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Preserving cooker - cooking pot with many talents

Preserving, canning, pickling: What was once taken for granted is now attracting a lot of attention again. With an automatic preserving cooker, the harvest from your garden can be preserved and special offers can be optimally taken advantage of. This option offers another benefit because once the food has been boiled down, it no longer uses any energy for storage. The preserves are available quickly at any time. But there are also other possible uses for this practical household appliance. You can use many versions as a mulled wine cooker or for cooking and keeping soups and stews warm.

Buying a preserving cooker - important criteria

One of the most important points is the size, or more precisely, the volume of the pot. If you want to cook regularly, it's best to check how many standard one-litre mason jars can fit in it. Less is always possible, but you should be able to preserve your usual household amount in one go. 27 litres is a practical and widely used measurement.

The wattage of most preserving cookers is 2000 to 2500 watts. A fully used pot still requires little energy, because once heated, a well-insulated version stays hot for a long time. A digital preserving thermometer shows you what temperature has currently been reached and how much preserving time is left. Once the set specifications are met, a convenient pot switches off automatically. Simpler versions are adjusted using rotary knobs.

An easy-to-use spout is essential, regardless of whether you want to use the pot as a mulled wine kettle or for preserving. It makes it easier for you to drain the water after you've finished your work. Interior walls made of stainless steel have proven to be particularly suitable for everyday use. They are easy to clean, as soiling caused by glasses being filled too high or boiled to a high level occurs again and again. The limescale that is unavoidable with tap water can be washed off stainless steel with a little vinegar.

Special features and details - more convenient to use

An insert rack ensures that the glasses do not stand directly on the bottom of the pot. This means they are heated more evenly, which prevents the risk of breakage. A pot with jars that is still working should not be moved if possible, but sometimes this may be necessary. Insulated cool-touch handles on the side and on the pot lid prevent you from burning yourself while emptying the preserving cooker. Caution! The escaping steam is very hot, so it is important to handle it carefully.

High-quality preserving cookers from the upper price range have additional features such as a display that informs you when the water level is low. It then needs to be topped up to avoid damage to the jars and pot. Cable storage in the base, non-slip rubber pads or a tightly closed lid are further details that prove to be helpful in practice.

Buying a preserving cooker and mulled wine maker - a decision-making guide

A volume that is tailored to your household and not too tight is important. This saves you energy and time when cooking. Surfaces and an inner pot made of stainless steel are easy to clean and robust. They do not discolour because they withstand acids and limescale.

Continuous control from 30 °C to 100 °C is practical. You can use it to keep drinks warm as desired, to cook soups, stews and goulash or to store supplies. It is better to scoop out thick soups with a ladle, as the tap could become clogged if thick soup flows through.


Why buy a preserving cooker with a thermometer?

Different foods require different temperatures. Some ingredients can be preserved at 80 °C, others need 100 °C to eliminate the risk of spoilage. The built-in thermometer is also helpful for keeping soup and drinks warm.

How big should the preserving cooker be?

If you only cook a small amount or rarely, a 16-litre pot is sufficient. But you will have more leeway if you choose the 27-litre size. Can you cook several kilos of fruit and vegetables, soup or meat in one go?

Can you prepare hot drinks directly?

If you choose a mulled wine cooker, you don't need any additional tools. It is best to add spices to the pot in a suitable spice sieve. You can easily remove them before you start using the tap.
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