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Dust and crumbs are common enemies in our everyday life: all you need to do to defeat them is buying a vacuum cleaner that includes great features to cope with the dirt. The good news is that in recent years the market for vacuum cleaners has grown a lot, developing a series of innovative and highly technological devices. Besides powerful wet and dry vacuum cleaners that are widely used for industrial and commercial purposes, you can also find different types of vacuum cleaners available for domestic use, such as robot vacuums, cordless vacuum cleaners, upright vacuum cleaners or even bagless vacuum cleaners.

Most of them are an effective solution for different types of surfaces and in some cases, they are technologically very advanced. So, what are the main types of vacuum cleaners to get? And what features to consider when buying for the right one for your needs? On Klarstein you can find different models of vacuum cleaners and hoovers, combining quiet operation with high suction capacity and extreme ergonomics.

How to choose the best Vacuum Cleaner for your needs?

When choosing the best vacuum cleaner, you can consider buying a more specific model like a cordless vacuum cleaner or an upright vacuum cleaner depending on your personal needs. These are much more compact models which are handy and practical to use than a classic vacuum cleaner, especially when having back pain problems. Cordless vacuum cleaners can also be equipped with accessories that make them extremely versatile and capable of cleaning different surfaces.

If you are allergic to vacuuming, technological innovations come in handy with next-generation robot vacuums. Robot vacuum cleaners rely on advanced technology that allows you to effectively vacuum flats of different sizes. These models are equipped with optical sensors capable of mapping the rooms, identifying and avoiding any obstacles. If you are thinking of intelligent and practical gift ideas, Klarstein’s vacuum cleaners are an excellent solution, especially because of the functions available, including remote control, besides their ease of use and control.

When buying a vacuum cleaner, you will also have to take other factors into account. These include the size of the house or flat, the appliance’s power and consumption, as well as its storing capacity. If you need to clean terracotta or parquet floors, a cordless vacuum cleaner or an upright vacuum cleaner may be the best solution, as they often come with specific brushes specifically designed to treat these surfaces gently.

Furthermore, there’s another element to consider: how often do you plan to vacuum your house? If, for example, you are regularly cleaning, you could opt for our Cleanhero robot vacuum cleaner, which can also work independently, allowing you to save time and keep your flat constantly clean. The technical characteristics of a vacuum cleaner are important as well, such as design and structure, power requirements, filters and available accessories.

Light and comfortable with a Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Robot vacuums, also known as robot hoovers, electric brooms or stick vacuums, are unbeatable in terms of speed, resistance and ease of use, as they combine the features of a standard vacuum cleaner with the efficiency of a broom. Are you looking for a smart way to get rid of the annoying wires limiting your movements? On Klarstein you can buy a cordless vacuum cleaner as a smart solution for the average, non-intensive cleaning needs. Cordless vacuum cleaners are easy to handle and able to reach even the most hidden spots, not only on the floor but on upholstered furniture and carpets as well.

The handle is ergonomic while the body of the tool is articulated, being able to intervene on dirt that accumulates under the sofa, under the bed or near the furniture. Our cordless vacuum cleaners do not require an additional expense for the purchase of maintenance accessories, as they are bagless. Once vacuumed, the dust collects in the container placed near the handle, which can be easily removed and emptied.

Robot Vacuums: fully automated cleaning for impeccable floors

Robot vacuums have been a huge success in the last years: this type of vacuum cleaner impresses for its ability to work in a totally independent operation. With two working speeds and the possibility to be controlled remotely they operate fully automated, as they clean the house autonomously and even return to their charging station when the battery power runs low. The operation of robot vacuums is based on a powerful sensor that can detect stairs and other obstacles, having a futuristic and effortless approach to daily cleaning. You should consider buying a robot vacuum cleaner if you:

  • Want to invest in home automation: if technology is your hobby and you would like to slowly start investing in home automation to save time and money, a robot vacuum cleaner is probably the best item to start with.

  • Spend a lot of time away from home: you can easily control the robot from your smartphone or computer.

  • Are very demanding with cleaning: running the robot vacuum cleaner 3-4 times a week guarantees the floors to be in perfect condition. All you have to keep in mind is to empty the dirt bag.

  • Have allergy sufferers at home: performing a routine cleaning operation on the vacuum cleaner will ensure the most hygienic living space possible for people who are allergic to dust or animal hair.

  • You own dogs and cats: when pets are around you have to cope with the constant presence of hair in the house. With robot vacuums you can minimise this problem.

Benefits when buying a Vacuum Cleaner on Klarstein

Vacuum cleaners are one of the most popular household appliances. The most common question when buying a vacuum cleaner has to do with the differences models you prefer, whether it is a bagless vacuum cleaner or a vacuum cleaner that includes vacuum cleaner bags. Hoovers with cleaner bags are generally suitable for people suffering from special dust allergies. Therefore, all you need to do is take out the bag and throw away the dirt after use. Whilst, with a bagless vacuum cleaner you have to open the container and let the dirt slip out. This could be a problem for allergic people because of the risk to come into contact with micro-particles of dust.

On Klarstein you can find a variety of different vacuum cleaners, designed to cope with everyday cleaning with minimum effort and impressive results. From robot vacuums, cordless vacuum cleaners, upright vacuum cleaners to wet and dry vacuum cleaners. In our online shop you can buy the ultimate solution cleaning the floor at home with the best vacuum cleaner based on your personal needs.

All our products are built with high-quality materials, offering long-term value for your money. Additionally, Klarstein offers a two-year warranty and free return of orders within the first 60 days.

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