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Gas Hobs

Gas Cooker: hobby and professional chefs swear by it

Knowing how to cook is certainly a skill, but to achieve optimal results, you also need the right tools at your disposal. And what’s more important than an efficient and functional gas cooker meeting your cooking habits? In this sense, both gas hobs and gas cookers are interesting solutions that don’t require a huge investment. Although induction hobs are becoming more and more popular in British households, mainly because of their modern design and ease of use, gas hobs are still the most popular choice, as they are cheaper and compatible with any type of pan.

Klarstein's product portfolio has also adapted to this demand, so that with just a few clicks you can buy a gas cooker that fully meets your needs, whether you are looking for a glass hob, 5 burner gas hob or 4 burner gas hob. The operation of a gas cooker hob, whether built-in or free-standing, remains the same. The heart of the system is the burner, located just below the crown from which the flame emerges. Naturally, the higher the power of the burner, the higher the gas consumption. Above the crown, you can always find the burner cap, a metal discovering and protecting it. A hob of this type is equipped with knobs, to regulate the flow of gas. Depending on the case, the gas may come from the natural gas supply system or the classic replaceable cylinder.

Once you turn the knob, it is necessary to ignite the flame with a spark, by pressing a special button or with a lighter. Some models produce the spark automatically as soon as you turn the knob. Above the cooker, a grill holds the pots and pans: it is usually made of cast iron and high thermal conductivity to facilitate heat transfer. In some cases, hob grates can also be made of stainless steel.

How to choose the right Gas Hob for your needs?

On Klarstein you can choose between different types of gas cookers, including different sizes such as gas cooker 60cm, 55cm gas cooker or 50cm gas cooker. When it comes to specific features of the hobs, you can find gas cookers where the flames are no longer open, as well as models which include a glass ceramic surface cover on it. This way you benefit from even more safety and additional comfort without having to give up the advantages of cooking on a gas hob.

The difference between one gas hob and another is not only the number of burners but also their power and arrangement. Let's start with the first point: depending on the burners’ size, each one’s nominal power varies. The smallest burners usually have a power rating of around 1000 W, the medium ones between 1500 and 2000 W, and the largest ones (also called rapid or super rapid) generally exceed 3000 W. While auxiliary burners are suitable for slow cooking or small pots, larger burners are ideal for intense cooking and large pots. These aspects must be taken into account when choosing a gas hob, as they are linked to your cooking habits - which recipes do you prepare most often? - and the size of your household. Also, more power means more cooking speed.

Gas hobs that are now being used in small, medium and large kitchens have been significantly modernised. They are attractive in design and also shine with their remarkable safety standards. For example, the Kalahari Ignito built-in gas hob has a self-sufficient 4 burner gas hob and is equipped with a robust Sabaf burner. The heat is generated by natural gas or propane gas. You can also opt for the self-sufficient Ignito 5 burner gas hob with safety valves, automatic shut-off as well as stainless steel wok attachment and cast iron pot holders. Another highlight from the Klarstein range is the Alchemist 4-zone hob with aluminium burner. In addition to the cast iron pan support, a pressure reducer is also included and further enhances the quality.

Benefits when buying a Gas Cooker or Gas Hob on Klarstein

One of the advantages of having a gas cooker or gas hob, be it a 4- or 5-burner hob, is that you can use any type of pan, pot or saucepan because it is heated by an open flame. All you must do is place the container on top of it to achieve an instant rise in temperature. Today, materials such as aluminium and stainless steel are preferred. The former conducts heat well, while the latter can boast considerable resistance. The same applies to the hob - aluminium, stainless steel and brushed stainless steel are the most used materials

Furthermore, some models are equipped with lights that illuminate when grills and burners are hot, preventing you from touching them by mistake. In the event of an accidental flameout, there is also a safety valve stopping the gas supply. All it takes is a gust of wind or liquid spilt over the fire to produce such a situation. And should this happen, the thermocouple mounted on each gas cooker comes into operation. By detecting a drop in heat due to the fire going out, the thermocouple sends a signal to the gas control valve, which blocks the gas supply.

Take your time and browse through Klarstein’s best selection of gas cookers that come in different sizes like gas cookers 60cm, 55cm gas cookers and 50cm gas cookers. There are many high-quality gas hobs for sale from selected manufacturers that come with specific features depending on the product. It's worth finding out more about the functionality and performance of our gas cookers. Whether for small, medium or large kitchens - on Klarstein you can buy a powerful and moderately priced gas hob. Additionally, all our products come with a two-year warranty and free return of orders within the first 60 days.

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