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Many people think that staying indoors is the ideal solution to protect themselves from all forms of air pollution and emissions of smog, dust and other atmospheric agents that exacerbate allergies. In reality, this is not the case: recent studies have shown that even the inside of a house is subject to polluting emissions and dust in the air. The factors that determine this are numerous and also relate to the habits we have at home.

Since these reasons cannot be eliminated, finding another solution to purify the air we breathe daily is necessary. In this perspective, the action can be carried out through the use of an air purifier. This device improves the quality of the atmosphere inside a home, and its effectiveness is so important that it is often used inside rooms. This object can obtain the best results in air purification, especially during the summer season, when the air tends to become more polluted. To go into more detail about how it works and its characteristics, we invite you to continue reading. Once you have found the best model for your need, you can easily buy yours in the Klarstein shop, taking advantage of our offers and with no shipping costs.

What are air purifiers?

Klarstein Vita Pure 2G Air purifier white

Air purifiers are electrical appliances of varying sizes. Some are small and easy to transport, as they are equipped with wheels or handles, while others can be larger to perform different functions or cover vast spaces. Their ultimate purpose is to make the air as close to 100% free as possible from all forms of pollution and agents that contaminate it and make it harmful to our health when we breathe it.

There are various types of this object, starting with ozone air purifiers. The microorganisms in the air are eliminated thanks to the release of high quantities of ozone. Some air purifiers come with an ioniser inside, removing the micro-particles in the air, charging them positively and negatively and forcing them all to stick to a specific point. In this way, it manages to eliminate most substances and odours.

Finally, there is the HEPA air purifier, which is 99.97% effective in eliminating pollution, although the cost of its models is often quite high. These models usually have an LED lamp that keeps the filter clean, making it less likely to need to be changed, thus reducing maintenance costs. Having said what these instruments are and what types of models exist, let's now see how they work.

How do air purifiers work?

An air purifier works by absorbing the outside air, trapping all pollutants and then releasing only the purified air into the environment. The use of this sophisticated device is straightforward, just plug it into a socket inside the house and never unplug it, leaving it to work continuously. It does not require any particular installation, as you can put it into operation after removing it from its packaging by simply plugging it into the socket. Thanks to this not inconsiderable aspect, it has quickly become one of the most popular items in the sector in recent years.

Once the device has been installed, we recommend performing periodic maintenance to ensure optimal filter operation and remove all dust residue from the blades. This operation can be carried out using a soft brush and a microfibre cloth, which are compatible with the purifier. Finally, as far as its action is concerned, it is also guaranteed when people living in the home are momentarily away, even for a few days at a time. In this case, it is sufficient to increase the power of the device and lower it again when you return home, to have an optimal result and pure air as never before inside your home.

Water-based air purifiers

Water-based air purifiers improve indoor air by working with water, storing polluted air and returning wholly purified air. Mainly if you are a cooking enthusiast and love to cook but can't stand the cooking smells that force you to open the windows even during the coldest seasons to make them disappear, this type of purifier is ideal because it allows you to take away these odours thanks to its action and without letting outside air in.

One crucial thing to remember is that the filters of the water-based air purifiers should be changed between 3 and 6 months, given their extensive use, to ensure that the device always works impeccably and effectively.

Air purifier for allergies

Klarstein Tramontana 6 in 1 Air filter

There are air purifiers specifically designed to be effective against allergies. This is ideal for allergy sufferers but also for those who do not usually suffer from allergies. People with allergic respiratory disease (asthma or rhinitis) remain asymptomatic when the pollens to which they are sensitised are not present in the environment but become symptomatic in their presence. This is why it is essential to reduce allergenic material in the air, thus reducing the inflammatory mechanisms that trigger the allergy. Thanks to the action of these air purifiers, by keeping its filters in complete working order and adequately cleaned, allergies are blocked.

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