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Frying made healthy and fun with Klarstein's Airfryers Sale!

French fries and breaded foods such as fish fingers, fried chicken or bananas are considered some of the most tempting dishes not just by children. What these dishes have in common is their preparation process: deep frying requires lots of hot fat or oil, which do not have a great reputation regarding their health effects. Modern air fryers put a stop to this method of preparation and allow you to fry in a healthy manner while using nearly no fat, and circulated hot air instead. With its help, not only can you prepare lots of crunchy fried dishes in a healthy way, but also venture into the preparation of many other healthy, delicious dishes.

On Klarstein you can find a wide range of air fryers and tower air fryers, offering not only excellent value for money but also have a pleasant, modern design that adds a touch of class to your kitchen. Available in a variety of sizes and wattages, with a stainless steel, dishwasher-safe drip tray and various automatic functions allowing you to easily manage the preparation process, our digital air fryers, tower air fryers and air fryer ovens are an excellent addition to the kitchen of those who not only like to eat well but also healthily. Read on to find out more about this little kitchen wonder that's radically transforming the way people fry all over the world, and find the best model for your needs, taking advantage of our offers.

How to choose the best Air Fryer?

Klarstein Aero Vital hot air fryer

Who doesn't like fried food? Raise your hand. Be it sweet or savoury, vegetables, red or white meat, fish, eggs or shellfish, adults and children alike find it hard to resist this temptation. However, the habitual consumption of food fried in fat is not exactly healthy. From a nutritional point of view, frying is high in saturated fat, high in calories and difficult to digest. And there is no self-respecting nutritionist or dietician who would not categorically forbid this type of preparation as part of a low-calorie or healthy diet.

The so-called air fryers or airfryers come with impressive advantages as a helpful kitchen appliance that should not be missing in any household, allowing to achieve similar results to traditional fryers but with much healthier and more environmentally friendly cooking methods. This is a major advantage if we consider that with these fryers we can forget smell of fried food that pervades the kitchen for days on end. It's not actually correct to say that an airfryer uses no oil for frying: indeed, only a spoonful is needed because the hot air stored in the cooking chamber does all the work. In this space, the free air circulates quickly and thus reaches very high temperatures suitable for cooking food.

The prime advantage is its ability to fry, simmer, grill, roast and bake a wide range of different meals in a healthy manner without using oil or fat. With little effort, countless different meals, dishes and complete menus can be prepared perfectly. On top, the hot air deep fryer is a more efficient device regarding energy use and time requirements than an electric oven for instance. Thanks to an integrated timer functionality and special pre sets to set temperature and time, cooking becomes a virtually passive activity. A signal tone and/or the tower air fryer informs you once the meal is ready.

After preparation, the air fryer is easy to clean and impresses with its low maintenance requirements. Whether for singles, couples, or families with children, the hot air deep fryer is a true treasure for meal preparation in any household. In addition it also suitable for people who consciously value a healthy diet or have to follow specific dietary requirements. This make it ideal for people such as diabetics or those trying to lose weight.

How does an Air Fryer work?

Airfryers work thanks to their special cooking chamber. Before we look at how a digital air fryer or tower air fryer works, it is important to clarify one fundamental concept: frying is not done with oil, but rather with the high temperatures that the oil reaches. In other words, the oil becomes a heat carrier and enables food to be cooked by reaching high temperatures. No oil is needed because the heat carrier is the air itself. The heated air generated by the heating elements is circulated at a very high speed so that the food is cooked evenly, simulating the behaviour of oil in conventional frying.

With conventional deep-fat fryers, the food has to be immersed completely in the hot oil or turned halfway through cooking. In hot air frying, the food is completely surrounded by the heat carrier and, as a result, the food becomes crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. The hot air can be heated up to temperatures of around 200 °C. Because of the high heat demand of the cooking chamber - the heat used to cook the food - airfryers are very energy-intensive, with electricity consumption of between 800 and 2,000 watts.

Thanks to this method, the tower air fryer only requires minimal amounts of fat and oil (e.g. a small teaspoon) for specific dishes. Fried and breaded dishes nevertheless turn out golden brown and delightfully crispy. In addition, many other methods of preparation can be employed, such as cooking, simmering and steaming vegetables, meat, fish or seafood, with the cooking juices remaining in the deep fryer instead of evaporating. Equipped with a grill, gridiron, griddle and baking functionality, a hot air deep fryer is moreover able to roast, grill, thaw and roast and is, therefore, able to replace your stove, indoor electric grill and oven.

Like any new appliance, a newly purchased air fryer or hot air fryer may emit an unpleasant smell when first used. To remove unpleasant odours , one trick is to place a piece of bread or an apple cut in half in the basket, then set the temperature to 180 °C and let it warm for about ten minutes. This will remove the 'new' and plastic smell from the appliance and you can start preparing your first tasty recipe straight away!

Important features to consider when buying an Air Fryer or Tower Air Fryer on Klarstein

Klarstein VitAir Hot-Air Fryer & Rotary Spit Rotator Set

Klarstein hot air deep fryers come in a variety of models with different designs, functionalities, program selections and extras. To make a good investment, yoiu should keep certain features in mind, such as the performance level, the required fillable volume, the temperature range, the configuration options and the hot air deep fryer's ease of use. Depending on your favourite meals , or whether you are planning to create countless different dishes, make sure you choose a hot air fryer or tower air fryer with the required range of functionalities.

Klarstein VitAir Hot-Air Fryer & Rotary Spit Rotator Set

Accessories, such as a griddle, grill cage, griddle pan, skewers, tub or tongs are another important point: on Klarstein, you can find an extensive range of products for a high performance tower air fryer, hot air fryer or air fryer oven, as well as the corresponding equipment, which in some cases is included in the order, but also available separately. The Klarstein VitAir products come in attractive, stylish and futuristic designs and a high product quality with interesting functionalities, including smart remote control through the Klarstein app for maximum ease of use and versatility. Quality and innovative technology need not be expensive however, since here you can buy your desired hot air deep fryer at a low price and immediately begin frying, grilling and baking in a healthy way and enjoying delicious fat-free or low-fat dishes.

Fryer FAQs

Klarstein QuickPro XXL 3000 Deep Fryer

We recommend that you avoid using fryers or tower air fryers for certain specific foods. Results may vary, but some foods dry out instead of becoming crispy and juicy, or simply create unwarranted mess:

  • Classic batter does not get along with the Air Fryer
    The hot oil bath in a classic fryer fixes the wet outer layer, drying it so quickly that it becomes crispy. Tower air fryers are not designed to handle batter or other "wet coatings", regardless of what the name might suggest. In fact, inside an air fryer, traditional batter will drip off as the food cooks. You could try it, but rest assured the result will be a mess.

  • Avoid cooking roasts or whole chickens in Airfryers
    The basket or cooking grates, depending on the model, have a smaller capacity than an oven, so a roast may not fit. Also, the side of the roast closest to the heat source will dry out (or burn) much sooner than the other side. The chicken will therefore eventually dry out. The problem is that you will probably overfill the basket of the fryer if you add a whole chicken or a roast. Hot air must circulate well for an air fryer to work properly. To cook chicken properly, you will need to cook a few pieces at a time instead of the whole bird. We advise you to keep the breast facing downwards, then turn it upwards for the last few minutes: this trick will help to ensure that the skin is crispy and the meat remains juicy

  • Tower Air Fryers cannot cook foods that need to be boiled
    Air fryers are designed to "dry out" cooked foods by circulating hot air through the chamber. Similar to a convection oven, the food is then cooked evenly at a high temperature. Rice and other grains that need to be immersed in boiling water cannot be cooked. Rice, pasta and other grains can be cooked in the air fryer with a little oil to become crispy, but all grains must first be cooked on a cooker or in an electric rice cooker. The latter is another time-saving device, as it offers the possibility of setting and letting the food cook without any special care.

  • Fresh vegetables become mushy in an Air Fryer
    While some vegetables turn out great in an air fryer, others are a disaster. Fresh vegetables tend to become mushy and unappetising regardless of the temperature. In contrast, frozen vegetables are a better option. This is because they retain more moisture from the ice and this is an advantage, considering that fryers tend to over-dehydrate food with a low fat or moisture content.

  • Do not overdo dry seasonings in the Tower Air Fryer
    The design may change from model to model, but all air fryers work by circulating hot air. Therefore, fine spices such as pepper, salt and others should be used sparingly. This is because the seasoning will flutter around in the container instead of sticking and flavouring the food. The solution? It is advisable to fix the seasoning on the food with a little oil or mustard. And don't forget that a little oil helps the vegetables to sear and the spices help to create a satisfying flavour. Even just salt and pepper are enough for a tastier overall result.

  • EVO oil is not the best to use in Fryers
    Air fryers can provide an effective and enjoyable aid to cooking a healthier-than-normal meal. However, it is advisable to use an alternative to EVO oil during frying, because other oils have a higher smoke point. When frying, vegetable oils such as canola or peanut oil all have a high smoke point, which helps to avoid the appearance of strange aftertastes.

  • Don't expect to feed a lot of people with one cooking cycle
    A small air fryer has some limitations. Large air fryers come up to 10 litre capacity, but the average is only 3-4 litre. This is not enough to feed a family of 3-4 people, considering also the space needed to properly circulate the hot air flow. Feeding family and friends would mean cooking a second batch and more waiting time, which defeats the purpose of the fryer. The solution? Don't stay cheap and spend the right value to avoid such a situation.

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