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Discover Klarstein's Fan Heaters selection

With a variety of electric fan heaters, radiator heaters, tower heaters and ceramic fan heaters, Klarstein offers the best selection of products to buy for your individual needs. Fan heaters are ideal as an additional solution to regulate the temperature for unheated rooms. It is practical that the products are multifunctional and portable to be ready for usage within a short time, with the flexible option to be moved into different rooms. The heaters work similarly to general fans. The difference is that they are equipped with a heating element that is usually composed of wire spirals. The more air that passes across the heating element, the quicker the temperature will rise.

Important features of a Fan Heater

  • Power and power levels: The power, which is expressed in watts, provides information about the speed and intensity of heat generation. Note that fan heaters are more suitable for smaller rooms and you should choose an appropriately powerful fan depending on the size. Most models offer about 1,000 watts to 3,000 watts. The power can usually be adjusted in different stages, which makes it possible to adapt to the respective room temperatures.

  • Thermostat: An integrated thermostat measures the room temperature and ensures that the electric fan heater switches off automatically.

  • Timer: A timer allows you to programme the operating time of your ceramic fan heater. In most cases, you can set a sleep timer. Some devices also allow you to switch on automatically when the target temperature has been exceeded.

  • Overheating protection: Overheating protection is also considered indispensable. If the tower heater or radiator heater is operating intensively for too long, it can become very hot. To prevent damage to the fan, it will be automatically switched off by the overheating protection.

Instructions to observe for safety measures

Always place electric fan heaters, tower heaters, ceramic fan heaters and radiator heaters as freely as possible in the room. This prevents heat build-up, which can cause a fire in the worst case. The products should not be used near flammable materials or objects. Due to the design, the protection level regarding solids and water is relatively low. Therefore, especially when used in bathrooms, you should make sure that the heater does not encounter water.

Benefits when buying a Fan Heater on Klarstein

Klarstein offers fan heaters in high quality and design varieties. Each product is TÜV/GS tested and offers maximum safety and quality standards. The installation and operating instructions explain how to use our products safely. When buying at our shop, benefits include:

  • Two-year warranty
  • Free return of orders within the first 60 days
  • Multifunctional and portable quality fan heaters
  • Remote controller and adjustable thermostats
  • Overheat protection, automatic shutdown, tilt shut-off

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