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Kitchen Accessories

Klarstein kitchen accessories: right gear for perfect results

The kitchen is the beating heart of the home, the place where we spend hours preparing delicious dinners and lunches, experimenting with new recipes. Preparing delicious food is not only about choosing the right ingredients. Talent and inspiration are as necessary, but the right tools can be a real game-changer. Discover all Klarstein accessories to have even more fun cooking and impress your guests with your delicious recipes!

Pasta makers: the Italian job has never been that easy

Klarstein Siena Rossa pasta maker

Pasta is one of the most important foods in Italian cuisine. Although there are many types of pasta on the market, including fresh pasta, there is nothing better than fresh, homemade pasta. The preparation is straightforward, as all that is needed is flour and water, to which eggs can be added, but it is not a must.

Pasta machines consist of a main block that attaches to a stable surface such as a table. An accessory is then attached to the block where the dough to be thinned is inserted. This accessory allows the dough to be inserted into different types of slots, depending on the type of pasta to be obtained, for example, lasagne or fettuccine or spaghetti. The dough is pushed through these slots by turning a crank handle. You can also adjust the thickness of the dough by turning a wheel. Depending on the model, an external motor can be added to automate the process of creating the dough and the various pasta shapes. In some cases, the engine can be integrated into the model.

Knife sets: there’s a blade for every need

Klarstein Katana 8 knife set

Name an ingredient, and you'll find a blade designed for it! There are no less than 50 different types of kitchen knives in Japan, each fish or preparation has its blade, and in China, they make equally refined dishes with a single knife. We in Europe settle for around 4-5 knives, but we do not lack in imagination when it comes to extra blades.

In general, the knives and techniques reflect the typical preparations of the region and are designed accordingly. In Japan, for example, the presentation of aesthetically perfect dishes requires clean, precise cuts even with the most challenging ingredients, such as fish, and different knives are designed to make this type of cut.

There are kitchen knives that are very well focused and others that are more versatile. One knife that should certainly not be missing from your basic equipment is the so-called carving knife, also known as a chef's knife, which is ideal for cutting vegetables, meat and all other types of ingredients with ease. Then there are knives with more specific uses, such as the paring knife, which is used for cutting fruit and vegetables and for all those jobs requiring extreme precision. Then there are filleting knives, which are used to prepare fish. They usually have a very flexible blade, which allows you to work horizontally. Another knife that you will certainly have seen used is the serrated knife. Its main use is for slicing bread, but it is also suitable for cutting very delicate foods that would fall apart under the pressure of a smooth blade. A good choice would be to buy a complete set of kitchen knives, thus saving money compared to a single piece. Have a look at our selection of knife sets, combining elegance and functionality, offering you the best cut for any kind of food.

Kitchen trolleys: the practical and space-saving solution

Klarstein Tennessee kitchen trolley

Kitchen trolleys are a space-saving piece of furniture that allows you to organise space in the kitchen in complete comfort without sacrificing elegance. This is why kitchen trolleys are becoming a must-have piece of furniture. Why buy a kitchen trolley? More space in the kitchen, when you need it. Thanks to its drawers, the kitchen trolley is an excellent solution for collecting and arranging cutlery: knives, forks, and spoons are always available and well ordered.

Klarstein’s kitchen trolleys are equipped with a comfortable and practical work surface on which you can place hot pots and pans, prepare food, cut bread and many other things. If you want to place pots and pans with the bottom still hot, make sure you buy a kitchen trolley with a ceramic shelf.

Vacuum packing machines: the new frontier of food storage

Klarstein FoodLocker vacuum sealer

Vacuum packing machines, increasingly present in kitchens worldwide and used at home and not just professionally, are used to suck the air out of the bag or container in which the food is stored and then seal it hermetically. Vacuum-packing makes it possible to extend storage times because most micro-organisms do not develop without air. Using one vacuum sealer will allow you to maintain the characteristics such as the food’s colour and flavour in the best possible way, preventing oxidation and contamination of odours by other foods. But they can also be useful for the increasingly popular slow cookers and sous-vide cooking.

Here are the most suitable foods for this type of storing:

  • cheeses and sausages that are vacuum-packed in the refrigerator last at least twice as long as in normal storage;

  • fresh, cooked food can be vacuum-packed in the refrigerator for several days

  • vacuum-packed meat and fish stored in the freezer last up to three times longer than in normal containers
  • foods that do not go into the refrigerator, bread or breadsticks, biscuits, etc., can be vacuum-packed to protect them from moisture and not to soften.

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