Angled Cooker Hoods

Choosing the right Angled Cooker Hood for your kitchen

Cooker hoods are the most functional home appliance to ensure a healthy, breathable home environment. Its purpose is to capture all fumes and smells released during food preparation. Depending on the specific extractor systems which come with an angled cooker hood, fumes are either sucked out of the home (extractor hoods) or cleaned through special filters and reintroduced into the same environment (recirculating cooker hood).

In both cases, an angled cooker hood ensures that the air is always clean of cooking steams. Removing airborne grease, fumes, smoke, heat, and combustion products will benefit not only your family living in your home environment but also the furniture in your kitchen, as they’ll require less frequent cleaning.

When your cooker is in the corner of your kitchen, installing an angled cooker hood or curved cooker hood is the best solution to ensure maximum functionality and, at the same time, add a touch of elegance to your interior. If your hob is situated in a corner of the kitchen, then an angled cooker hood is the right choice. Before buying a cooker hood, you should always pay particular attention to the technical specifications of the product, especially if doors and windows are far from it. Before choosing your angled extractor hood, don’t forget to calculate with extreme care its extraction power, if you want to achieve optimal performance.

How to install and use an Angled Cooker Hood

If you prefer to use an extraction system for your angled cooker hood, you should make sure that a suitable flue pipe is available to filter all fumes outside. If, on the other hand, you opt for a recirculating system, you should check that you can fit an electric fan or a ventilation hole on a wall bordering on the outside of the home, so that there is always a change of air possible.

As soon as the basic conditions are checked, the installation of an angled cooker hood or curved cooker hood should be supervised by professionals, as they are trained with the relevant regulations. They are also in charge of issuing a certificate or Declaration of Conformity. Once the correct operation has been verified, it is recommended to keep the certificate attached to the product instructions.

Furthermore, it is essential to consider the standard measurements regarding your cooker. The basic requirements for your angled cooker hood are a width equal to or greater than your hob. The cooker hood above your hob should be placed at the recommended minimum distance of between 65cm for electric hobs or 75 for gas hobs and a maximum distance of 90cm from it.

Benefits when buying an Angled Cooker Hood from Klarstein

Klarstein’s angled cooker hoods and curved cooker hoods have a unique design and are available in different models, all of which will fit perfectly in your kitchen. Once you checked the function and size of the product, you can move on to choosing the model.

In recent years, angled cooker hoods have turned into a real design element, and the materials in which they are made include steel, glass, wood, plastic, or aluminium. The designs can also be very different, elegant or modern, to suit every need. When it comes to kitchen interior trends, stainless steel and glass remain the must-have material for cooker hoods used in a modern living environment.

When buying an angled cooker hood, Klarstein offers various high-quality models to choose from. You can adapt the design and functionality to your kitchen and our products come with a two-year warranty and free return of orders within the first 60 days.

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