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Coffee machine with grinder

Coffee connoisseurs know: for really good coffee, the beans must be freshly ground. Only then will they develop their full aroma. If you want to treat yourself to this pleasure, you've got to grind the beans yourself. Even if the beans are ground when you buy coffee in the store, the aroma weakens after just a few days of storage. Preparing coffee with grinding and brewing is relatively complicated. A coffee machine with a grinder offers a simpler solution. It takes care of all the work steps so you can look forward to delicious coffee made from freshly ground beans.

Small coffee machine with grinder and other types

You can find practical machines with grinders in different versions. You therefore have the opportunity to choose a model that suits your needs exactly.

  • Coffee machine with grinder and thermos flask: A thermos flask is included with these models. Its contents correspond to the pot in which the coffee is prepared. This allows you to keep the drink warm for hours without having to use the machine's hotplate. The stylish thermos flasks are also ideal for serving coffee in style.

  • Coffee machine with grinder and cup function: These devices prepare coffee for one or two cups.

  • Small coffee machine with grinder: If you regularly prepare coffee for one or two people, a smaller, space-saving machine is recommended.

What can a coffee machine with grinder do?

Coffee machines with an integrated grinder first grind the coffee beans that you fill into the machine. You can choose between different grinding levels from fine to coarse. This allows you to prepare coffee exactly to your taste. The machine then brews the coffee. In addition to these two basic functions, many devices offer additional operating options and product features. They often have a timer. You can program these machines so that the coffee is ready exactly when you need it. A hotplate keeps the coffee warm for a longer period of time. High-quality permanent filters ensure that the coffee aroma is not distorted. An activated carbon filter for the water tank is practical. It improves water quality and reduces the risk of limescale deposits.

Buying a coffee machine with a grinder is worth it

For fans of aromatic filter coffee, freshly ground coffee beans are a must. The aromas of the coffee disappear within a very short time. That's why ground coffee from a vacuum pack tastes comparatively boring. Coffee machines with built-in grinders offer you convincing advantages. Your coffee will taste much better. You only need a single device to carry out all the work steps, from grinding to the finished hot drink. This saves time and is practical when things have to be done quickly. If you are using a device with a timer, you can prepare everything in the evening and have the coffee brewed automatically in the morning. This is the most convenient way to make coffee from freshly ground beans.

Coffee machine manufacturers know that their customers have different preferences. That's why they offer their devices in different versions. You can choose between simple models and devices with many functions. Smaller machines for single households are also available, as are coffee machines that can be used to regularly make a lot of coffee.


Which grind is the best?

The degree of grinding has a decisive influence on the coffee aroma. If you want strong coffee, choose the finest grind. A coarse grind produces milder coffee.

Can I use pre-ground filter coffee in a coffee machine with a grinder?

That depends on the model. Some coffee machines with a built-in grinder can also process ground coffee.

Do I have to clean my coffee machine?

The machine should be cleaned regularly to ensure that it works properly. It must be cooled down before cleaning. Then pull out the plug. Wipe the outside of the machine with a damp cloth and dry it with a clean, lint-free cloth. You can clean accessories such as the lid and jug with warm, soapy water.
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