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Infrared Picture Heaters

Modern Infrared Picture Heater: Design & functionality combined

Innovative infrared picture heaters prove that a heat-generating device and a tasteful home design can go hand in hand. With the elegant design, they qualify as modern living accessories for a wide variety of spaces and at the same time give off cosy warmth to the surroundings. The following aspects explain the features of infrared picture heaters and why it’s worth buying a high-quality infrared heater with picture.

For which heating purposes can an Infrared Picture Heater be installed?

A picture heater enhances the interior wherever the feeling of well-being should be the highlight of an indoor area. This can be the case in the private living environment as well as in the business sector. Thus, a picture with infrared heating is an eye-catcher for the living room, bedroom, but also for the guest room. Interior design is also an elementary feature in office complexes, tax consulting firms and law firms as well as in medical practices, therapeutic facilities, clinics and public institutions. A picture with infrared heating provides the room with a special touch and attracts the attention of guests, customers, and patients. Especially in business, an infrared picture heater can make a decisive difference about competitors. Because the first impression says a lot about the quality and reliability of the company.

Buy an Infrared Picture Heater and experience home design on a new level

Even though the visual component and design of infrared heaters with pictures is the spotlight, it is the heating system that proves to be extremely efficient. It can be used either on its own or in combination with other heating elements. The chic system looks particularly stylish in the bathroom in combination with a towel radiator. The picture heater is available in portrait and landscape format. A variety of designs invite you to take a visual journey of pleasure through your home. A very attractive contrast is a break in style between old and new interiors by installing an infrared picture heater in landscape format next to high windows in old buildings. This is a wonderful way to bridge the gap between different eras - a real eye-catcher with the wow factor.

Choose an Infrared Picture Heater in portrait, landscape & square format at Klarstein

Klarstein offers a wide range of infrared picture heaters that are available in different indoor spaces. The infrared heaters are equipped with an overheating protection and heat the room immediately without needing a warm-up phase. The far infrared heaters operate via a simple socket connection. As an advantage no water can run out of the heater, like with with water-based heating systems. The installation of the heating system is completely effortless and can be done by yourself with basic technical skills.

When it comes to selecting the right heating output, various factors should be considered. On the one hand, the output depends on the size of the room. The insulation also plays a major role. Furthermore, it should be considered whether the infrared picture heater is to heat the room by itself or whether it is to be installed in addition to other heating systems. The models available at our shop also have a different range of effectiveness.

Klarstein stands for first-class quality products and contributes with different designs of infrared heaters to create a very special flair for your home. For more detailed information read our Picture Heater Buying Guide!

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