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Oil Radiators

Oil Radiators: safe and efficient heating for small rooms

Uniform, constant and energy-saving heat. These are the essential characteristics that we normally look for when choosing a heating device, and oil filled radiator offer them all. When the cold months are approaching, you need to be ready, and without a doubt, oil heaters are among the most efficient devices used to heat rooms, thanks to their high thermal mass.

Unlike traditional heaters, modern oil filled radiators have become a fundamental companion for heating our homes, thanks to their safety in terms of preventing fire risks, but above all considering the energy savings obtained by using oil, which keeps the temperature in the room more stable.

Browse our product gallery to find the oil filled radiator that best meets your needs in terms of power, functionality and design. Our oil filled electric radiators, all equipped with wheels for easy transport from one room to another and featuring intuitive controls, will impress you with their performance, and they are available at an affordable price. Read on to learn more about how they work and the main aspects to consider, to make the best purchase choice and spend the coldest months enjoying the optimal temperature at home.

How does an Oil Filled Radiator work?

Electric oil heaters, as their name indicates, contain a fluid whose main purpose is to act as heat accumulator, allowing them to operate subsequently: the fluid heating system is based, like other heating appliances, on an electrical heating element. The surface of the radiator, which has the task of transferring heat into the room, can be made of steel or aluminium. An Electric oil filled radiator works by convection, and the heat they emit is usually enough to warm small to medium sized spaces.

There is more about how oil filled radiators, convector heaters and infrared heaters work in the guide for electric heaters from Klarstein.

How to choose the right Oil Filled Radiator?

These devices have several advantages, among which the oil powered buffer system to store the heat, which ends up being extremely useful on several occasions. Once turned off, an oil cooler continues to emanate heat for about 40 minutes. Of course, another advantage is the ease of transport, which is also facilitated by the wheels all our models are equipped with.

In terms of consumption, the presence of a thermostat allows further energy savings: all oil filled radiators that you can find in our online shop are equipped with it, making it easy to program the appliance and choose the ideal temperature to reach as a thermal objective.

Oil filled radiators are extremely quiet and do not produce any residue. Sometimes you do not even notice them, and even the procedure to clean them is quick and easy, as you’ll just have to wipe the surface with a wet cloth. Last but not least, they are relatively inexpensive, despite the performance they offer.

Like every product, however, oil coolers have some downsides, which we would like to mention: among them, a slow heating process, at least when compared to convection heaters and infrared heaters and they are not ideal for heating large rooms.

Advantages when buying an Oil Filled Radiator with Klarstein

Electric oil filled radiators are a mobile heating system, the installation of which requires neither major work nor a substantial investment. However, this does not mean that one should not pay attention to their characteristics, starting with their size and power, which should be the first aspect to consider when choosing an oil cooler, to avoid inconveniences in the future.

  • The size of your oil filled heater: Before the purchase, it is very important to keep in mind the size of the room where you plan to use it. Electric oil filled radiators are available in different sizes, and you can also find portable radiators which are very light and easy to move, fitting very well everywhere thanks to their small size. Then there are the table radiators, which, as their name indicates, are perfect to be placed on this type of furniture, requiring a minimum amount of space.

  • Electric oil heater power: Power directly affects the performance of your oil filled radiator. Some models have a very high power output, but in the end what most counts in terms of performance is the size of the space in which they operate. Broadly speaking, the formula for determining the power required is 100 watts per square metre of space.

    The rule is straightforward and easy to apply, just remembering that when a room is not properly insulated or has a high ceiling, it will be more difficult to heat. In this case, the power level per square metre can rise to 120 watts, and for spaces of over 15 square metres, a 1500 watt oil cooler will do the job even though it may need to be switched on in advance.

  • Thermostat and control interface: For detail-conscious users who want absolute control of the room temperature, this is an important factor. Of course, the best oil filled radiator allows you to control the heat they emanate in one way or another, but the way they do this can vary substantially.

    From a simple limiter that does not allow the temperature to increase by a few degrees to thermostats with an advanced interface that will allow us to set exactly the required temperature, when it comes to choosing, the more control you want to exert over the temperature, the more detailed the options offered by the interface will have to be. Some of the most advanced models of oil filled radiators that you can find in the Klarstein online shop are equipped with LED touchscreens, making for an easy control of the main functions and digital setting of the desired temperature.

  • Safety messures: Oil filled radiators are among the safest appliances to heat rooms, but precautions can never be too much. That's why most models have some kind of security mechanism The most common is the automatic overload disconnection system, and it is strongly recommended to go for a model with this feature, so that it disconnects itself whenever a power peak or overheating is detected.

    An additional safety recommendation: it is important to pay close attention to the radiator cable, not only checking that the cable length gives freedom to the radiator, but also making sure that the material is resistant and well coated: the cable should be kept as far away from the appliance as possible when the oil filled radiator it is switched on.

    If the oil filled radiator is used, for example, to help dry clothes, it is important leave clothing and other potentially flammable items far enough from it.

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