Washing Machines & Tumble Dryers

Klarstein ShirtButler Deluxe Automatic Drying and Ironing Machine 1250 W
ShirtButler Drying and Ironing Device Shirt dryer White
£ 109.99
Ecowash-Pico Mini Washing Machine spin cycle function 3.5 kg 380 W blue
Ecowash-Pico Camping Washing Machine Camping washing machine Blue
£ 79.99
Klarstein Jet Set 2500 Clothes Dryer Exhaust Air Dryer 850W EEC C 2.5kg 50cm White
Jet Set 2500 Clothes Dryer Stainless steel 2 0
£ 274.99
Klarstein Jet Set 2500 Clothes Dryer Exhaust Air Dryer 850W EEC C 2.5kg 50cm Black
Jet Set 2500 Clothes Dryer Stainless steel 2 0
£ 274.99
DB003 Mini Camping Washing Machine Spin 2kg Max Load
DB003 Camping Washing Machine 0 Camping washing machine White
£ 114.99
Klarstein Jet Set Tumble Dryer 1020W EEC C 3kg 50cm Black
Jet Set Tumble Dryer 0 49 cm Clothes dryer
£ 329.99
oneConcept Ecowash-Pico Mini Washing Machine spin cycle function 3.5 kg 380 W green
Ecowash-Pico Camping Washing Machine Camping washing machine Lime Green
£ 69.99
Klarstein Jet Set Tumble Dryer Exhaust air dryer 1020W EEC C 3kg 50cm White
Jet Set Tumble Dryer 0 49 cm Clothes dryer
£ 269.99
Klarstein ShirtButler Pro Automatic Dryer System Shirt / Trousers / Shoes 1200 W Timer
ShirtButler Pro Drying System 1200W Shoe dryer White
£ 124.99
SG003 Mini Washing Machine Spin Function 2.8kg 180W
SG003 Washing Machine 0 Washing machine Electric Blue
£ 69.99
Klarstein ShirtButler Pro Automatic Dryer System Shirt & Trousers 1200 W Timer
ShirtButler Pro Automatic Drying System Set Shoe dryer White
£ 89.99

Discover Klarstein’s Washing Machine and Tumble Dryer Sale!

Among the most important home appliances such as fridges and dishwashers, washing machines and tumble dryers are undoubtedly essential items making our lives much easier. Thanks to their compact size, modern washing machines and tumble dryers can be placed in the bathroom, kitchen or balcony, saving your time and effort. Available as portable washing machine, top load washing machine or integrated washing machine, our models can meet the needs of singles or large families.

The same goes for tumble dryers which are truly indispensable when there is no space to hang out the laundry. Finally, a washing machine with dryer is the best choice if your space is limited: washer dryer combos are the all-in-one solution when you want to make the most out of your budget, avoiding the need for two separate appliances.

How to choose the best Washing Machine and Tumble Dryer?

Washing machines and tumble dryers have a lot in common, but they do a completely different job. While you can't do without the former, you can probably do without the latter if you have enough space and time to air dry your clothes. Tumble dryers turn out to be extremely handy when there’s no balcony and drying is necessarily done within the house or apartment. A washing machine with dryer is carrying the washing and drying process in one appliance with considerable space saving. To help you make an informed choice, we have listed some information about the different washing machine models and what should be taken into account before buying:

  • Energy label and consumption
    Consider the appliance’s energy consumption, which is always declared in the energy label. If you spend a little more at the beginning, you can get a washing machine with a higher energy class that will have a lower energy bill later on.

  • Dimensions
    The standard dimensions, if we exclude tumble dryers and slimline washing machines, are 60x60x85 cm. The two appliances placed side by side will, therefore, occupy twice the surface area. But don't forget that in some cases they can also be stacked. On the other hand, a washing machine with dryer saves a lot of space because washing and drying functions are combined in one single product.

  • Loading system
    A top load washing machine is certainly more convenient than one with a classic front door. It also saves a bit of space. On the other hand, you can't place a tumble dryer on top of it.

  • Load capacity
    The choice depends on our habits and the type of use. In the case of a washing machine and tumble dryer always remember that the drying capacity is generally lower than the maximum washing capacity.

  • Spin speed
    As the number of revolutions increases, the spin dryer consumes more but, at the same time, does its job better. 400 rpm is the minimum, but you can go up to 1800 rpm with the top models.

  • Choosing the right programme
    The main programmes are the same for all three types of washing machines and should be chosen carefully before use, such as cotton, synthetics, delicate and wool. Additionally, there are washing programmes for sports and shoes, as well as useful energy-saving settings.

  • Noise emissions
    A high level of noise usually characterises the spinning process of a washing machine. Expressed in decibels, its value can be found on the energy label, and it is important to assess its effects, especially if you carry out night-time cycles.

How does a Tumble Dryer work?

Tumble dryers use different mechanisms to produce the heat needed to dry fabrics, heating the air taken from outside and then ventilating it inside. There are two ways in which hot air is generated: the electric resistance system and the heat pump system. In electric resistance dryers, drying is ensured by the combined operation of electric resistance and a fan that evenly diffuses heat into the dryer drum. The outside air is passed through a very hot electric resistance and then introduced inside. From an economic point of view, it is certainly the least expensive tumble dryer, due to its simplicity, but the energy consumption is very high.

On the other hand, heat pump dryers use more up-to-date technology. Compared to the previous one, the tumble dryer differs because the hot air is generated by a heat pump inside the machine. In addition to the tank, the heating system’s core is formed by a compressor circuit with refrigerant gas and a motor equal to an air conditioner. Heat pump dryers are only available in energy class A - a heat pump’s energy consumption is considerably lower than an electric resistance tumble dryer.

Overall, with the use of a tumble dryer, drying times are significantly reduced, and you can dry at any time, regardless of weather conditions. Condensation water does not spread into the environment but is recovered, and clothes remain soft, relaxed, fragrant and easy to iron. It is a household appliance that provides real support for drying and ironing operations, saving time.

Benefits when buying a Washing Machine or Tumble Dryer on Klarstein

On Klarstein there are a variety of tumble dryers, portable washing machines, top load washing machines, slimline washing machines and standard washing machines for sale. When buying a washing machine or tumble dryer on Klarstein, you should consider a number of factors. The most important points are capacity, size and efficiency. Of course, design also plays a decisive role. After all, washing machines should prove functionality, as well as efficiency in terms of their features. A slimline washing machine is ideal for small flats or single households. Not only can it be easily accommodated in narrow niches, but it can also be used to capacity much more quickly. This helps to avoid wasting water and energy. The environment and the budget also benefit when a small washing machine is chosen in these cases.

Klarstein’s compact washing machines and tumble dryers are perfect if you don't want to miss out on the pleasure of soft, fragrant laundry, even when it's not possible to dry it outside. With a compact footprint, multiple drying programmes and ease of use, our tumble dryers are an essential home appliance, and their low price means you can say goodbye to the laundry room and enjoy perfectly dry clothes every time. Additionally, all our products are produced with high-quality materials, offering long-term value for your money, and come with a two-year warranty and free return of orders within the first 60 days.

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