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Cooler and freezer: Reliable fresh keepers for food and drinks

Whether a compact electric cooler, a chest freezer or a freezer: They are all indispensable tools on the go and at home for serving drinks fresh in the summer or storing groceries after the weekly shop until they are actually used. Compact models, such as a cooler for camping, can also ensure more flexibility when you're on the go - as long as the electric cooler meets your needs.

Types and variants: Many options if you want to buy a cooler with electricity or a freezer

The fresh food holders can be divided into two variants: On one hand, there are those that are passively operated with pre-cooled ice packs and, on the other hand, there are those that have a power connection and are therefore powered by an active power source. In addition, as the terms show, a general distinction must be made between freezing and cooling functions.

Powered by electricity, even the small freezer has a built-in thermoelectric cooling unit that works fundamentally no differently than those in large refrigerators or freezers. These can be connected to 12 V sockets in the car or the camper, if necessary using an AC/DC adapter. If you want to buy a cooler that will be used permanently, models with absorber technology are recommended. These work more energy-efficiently and quietly, and some models can also be operated with gas if there is no active power supply nearby.

Features and equipment - from the small cooler to the large freezer

A fundamental factor in your purchasing decision must be what you want to store in the cooler and in what quantity. Larger versions, such as the 30-litre cooler, are impressive for family and group trips, whereas smaller versions with 12 or 14 litres would not offer enough space.

In addition, it is essential to pay attention to cooling time and performance. Typically, compact and passively-cooled boxes can keep the goods stored inside at temperature for around 4 to 120 hours. If you are connected to the mains, you can have continuous cooling anyway. The cooling capacity is usually 13 to 22 °C based on the ambient value, so the stated value must be deducted from the ambient temperature. If you are sleeping near the small freezer in your camper, you should also ensure that it operates as quietly as possible. Models with 30 dB are already relatively quiet, as the volume level is roughly equivalent to a whisper.

A 100-litre freezer naturally reaches much lower temperatures than cool boxes. Furthermore, such models can have practical functions, such as low or stop frost features. Both also reduce the formation of ice on the inner walls, ensuring that you can actually use the entire inner surface for storing food. Models with a larger capacity could also be used as the only or second freezer in the home kitchen. For medium and long-term storage, especially in family homes, models with an even larger capacity are recommended.

What should you pay attention to when buying coolers and freezers?

Make sure that both have enough space for your needs. Also, think about how you can ensure a continuous energy supply, especially when you are travelling. If you are looking for a compact second device for the kitchen at home, in the basement or, for example, in a guest room, you should also pay particular attention to the appearance. A wide variety awaits you there too: From timeless and discreetly designed devices to colourful models that even give off a bit of a retro vibe.


In what ambient temperatures can coolers and freezers be used?

Pay attention to the information on the product page. Most freezers can be used in an ambient temperature of 16 to 38 °C - which means there should be no significant restrictions on choice except in extreme climatic zones.

How is an electric cooler constructed internally?

Compact devices for on the go usually only have one compartment, but they may also have flexible inserts. Models for home use often have two or more compartments, even in the compact version.

Can cool boxes also keep food warm?

This is only the case if the model has a keep-warm function - which is not the standard. The heat retention function is also of great help when you're on the move, for example if you want food that has been pre-cooked in the camper to stay warm.
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