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Everything for your cooking mode​

Do you like to try things out, experiment, make a mess and create? Is the kitchen your favourite place, or would you like it to be? Then you have come to the right place in our cooking mode. Here you can browse to your heart's content, get inspired and find exactly the right kitchen gadget that you might not have even known you needed. Are you in the mode? So are we - and we'll be with you from morning to night.​

All about your breakfast: Good morning with Klarstein​

Whether you're a morning person, a late riser or an early bird - everyone knows that a good start to the day begins with a good breakfast. What do you need for that? Energy! Aromatic coffee for an extra strong caffeine kick, freshly brewed tea to relax, a freshly squeezed smoothie for maximum vitamin supply throughout the day and freshly baked bread that fills you up for a long time and provides crispy moments of pleasure. Mmmm!

Klarstein coffee machines​

Freshly ground beans form the flavourful basis of every coffee. For example, the Arabica, the most popular of all types of beans, can be ground gently and intuitively with our Klarstein coffee and espresso machines. This way, you can enjoy powerful taste with a perfect consistency quickly and easily first thing in the morning. That's how you like to wake up. Do you prefer it creamier with foam? Integrated milk frothers provide you with moments of enjoyment in the morning that you can start looking forward to the night before.

Klarstein Glasses & Mugs

For an enjoyable caffeine kick in the morning: Are you a coffee fan or do you love vitalising tea such as mate, green or black tea? So are we! Whether in the home office, when having visitors or relaxing in front of the window: with your favourite wake-up calls in our Klarstein teapots, French presses and thermo glasses, you can not only start the day faster, but also create real moments of relaxation when freshly prepared. Here, no throat remains dry and no mind tired!

Klarstein electric kettles​

Not only the British love their tea time Hot and freshly brewed tea can truly work wonders. It warms you up and puts you in comforting mode - which slows you down and helps you gather strength, especially in the early morning. It can calm the stomach and intestines, with mate and guarana it can even have an activating effect. On top of that it tastes incredibly delicious with honey or nuances like lavender or dried fruits. The perfect morning companion for young and old - and brewed in no time with our Klarstein electric kettle!​

Klarstein food processors​

Whether as a quick breakfast to go with oat flakes and fruit, as an additional vitamin booster with vegetables, or as a liquid sweets substitute in between meals: smoothies are an indispensable part of your diet and spice up your breakfast in terms of taste and appearance. And the best thing about it: you can make them incredibly quickly with our Klarstein kitchen mixers. This way you can really get your money's worth as a morning snack!​

Klarstein food processors​

What is the epitome of the perfect breakfast moment for you? Exactly: biting into freshly baked bread. Crispy on the outside, juicy soft on the inside, you can top it with fruity, sweet or hearty fillings to your heart's content. And the preparation of the dough couldn't be easier: add the ingredients, press the button and our Klarstein food processors start with their kneading skills. And while your loaf is baking in the oven, you can simply enjoy another cup of coffee and get ready for the day in peace. Sounds like a great morning routine, doesn't it?

Everything about your lunch break: lunch with Klarstein

From cooking and stirring to baking and warming up: at your lunch break, there are many ways to really let off steam in your cooking mode. From light soup as an appetizer to your favourite dish as the main course, there are no limits to your creativity. Our Klarstein cooking gadgets will accompany you holistically through all of this: with fast heating and efficient baking paired with an effective extractor hood, we ensure a whole new level of cooking convenience that turns your kitchen into an oasis of well-being.

Klarstein cook hobs

With our Klarstein cooking hobs you can be flexible and can individually adapt to your surroundings and your desire to cook. Do you love to whirl around with your children and enjoy your new eat-in kitchen with a cooking island? Our Klarstein induction hobs offer you the necessary heat protection for the little ones. Want your stove to reflect the charm of your historic home? Our Klarstein gas hobs fit perfectly! You love going on road trips with your converted van? Our mobile Klarstein hotplates can accompany everywhere you go, reliably like clockwork. So come what may - it will definitely be delicious!

Klarstein extractor hoods

What is the most important thing when cooking? Having fun!Chopping, dicing, steaming, cooking - these tasks can almost have a meditative quality, where you are completely immersed and in the here and now. You don't let anything burn. And if it does, hardly anyone will notice, because our Klarstein extractor hoods make vapours and smoke disappear rapidly and provide a clear view at the stove. Full cooking speed ahead with our wall, island, substructure and head-free hoods.

Klarstein ovens

Bake casseroles, conjure up roasted vegetables with herbs and pizza, or bake rolls for a quick snack: Our range of gas grill, pizza, pellet and built-in ovens will put you in your cooking mode so you can turn your lunch break into a culinary highlight. Whether in a retro design, extravagant metal housing or simple high-gloss black - you will find the right companion for every environment.

Klarstein hot air fryers

Do you have to be quick at lunchtime? Or are you really in the mood for classic fast food that, unlike in the past, works without fat? Then our Klarstein hot air fryers are the right kitchen gadgets for you - owing to hot air! Chips, chicken wings, fried vegetable sticks and quark balls for the sweet tooth in you, are no longer time-consuming projects that make for a smelly kitchen, but delicious treats that are easy to prepare. Cook whatever you feel like!

Everything for the afternoon: snacks to revitalise you with Klarstein

A snack on the go? You can do better than that - make it really delicious! So you can look forward to the afternoon at lunchtime with the thought of a delicious snack that will make you happy. Hungry? So are we!

Klarstein refrigerators

It's great to eat and snack. It appeals to your senses, gives you strength and fills you with joy. Many delicacies need to be chilled.This makes them refreshing and ensures a long shelf life. Turn your Klarstein refrigerator into a snack bar and look forward to the next trip to your own land of milk and honey, which comes in a stylish design and can also be a real visual highlight in your living room! So: Have you already had a snack today?

Klarstein ice cream makers ​

One of the world's most popular desserts: ice cream. The dessert can be served fruity-fresh, creamy and refreshing in a cone or cup, or on cake or fruit - and even more importantly: you can make it yourself!This way, you not only know what's inside, you can mix and match as you please and create your own individual flavours.Our Klarstein ice cream makers make it easy. And who knows - maybe you'll turn out to be a passionate ice cream pioneer?

Klarstein food dehydrators

Dried fruit and meat are expensive snacks in the long run; dried fruits from the supermarket are also often preserved with added sugar. The vitamins contained are quickly lost The solution: dry food yourself! The advantages: Long-term drying means that most of the nutrients are retained, you can preserve them without unnecessary sugar and you can also save a lot of money. Once dried, you created the perfect toppings for muesli and yoghurt or a healthy snack for in between meals.Cool, right?

Klarstein microwaves

Was there any of that delicious casserole left over from lunch that you're really hungry for now in the afternoon? No problem: Our Klarstein microwaves can be operated intuitively. They are also available with a grill and steam your dish in no time. And don't forget: hot chocolate with cream and yesterday's apple strudel can also be wonderfully warmed up as an additional dessert.

Everything for dinner: food and drink with Klarstein

Having dinner together in the evening can really be celebrated and enjoyed, because it is well known that food tastes much better when you're together. No matter what, you can perfectly let off steam in your cooking mode with Klarstein. Whether indoors or outdoors - it will be a feast!

Klarstein grills

The temperatures are slowly rising, terraces and balconies are gradually being refurbished. The perfect addition: BBQ! What could be nicer than having a barbecue on a mild evening.If it tastes good, put it on the hot grill: from meat and fish, to tofu and vegetables, to marshmallows and fruit with honey - our Klarstein grills not only connect people, but also combine all the courses of your favourite menu at the end of a long day. In the end all that remains to be said is: give thanks for food and drink!

Klarstein dispensing systems

Which drink is best for many barbecue lovers? That's right: beer, and preferably a freshly tapped one in your own garden! Our Klarstein dispensing systems bring the bar experience straight to your home. Gently bubbling and with a white head, it is refreshing and goes well with hearty grilled dishes of all kinds. It is sociable and is often the highlight of spring and summer So: cheers!

Klarstein raclette grills

Attention buffet lovers: our Klarstein raclette grills will make your New Year's Eve party a hit - above all owing to the varied cuisine of a hot buffet in the comfort of your home. Here you can enjoy all tastes at one table: meat lovers, vegans, buffet fans and figure-conscious people - there is always something for everyone, which makes the principle of raclette so versatile and sociable. On your marks, get set, feast!

Klarstein wine refrigerators

Hardly any alcoholic drink goes so well with raclette as wine. Whether dry white wine, semi-dry red wine, sweet liqueur wine, or lovely rosé - whatever tastes good and best supports your main course in its individual nuances is allowed. So that you always have your favourite selection of wines ready and you can be prepared for surprise visits and well-rounded gourmet moments, our Klarstein wine coolers offer you optimal storage options for your best vintages.So: cheers!

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