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Drink Fridges

Klarstein’s Drinks Fridges: the perfect cooling for your beverages

Klarstein’s drinks fridges are equipped with large glass doors, elegant lighting and height-adjustable shelves, combining ease of use with an appealing look. The high quality of the materials and the careful processing make our drink fridges, bar fridges and bottle fridges ideal for intensive use, not only in a restaurant or bar, but in any occasion where you need to combine optimal capacity and reliable performance to serve different kinds of drinks at the right temperature.

Check out our drinks fridges, that include undercounter drinks fridges and glass door drinks fridges, as well as commercial fridges. Our products are designed and manufactured with a particular attention to design, energy efficiency and quiet operation.

How to choose the right Drinks Fridge?

When buying a bar fridge or large display drinks fridge, you should consider several things such as features, size, capacity, energy classes. For this reason, we’d like to provide some tips to help you find the right drinks fridge or bar fridge. Before choosing your fridge, we suggest you to consider the following aspects:

  • What kind of drinks and food can be stored?
    If you want to store wine bottles, remember that temperature, light conditions and humidity are quite peculiar and differ from other drinks and beverages. For red wines, for example, you will need higher temperatures, so you can choose dual-zone or two-zone fridge, and eventually use the colder section to store both soft drinks and beer. Food like fruits or vegetables can be stored as well, if the minimum temperature is below 5°C.

  • How much storage space is needed?
    The so-called commercial drink fridges or bar fridges are available in a wide range of sizes and capacities. If you live at home alone or with another person, consider a mini drinks fridge or small drinks fridge, which allows you to store up to 40 or 50 cans or bottles approximately. On the other hand, large display drink fridges are suitable for families or groups at home.

  • Where to place the display drinks fridge?
    A large drink fridge or bar fridge takes up space, and you should consider its size to decide where to place it. It is not the same with the smaller models, like a glass door mini drinks fridge or undercounter drinks fridge, which adapts to your furniture more easily. Integrated models can be placed under your kitchen worktop, thanks to their front ventilation system, allowing you to save space.

  • Consider the energy consumption
    Energy saving is another aspect to consider before buying a high-capacity drinks fridge. Choosing an energy-efficient model of class A and A+, as the ones you can buy on Klarstein, is an advantage both in terms of saving on the electricity bill and reducing the environmental footprint.

  • What features make a difference when buying a drinks fridge?

    Digital temperature control: most drink fridges feature a digital control or display with a screen, allowing you to set the appropriate cooling temperature. For soft drinks, the optimal temperature is between 4°C and 8°C, for lager beers from 5°C to 8°C and dark beers between 9°C and 15°C. For this reason, it’s important to have a digital thermostat, as you’ll be able to estimate an average temperature.

    Security lock: especially when left outside, drinks fridges and bar fridges should have a security keys to keep your drinks locked.

    LED lighting: almost all models have white LED interior lighting, others blue, others have remote control to change 20 light colours to take your drinks at night and display your bottles better.

    Reversible hinge: large-capacity drinks fridges generally have an interchangeable hinge to open on the other side. This allow to adapt the refrigerator to the available space, ensuring maximum functionality.

    Vertical or horizontal arrangement: depending on the capacity to be stored, you can opt for horizontal models with a sliding door, or vertical drinks fridges with a normal opening.

    Mobile shelves: the shelves or racks inside display drinks fridges or bar fridges are usually taken out and adapted at different heights, to maximize store capacity and guarantee an easy access.

Advantages when buying a Bar Fridge or Commercial Fridge

Drink fridges, bar fridges and commercial fridges provide perfect cooling for beverages in bars, restaurants, clubs or catering services:

  • Bottle fridges preserve beers, soft drinks and alcohol in the best conditions, and some of them offer more than 200 litres of capacity

  • A display fridge offers a large panoramic door and insulating glass, including modern LED lightening

  • Advanced interior ventilation and/or air recirculation system provide more homogeneous cooling for all kinds of beverages

  • The digital thermostat allows you to accurately set the right temperature, including dual-zone or two-zone options

Tips how to clean Drinks Fridges properly

Appliances such as refrigerators and drinks fridges, like ovens and microwaves, are widely used for different purposes, and it is essential not to neglect the hygiene, since the safety of food depends on it. Especially in the case of a bar fridge or drinks fridge, a thorough cleaning must be added on a regular basis. Here is how to do it in a few steps:

  • First, unplug the fridge from the socket, then take out all the beverages inside

  • Clean the outside part with a soft, damp cloth. The soap or dishwasher to be used must be neutral. Try not to get the control panel or the plug too wet. Then dry with a cloth before starting up again

  • The shelves can be taken out of the drinks fridge and cleaned separately

  • It is advisable to keep the doors, locks and seals clean. If they do not fit properly, this can affect the operation and energy consumption of the appliance

  • Never remove ice with sharp elements or utensils

  • Clean the condenser with a hoover every three months. The condenser is located behind the grille. If there is a lot of dust in the room, the condenser should be cleaned more frequently

  • Despite the automatic defrosting system, a layer of ice can form after a while. If the ice layer is thicker than 1 cm, it must be defrosted manually. To defrost the fridge manually, the regulator must be set off and the refrigerator door should stay opened. Once the ice has melted, dry it with a cloth and turn the thermostat back on

By purchasing one of our drink fridges on Klarstein, you can benefit from impeccable after-sales services and good value for your money, as well a two-year warranty and free return of orders within the first 60 days, including a wide range of fridge models, from small and mini drinks fridges to the extra-large models.

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