Find the right ice cream maker for every requirement

Making ice cream yourself is not only great, but also offers you the opportunity to control the ingredients and to adjust the ice cream to your own tastes and preferences. Above all, it is important to have the right ice cream machine, so that the desired amount of ice cream can be produced appropriately. To make the right choice and to find the best ice cream maker for you, you also need to distinguish between the different ice cream machines.

What types of ice cream machines are there?

The term ice cream machine is first of all a generic term for various machines and devices. Most people have this idea of the classic ice cream maker in their minds. A device into which the various ingredients are poured and which subsequently emits the pleasantly soft, creamy and delicious ice cream. But there are differences even among ice cream machines. The cheaper versions only have a single stirrer. It requires cold packs which must be cooled in advance. These are inserted into the machine and the liquid is added to the bowl. By stirring in the permanently cooled bowl, ice cream is gradually formed into the desired consistency.

However, the ice cream often takes on a slightly crystalline form, unlike when a dehumidifying machine with a compressor is used. This operates using its own cooling system and can thus work without the use of cold packs. The resulting ice cream is much creamier and less crystalline and is just like the ice cream from an ice cream parlour. The third version, however, has nothing to do the ice cream; machines that produce ice cubes are also referred to as ice machines. Again, there are different versions which are able to quickly and safely produce the desired amount of ice cubes at different speeds.

How does an ice cream machine work?

With ice cream machines, we can distinguish between the devices with and without compressors. Let's look at their functions in detail:

  • Ice cream machines without compressors work with their own cooling containers, which must be pre-cooled in the freezer compartment. The cooling container is inserted into the machine and then the ice cream mass is poured in. At this point, only the stirrer is switched on. This ensures that the mass remains in motion while being frozen, which prevents the formation of large chunks in the ice cream maker. Whoever wants to buy a cheap ice cream machine would be well served with this version.
  • Compressor ice cream machines have their own  cooling compressors, eliminating the need for pre-cooling. The ice cream is simply poured into the ice cream maker and the machine is switched on. Above all, the advantage lies in the much slower cooling of the ice mass, making it much creamier and softer. In addition, you can quickly make and enjoy ice cream with this version.

What should I look for when buying a ice cream maker?

When buying ice cream machines with compressors, you should pay particular attention to compressor performance. The higher the capacity of the compressor, the faster the ice cream can be produced. Other ice cream maker features to note include the volume of the container, as this volume determines the amount of ice cream that can be produced by the machine. Anyone who wants to buy an ice cream machine will definitely benefit from delicious ice cream or quickly-made ice cubes.

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