast Set Cream Creme Electric kettle
£ 79.99
Klarstein Buffalo Contact Grill Panini Maker 2000W Stainless Steel Silver / Black
Buffalo Contact Grill Contact grill Black
£ 79.99
Pure Water Cambrigde Breakfast Set
Pure Water Cambrigde Breakfast Set Black 2 slot toaster, Kettle
£ 72.99
Pasta Set Siena Pasta Maker Stainless Steel & Verona Pasta Dryer
Pasta Set Siena Pasta Maker & Verona Pasta Dryer Silver Pasta dryer, Pasta machine
£ 64.99
Pasta Set Siena Pasta Maker Red & Verona Pasta Dryer
Pasta Set Siena Pasta Maker & Verona Pasta Dryer Red Pasta dryer, Pasta machine
£ 69.99
Sunday Morning Breakfast Set Coffee Machine Kettle & Toaster
Sunday Morning Breakfast Set Black 2 slot toaster, Coffee machine, Kettle
£ 64.99
Curacao Coral Breakfast Set Electric Kettle 4-Slice Toaster Coral
Curacao Coral Breakfast Set Coral Breakfast set
£ 102.99
Bamboo Garden Breakfast Set
Bamboo Garden Breakfast Set Bamboo Coffee machine, Electric kettle
£ 114.99
Bamboo Garden Breakfast Set Small Kettle |Toaster | Bamboo
Bamboo Garden Breakfast Set Bamboo Electric kettle
£ 74.99

Small Kitchen Appliance – Having Fun in the Kitchen

Forget the day-to-day and just have fun, at home in your own kitchen. What are you going to need? First of all, the right company, of course. Because who likes cooking alone? So quick: Round up your family, or have your best friends over, and the Fun Cooking can begin. Klarstein's Fun Cooking collection includes a variety of:

  • Sandwich makers
  • Popcorn machines
  • Yogurt makers
  • Panini makers

We have something for everyone!

Popcorn machines

The popcorn machine for your home: Fun and deliciousness for the whole family!

Whether it's for a cozy evening of videos within your own four walls, that rainy weekend when you watch an entire season of a show, or as the highlight of a children's birthday party, a popcorn machine is always a hit! When you make popcorn yourself, in the blink of an eye you'll feel like you're at the movies. Whether young or old, everyone loves popcorn—and freshly made popcorn is the best! We have the perfect popcorn machine for you, in a retro design, plus other gadgets for Fun Cooking. This is how you make every party a great time!

From popcorn kernels to finished popcorn: The popcorn machine makes it possible

Of course, you don't necessarily need a machine if you want to make popcorn yourself. Microwave popcorn is one alternative, and you can even make popcorn in a large pot or a pan with a lid. But a good machine not only performs well, it's also nice to watch. The effect just can't be beat, and everyone gathers around the machine to watch the kernels puff up and get their cute little shape. Plus, the machine works so reliably. Nothing burns or flies out. So nothing can get in the way of a great movie night!

Aside from the practical machine, all you'll need is popping corn and a few drops of oil. Seasonings like sugar or salt can be added as desired. Incidentally, if you don't add anything to it, popcorn is a healthy, low-calorie snack. Yes, we all know sugar and salt are not necessarily healthy... but a little bit now and then is certainly allowed.

The Volcano popcorn machine runs at 300 watts. Its stainless steel pot is perfect for making popcorn. Just heat up the machine, add a little oil and popping corn, and you're ready to go! A built-in stirring mechanism ensures that the kernels heat up and pop evenly. Nothing is going to burn or stick on the bottom of the stainless steel pot. The finished popcorn jumps out of the pot, which you can watch through the convenient viewing glass. The machine can process up to 60 liters an hour. A nice additional feature: If you like, you can adjust the machine's settings so that the stainless steel pot periodically tips and empties itself.

Just a glimpse: The popcorn machine with its retro look

Visually, our machine is also makes home popcorn making look pretty impressive. You almost feel like you're in the entry area of a movie theater. The retro design looks great in black or red. The inside lighting services two functions: It lets you see what's happening inside, and it keeps the popcorn warm when it's ready. As soon as the machine is working its magic, you'll also notice the seductive aroma of fresh popcorn.

This decorative popcorn machine's high-quality workmanship ensures that you and your kids, friends, and guests will have tons of fun with it for a long time to come. For anyone who'd prefer another design, we also recommend our popcorn maker Couch Potato, which you can also order in black or red. The ball-like appearance is a bit reminiscent of a UFO—just right for movie nights!

If you would like to buy a popcorn machine, you'll find high-quality designs at Klarstein. And if you find yourself getting hungry for more treats, perhaps while you're enjoying your favorite TV shows, we also offer practical gadgets from sandwich makers to pizza ovens.

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